Ix – Day of the Jaguar

Me and Bella the new Tucson Jaguar on my birthday 2020

See Mayan Jaguar Days for 2020 to 2025 below and an update to the Tucson Jaguar situation.

Ix (eesh) is Mayan for Jaguar

Since 1996 when I first encountered a Black Jaguar in a vision (story below) and most especially from early 2019 to well into 2020 Black Jaguar has been growing in my field of awareness.

In January of 2019 I was scrolling through the top 100 good news stories we might not have heard about. One of them was on the increasing population of Jaguars in Central America.

This sparked the return of Jaguars to the forefront of my awareness. I share that story below but here on February 13, 2020 I just saw this image of a black Jaguar posted on Facebook by someone in Olive Branch Mississipi. The photo was taken in 2016 but it just came across my screen of awareness today.

Jaguar Medicine
I was born on the day of the Jaguar according to the Mayan Calendar though I didn’t know it until April of 2005 when I had a session with Mayan Elder Don Alejandro. He is the head of the National Council of Maya Elders, a 13th generation Quiche Maya Spiritual Leader. At that same time, I also heard him speak at a conference in Tucson. He was quite clear that the December 2012 hype was not something coming from the Mayan elders. He explained that the Mayans had many Calendars for different purposes and there was not just one day in any of those calendars that would change it all. (More on that another time)
1996 Black Jaguar Appearance in my Awareness
During my session with Don Alejandro when he told me I was born on the day of the Jaguar – I felt myself slip into an altered state taking me back to a vision I had nearly 10 years earlier during a healing session. In the session I was surprised to see myself face to face with a Black Jaguar.

I was confused because I had no idea Black Jaguars existed in nature and thought maybe I was seeing a panther? When I asked “are you a panther?” I heard again quite clearly – “no Black Jaguar.”

The next day I happened to see on the news that a Black Jaguar was now living at the Phoenix Zoo. I almost never watched the news then or now so this was beyond random as if the universe was making sure I got the message! That is when I knew I had tapped into something beyond my conscious knowing.

A majestic Black Jaguar

Jaguar stayed in my awareness showing up in many ways over the years. In the early to mid-90’s I read Jaguar Woman by Lynn Andrews and hiked the Baboquivri Thomas Canyon trail in the late 90’s – an area where Jaguar were being sited by remote cameras. We saw the cameras but didn’t see jaguars. (see image of Baboquivri below)

In January of 2002 I did a sacred journey on the other side of Jaguar Mountain or Baboquivri backpacking and camping overnight with a good friend of mine. Before we began our journey a native woman told us it was tradition for the people of her tribe to make a pilgrimage up that mountain at some point in their life as a rite of passage or initiation.

Truly that overnight backpacking trip up Baboquivri was a powerful initiatory journey for me in ways I didn’t expect. Within a week or two after the trip I was set on a path that began a four year dismantling of my life as I knew it and provided me with insight about my childhood I couldn’t have imagined before. The dismantling was painful but on the other side of it all – my life became better than I could have imagined.

December  2002, I met a Jaguar Shaman in Peru that catalyzed additional changes in my life and the realization that I was dreaming and being dreamed by the land itself.

In 2008 I turned 52. The Mayan’s see the age 52 birthday as a return to the original Mayan Day Sign exact on that birthday – because of course the day sign recurs every 20 days. The age 52 return of the Mayan Day Sign at the birthday suggests a potent reset point and initiation for entering our elder wisdom years. I spent that birthday in high ceremony in Sedona. I also made my first trip to Prophecy Rock meeting a Hopi Elder who shared about his experience of Middle Earth where the Hopi emerged from into this world. (will share more another time)

In 2009 I hiked the Brown Canyon Jaguar trail as part of a powerful Venus Templar ceremonial weekend with many of my Priestess sisters from Tucson and beyond – one Priestess sister was from as far away as France. The Visitor”s Center had a stuffed jaguar in the lobby in honor of this place as a jaguar habitat.

In 2015, during a trip to the Tucson Zoo I saw two black jaguars.  (see update below) I had no idea they were there. At first I was sad to see them caged. I sat with them for a long time and they assured me they were serving their intended purpose – so not to worry.

