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Below you will find two guided meditiations. The first journey is through the Elements and the second is through the Venus Story and Cycle as told by the Sumerians through the story of Innana’s descent and ascent journey.

You will also find links to documents that will help you locate more of your own personal Venus Signature and when your next Venus Cycle Begins or is currently happening.

 Also newly added is a video I did looking at what is happening in 2023 for my Priestess Community.

This 19 minute journey is an embodied
experience of the elements

and how they relate to the astrological signs. 

This Inanna/Venus Journey is a guided journey of death and rebirth (ALCHEMY)
described by the Venus Synodic Cycle
as told by the Sumerians featuring

Inanna descending to the underworld,
dying, being reborn
 and ascending from the underworld, what it means and
why it is important to us NOW.

Said another way it is the aspect of the Goddess we are learning about in this life regardless of our gender. See PDF link below for more about Venus.

Venus/Inanna Story and Journey - 27 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell


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More on Venus

This link takes you to a PDF covering the Venus Cycle Overview, Historical Data Including the Venus Cycle you born into and shows when your next Venus Return Begins up to 2030 on Page 7

Working consciously with the Venus Cycle changed my life and has changed the life of countless others – both women and men.

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The Magical Stars and Constellations

NEW online LIVE Series featuring the Zodiacal Constellations and their most prominent stars including the four Royal stars long with Spica and Arcturus. This series begins in September 2022.


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If you love the stars, the myths and the magic connected to them and are intersted in learning how to cultivate your own magical relationship with them then you will mostly likely love this series and our Magical Behenian Star Series already available.


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