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The Crown Chakra of the Serpent Bearer

The story of Ophuichus – the Serpent Bearer reminds of ancient healing wisdom, the power to bring Dead back to life, and how our dreams are a path to healing. 

The star Rasalhaque (22 Sagittarius 42) is in the constellation of Ophiuchus.

Each year from about December 07 to 18 the Sun aligns with this star marking the crown chakraf Ophiuchus with the exact pass around December 13 or 14 illuminating the healing power of our dreams.

In 2019 Jupiter expanded our connection to Ophiuchus facilitating more conscious dreaming.

The head of the Serpent-Bearer in the Sky, where the star Ras Alhague is located, is said to be filled with powerful, ageless healing wisdom that has the potential to restore and revitalize.

Mercury and Venus also pass here each year though the time varies from year to year.

Mercury Dec 02, 2022 
Venus Dec 04, 2022

Mars passes here every two years.
Last time was January 14, 2022
Next time is Dec 25, 2023

Moon passes here once each month. (see Table Below)

Jupiter was here in 2019 returning in 2031 helping to facilitate more conscious dreaming 
Saturn is here exact on March 06, 2046, April 27, 2046 and November 22, 2046
Uranus was here in 1987 (returns in about 84 years)
Neptune was here in 1981 (returns in about 165 years)
Pluto was here in 2004 to 2005 (returns in 248 years)

This fixed star is strongly connected to the concept of healing, whether on a personal level or in society as a whole. The Fixed Star Site has extensive information about Ophiuchus worth noting from many resources giving us a place to begin to connect with the magic of the individual stars. However, many of the descriptions come from much earlier times, so I recommends you develop your own connection to these stars to see what meaning they have for you.

Ras Alhague In the Past

Elsbeth Ebertin says in Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, (published in 1928, p.72-73) that Ras Alhague has:

a Saturn like character, and some of the undesirable Venus qualities are also present. Connected with these are Neptunian tendencies, making the native especially prone to infectious contamination caused by toxins. People thus influenced are easy going in the use of medical drugs, hallucinatory drugs stimulating foodstuffs, too much good living and overindulgence in tobacco and alcohol.

There is danger of insect bites, snakebites or assault from infuriated animals or rabies smitten dogs. If conjunct the Moon, Mars, or Neptune, the native is very prone to infections in general and to epidemic infections. Besides the lower emanations, there are supposedly higher influences attributed to this star, ‘though only very few people are able to attune themselves to these influences…

Ras Alhague Now

Based on older writings we can see the qualities of this star were viewed more negatively. However, there are new insights that have been coming through in recent years. This one is from a book called Starlight Elixirs & Cosmic Vibrational Healing by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld published in 1992.

Ras Alhague can improve the transfer of aetheric energies into the physical body. These energies can strengthen the physical body when various forms of movement, martial arts, or dance are combined with visualization. Individuals involved in the development of the physical body who might have been attracted to substances such as steroids that artificially induce changes in the physical body would do well to utilize this elixir or meditation on the star.

They go onto say the star beings connected to Ras Alhague developed techniques for material manifestation and communication that included the ability to relate to other people and other Star systems. This star is also beneficial to everyone involved in creative visualization especially around physical healing. The energies from this star are amplified by physical movement when done from the perspective of love, acceptance, knowing, and our personal I AM. The result in essence is a way of moving Joy into our space/time reality through movement – when we intentionally choose it.

Page Bryant in her book Starwalking: Shamanic Practices for Traveling into the Night Sky describes Ras Alhague as a dark star doing light work by shining light on negative karma (I prefer to use the word shadow because karma is often greatly misunderstood) within humanity for the purpose of evolving through awareness and willingness to own and integrate our darker side.


It is the Crown Chakra Star

When I tune into this star as the Crown Chakra of the Serpent Bearer (not gender specific) the intent I get is to have a healthy expression of this chakra energy and this star loves to assist us in creating it.

When healthy the crown chakra expresses through unity consciousness and the knowing that that we – along with everything else – are connected at every level of creation often experienced as mystical union with everyone and everything in nature.

This is not about getting it intellectually but rather feeling the deep peace, serenity and joy life offers us when we are connected to divine source through a profound sense of the cosmic order that underlies all of existence.

So Ras Alhague is a star that helps us move beyond the limits of the personal ego (often expressing as our own negative shadow and uncertainity) so that we can connect into the unified field of love that permeates all creation unifying the finite (body/manifest plane) and the infinite (spirit/unmanifest plane) within and beyond time and space.

Sekhmet wears the Solar Disk at the Crown Chakra with the Serpent sending out light from this chakra point and may be connected to the mysteries of the Serpent Bearer and this Crown Chakra Star as mythic symbols that last over time are often inspired by a direct connection to the stars and the mysteries they represent. For me this is a great energy to work with in restoring what is possible when the crown chakra is fully activated, alive and functioning as it is meant to do.

Dragon Lines/Ley Lines/Life Force Energy
The serpent energy also connects to what the ancients called Dragon Lines representing the Ley Lines of the Earth where the energy meridians are most potent. Serpents (Dragons) and Snakes represent fertility and creative life force. A snake shedding its skin represents rebirth, transformation, renewal and healing.

When planets are with this star it is a time for engaging Dragon Medicine (healthy Life Force Energy) as represented by the Serpent/Dragon energy within our bodies and also now re-awakening on Earth.

Shakti (a divine feminine name for this life force) has been equated with Dragon energy. The present day re-emergence of the Divine Feminine corresponds to the awakening of the Dragon as it relates to this primal life force energy. Dragon medicine, Dragon Energy anchors our light bodies to the Earth helping us to source this potent life force directly from the Earth.

Snake/Serpent/Dragon as a Medicine Animal

Snake (especially rattlesnake) is a symbol of transformation and wisdom expressed through healing. She is a protector and guardian along with her sister totems, the Dragon and the Serpent.

Snakes symbolize awakening creative forces and increased intuition. They also represent wholeness, cosmic consciousness, and the ability to experience anything willingly with acceptance. Snakes remind us that all things are equal in creation and when we encounter them it is time to grow and embrace new opportunities and/or changes.

Kundalini Life Force via Snake Medicine

Snake is connected to fire medicine, or the medicine of transmutation and alchemy. Physically snakes represent vitality, life force, kundalini. Emotionally snakes represent our dreams. Mentally snakes represent intellect and power, and spiritually snakes represent wisdom, understanding and wholeness.kundalini-snake

Snake magic is connected to the Magician, transmuting energy and embracing the alchemy of fire. The kundalini life force within each of us connects to serpent or snake medicine.

Questions to ponder, when looking at this part of the sky might be:

Are you afraid of your own life force and power? If so are you holding yourself back from experiencing the power and strength of who you really are?

Are you embracing your life force energy and expressing it in ways that are healing for you and those around you?

What would it take to express your own kundalini energy at the next higher octave for you?

See article on this constellation for more about how a snake taught Aesclepius the art of bringing the Dead back to life, and how our dreams are a path to healing – Ophuichus the Serpent Bearer

Moon with Rasalhague

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