Updating my Jaguar Connection having spent my birthday with Bella the Jaguar at the Tucson Zoo.
Here is why she came to Tucson

About 5 years ago I got to see the Black Jaguar Sisters Simone and Nikita who were living at the Tucson Zoo. I didn’t know they had both passed until we visited the Zoo on my 2020 birthday. 
Nikita (age 20) passed in 2017. More about Nikita HERE
Simone (age 23) passed in 2019. More about Simone HERE

In 2019 Jaguars were getting my attention via a post from a participant in our Venus Alchemy ceremonial series celebrating the Relational Goddess on the World Stage for the first time in 155 years that started November 1, 2018 and lasted until June 09, 2020. Shortly after seeing that post – the article link posted below about the return of the Jaguars (growing in population) mysteriously appeared from an unlikely source. Truly it is beyond magic and synchronicity that I saw the title to this article in a long list of 100 titles about half way through the list. Suddenly Jaguar was speaking to me again and I am listening.

Mayan Glyph for Day of the Jaguar

2020 Dates:
Jan 08, Jan 28, Feb 17, Mar 08, Mar 28, Apr 17, May 07, May 27, Jun 16, Jul 06, Jul 26, Aug 15, Sep 04, Sep 24,
Oct 14, Nov 03, Nov 23, Dec 13
2021 Dates
Jan 02, Jan 22, Feb 11, Mar 03, Mar 23, Apr 12, May 02, May 22, Jun 11, Jul 01, Jul 21, Aug 10, Aug 30, Sep 19, Oct 09, Oct 29, Nov 18, Dec 08, Dec 28
2022 Dates
Jan 17, Feb 06, Feb 26, Mar 18, Apr 07, Apr 27, May 17, Jun 06, Jun 26, Jul 16, Aug 05, Aug 25, Sep 14, Oct 04, Oct 24, Nov 13, Dec 03, Dec 23
2023 Dates
Jan 12, Feb 01, Feb 21, Mar 13, Apr 02, Apr 22, May 12, Jun 01, Jun 21, Jul 11, Jul 31, Aug 20, Sep 09, Sep 29, Oct 19, Nov 08, Nov 28, Dec 18
2024 Dates
Jan o7, Jan 27, Feb 16, Mar 07, Mar 27, Apr 16, May 06, May 26, Jun 15, Jul 05, Jul 25, Aug 14, Sep 03, Sep 23, Oct 13, Nov 02, Nov 22, Dec 12
2025 Dates
Jan 1, 2025, Jan 25,  Feb 10, Mar 02, Mar 22, Apr 11, May 01, May 21, Jun 10, Jun 30, July 20, Aug 09, Aug 29, Sep 18, Oct 08, Oct 28, Nov 17, Dec 07, Dec 27

If you would like to find out what your Mayan Calendar Day is – check out this link.

Jaguar Medicine
The Mayans see Jaguar medicine as being connected to the source of all Earth Magic. The spirit of the Jaguar was/is called upon by the Maya – to assist humanity’s spiritual and earthly journey with integrity and gratitude. According to the Mayan Calendar – Jaguar Days are especially useful for communing with – and giving thanks to – nature.
People with a Jaguar totem have a tendency to prefer small groups or one on one situations – totally accurate for me. The description of flying under the radar is a survival tactic I used growing up and still find useful when I can get away with it. Jaguar people are also learning to cultivate strength through patience – meaning when the time is right they can quickly take action once a decision is reached. 
On the Jaguar days listed above you might find it useful to note what message Jaguar has for you?

Reported in 2018: News from Mexico indicating the wild jaguar population has grown by 20% in the past eight years (one whole Venus Cycle). Jaguar is the largest feline population in the Americas and is likely to continue growing since 14 Latin American countries signed an agreement in 2018 to implement a regional conservation program for the big cats through 2030.

Baboquivri – The Sacred Mountain – and home for Jaguars

Around the same time this was coming into my awareness, further confirmation I was onto something important at least to me was posted on Facebook by one of our Venus Alchemy participants sharing this quote from the book Jaguar Woman by Lynn Andrews that she was re-reading. I was so inspired by this post I went to my book shelf and got my copy of the book off the shelf and started reading it.
Quote from Jaguar Woman by Lynn Andrews
I saw much of my own life. I was born a woman, and because of this I was shunted aside, consigned to the hollows and fringes of life, where so very many of my sisters continue to reside. Was it simply historical accident? I tried to see through the mirage of social barriers that cloud the eyes of women the world over. We don’t even recognize each other. It is as if for centuries we have moved like chromosomal mutations isolated from the gene pools of the originally sacred, our primal female nature Stolen from us, from the world pool, just as though it never existed.
~Posted by one of our Venus Alchemy Participants!

Something I forgot about but was reminded of in this Facebook Post to me when I shared about my Jaguar Experiences:

Janice Kay Simmons Out in the dragoons there is a big rock called Jaguar Rock and when you climb around to the inside of it you can see carvings up on the roof and you can feel the energy – it is 5 intersections of Crystal grids.

