One way to stay centered and connected to greater meaning, purpose and the transformational intent of these game changing times is through conscious breathing and intentional blessings. Conscious breath has had many names in different cultures including prana and chi. The Druids called it “Awen” (breath of divine inspiration). 

Awen has three main principles. They are: understanding truth, loving truth; and maintaining truth.

Druidic practices include chanting the word “Awen” as a way to open to the flow of inspiration and energy coming from the other worlds and anchoring it more fully into your reality. (Awen Symbol to the right)

Reciting this Awen Blessing Prayer while practicing conscious breathing is one way to further support your intentions.

Blessed be this day

And all it shall bring…

Blessed be this place

And all who are here…

Blessed be all creation

And all that has life…

Blessed be our living and our dying

And our life in the Spirit…

…of Light and Love

In this and all worlds,

In time and in eternity.

Awen, Awen, Awen

Fill us with your Love and Light

Any triple planetary alignment as featured through out most of 2020 is a perfect time to work with the blessings of the triple expression of Awen including…to love the truth, to understand the truth and to maintain the truth.

The Divine Blessing:

The Love of Awen,

The Peace of Awen,

The Warmth of Awen,

The Surprise of Awen,

Be among us and within us,

Now and forever….Thank You.