I am pretty sure I was at Jaguar Rock in the mid-90’s though I think it was called by a different name. I do remember going to a place where rocks leaned on each other and I saw the carvings on what could be called a roof of rock.

How a Border Wall could hurt Jaguar returning to Arizona and New Mexico Wherever they live, jaguars are more than just a curiosity. They are a sign of health for all things, because they are at the top of their food chain. Requiring big and relatively wild country, abundant prey and clean water, their very existence indicates a landscape’s continuing ecological integrity.

6 minute video featuring Jaguars in US and Mexico



  1. Jaguar came into my awareness many years ago. I have always loved Big cats, and the Jaguars are very close to my heart! Thank you Cayelin for all the work you do and information you continually share! Much love,

    Sarah Blueowl

    • You are so welcome Sarah. Love the feedback and love that you feel heart connected to Jaguars too! 🙂

  2. Wow! I took the nickname Jaguar in 1991 when (unbeknownst to me) PL was conj my Asc. I have the painting of the black jaguar you posted hanging above my fireplace! I met Daniel Giamario in Portland, OR many years ago and he probably remembers me from the Oregon Astrological Assoc. Thank you for your profound insights and sharings.

    • I so LOVE that you took the nickname Jaguar in 1991 and incorporated into your email address too! And wow you have the painting of the black jaguar hanging over your fireplace. That is beyond the beyond cool! 🙂

  3. Dear Cayelin, Priestess Sister, Jaguar Sister, I have missed your special touch of Wisdom, In-Sights and…your Celestial Timings! Particularly enjoyed reading through the comments of connection amongst the Jaguar folk! Recalling the very early times on my Journey of becoming…(and, still!), when a Cherokee Medicine Woman brought my awareness back to another time where I lived among the Big Cats of the Serengeti. The time of a great flood was upon us and they refused to seek safety and shelter in another place. It is true that Cats just don’t like change! I eventually convinced them, comforted them and assured them that they could get onto the backs of the Great Elephants who would be honored to take them out. Still brings tears of Joy! Learned later that I too carry the energy of the Jaguar Priestess in the Mayan confluence of Earth & Sky Magik, which surprised me not one bit.

    • Oh My Goddess Asherah! Love that we are Jaguar Sisters and so not surprised. Thank you so much for your sharing and one of these days we must get together because it was been waaaaay tooooo loooong!:)

  4. Amiga Cayelin — I am appreciative for your addition of the article speaking to the egregious harm the catastrophic border wall will cause to our ecology & it’s irreparable devastation toward our environment, & migratory & endangered species, & wildlife.
    It is sorrowful how few people have awareness to these realities & obfuscated issues. I hope your readers are moved to spread the message that the border wall is wrong & harmful for the ecology.
    Thank You, Cayelin, & Sincerely — Lesley Lillywhite

    • Thank you for your sharing Lesley. Not sure how I missed your post back in February no less??? I do hope all who read this will at least pray we shift our awareness as a collective enough to be inclusive and caring toward our beautiful planet and take down the barriers! It feels like the border wall represents how closed the hearts are of so many living in fear. Perhaps we can have compassion for that level of fear and know that as we raise our awareness and open our hearts it will help others do the same. 🙂

  5. Hi Cayelin.

    2 weeks ago I dreamed of black jaguar – first time. I wondered what the significance was for me but I didn’t really see anything so I didn’t think anything of it because for the next week nothing showed up. I let it go. Now I see all this ! Jaguar coming to many people – a reawakening ?

    • YES! Janet! I feel it is a re-awakening. I am amazed how many have shared with me a similar experience either through dream, vision or shamanic journeying! Thank you for sharing. I feel even more inspired about all this as a result of all who have shared and I am so grateful!!!

      • I appreciate seeing your writings and experience with Black Jaguar. Ix is one of my birth totems (December 22, 1946), and has been a Companion Spirit for as long as I can remember. It was in 2002 when I met Black Jaguar while on a journey with a sacred Vine. I see her in the Dreamtime ever since. Thank you for sharing that Jaguar populations are increasing (yay!) and are returning to Arizona. The Wall is a travesty. I wish it could be removed – it should never have been built, in my view… Hopefully, they will find a way around/through it.

        • Thank you Anna for sharing. Love that you encountered Black Jaguar in a journey in 2002. And Yes perhaps the consciousness of the planet will one day be such that we no longer build walls to keep others out – but perhaps are wiling to tear them down and realize we are all ONE with all LIFE. 🙂

  6. I dreamed of a black Jaguar recently. She came out of a dense lush jungle where I was working with my partner to clear a path. She was quite intimidating. And so beautiful. I will certainly seek a copy of Jaguar Woman, thank you for the thread <3

    • Thank you for sharing about your dream Zoe. This feels like a further confirmation that the jaguars (especially the Black Jaguars) are seeking our attention through whatever means they can connect with us. 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing. In the late ’80s I read all the Lynn Andrews books, starting with Medicine Woman and including Jaguar Woman. It is time for me to re-read this series and ground. Thank you.

    • Thank you Nancy for taking the time to share your connection with Lynn Andrews books. I started reading Lynn’s books in the late 80’s too. When I read Medicine Woman I decided I wanted to live a magical life (it felt to me that was what she was describing). At that time my life was a complete mess and that book helped me see beyond that situation. That decision and vision of possibility set me on an entirely new track and I have been living a magical life pretty much ever since – as even through the more challenging times I still carry a sense of magic with me. I am forever grateful to the inspiration these books have brought me.

      All these years later I am so loving re-reading Jaguar Woman and feeling inspired to share this wisdom from the book partly so I will remember it: …every thought you think in your lifetime has a life of its own and has a will to live and survive. This is particularly true when your thoughts are unresolved. Thoughts are like people. They have to be very properly. If a thought is negative or unresolved, it is lurking around for you to finish what you started and bury it in the right way, make it complete. When your thoughts are contradictory, and have no clarity, you create a universe of thought forms that actually live off your energy. And why not? You are their mother in a strange way…

      • Amazing!! Cayelin.

        The Black Jaguar/Panther has been my power animal since the mid-eighties. I thought you knew. Very Interesting that mom would bring this back to my attention. There is a beautiful Jaguar mom and I saw in Mexico city in 2012. The jaguar spoke to both of us, when there were several visiting children watching him in the Mexico City Zoo… Mom and I both heard his voice telepathically, and knew we were connecting to him, perched above the children right we were right next to him with a glass barrier wall, but he looked directly in both of our eyes, and thanked us for being there. We were within less than 5 feet with the thick glass barrier. If you get a chance or are in Mexico City again soon, go see him, he would probably speak to you too.

        Black Jaguar/Panther came to me in San Francisco first a couple years after I had my mental breakdown in a dream at the San Francisco, Ananda Ashram that no longer exists, but was in a large mansion house at 2320 Broadway street in the Fillmore District of San Francisco, CA.

        Shortly after mom returned back to Ananda Community in Nevada City, CA, and I moved to San Jose, CA while I was working at Computerware, the All Mac Source in 1989, and only 7 to 10 years later I started working with you and Daniel and Kate. So that is so cool.

        So glad to hear about this. In some ways the Black Jaguar was embodied in you when I worked with you and Daniel. As you might remember, I came in to the Gemini School for this lifetime, doing the Taurus Job, with my North Node in Cancer in the Second House. Out of the Scorpio School from the Past and the Scorpio Job.

        Anyway, great to hear about this association with you and the Jaguar, especially being born on the Day of the Jaguar.

        Love Ya, Greg Garceau(Beardog)

        • Thank you for sharing about your Jaguar experience Greg. I have flown into Mexico City but not stayed there…usually going straight to Teotihuacan, but will keep this in mind when I go again. So not surprised they have a jaguar there in the zoo! Love and Blessings, Cayelin

  8. Dear Sister, we really ARE in tune, no denying it! Two months ago I had a dream of a tiger charging into my living room! It has changed my life, truly! I have been doing lots of art of all the big cats, reread ‘jaguar woman’, researched the attributes and diffrences in all the big cats, made big cat clothes…in short, on a big cat binge! and now this article from you!??? Confirms its import in now time for all..Also learned that In the Pleiades , all the big cats are white with black markings . They have all the species we do, and more, only they are all WHITE!. cool! Thank you for being ON THE BEAM! much love, Merkaba Moon

    • Thank you Merkaba for your confirmation that you are on a similar track – further confirming for me too! I am looking forward to this month’s first Jaguar Day tomorrow Feb 2! Also looking forward to connecting with you in May if you are around when we will be in your neck of the woods for my oldest son’s wedding! Lots of Love and delight coming your way! Cayelin

  9. Thank you for this cosmic sharing, sister! I loved the info on the Jaguar and the opportunity to look at my Mayan sun sign. I’ve looked up my personal glyph before but not this info. Very cool. Lots of love for you!

    • You are so welcome Kim. My total delight. I know there are other systems out there including the Dreamspell by Jose Arquelles where I think I am listed as a Blue Lunar Eagle. Hence my surprise when I learned from a Mayan elder I was a Jaguar after having the Jaguar vision. Gifts from the signs in the world of form! Lots of Love to you too dear Si-star!

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