Printing the Timings

Economical way to print with Images

When you click on the Print Link it will take you to a preview page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the print link. It will take you to a page where you can choose the print properties. If you click on that before printing you can choose the fast economical print option sometimes called fast draft. Choosing that opton uses less printer ink and prints the pages more quickly. The number of pages may vary depending on your print settings. Some printers will also let you choose what pages to print.

Printing Any Page on this site without The Images

If you do not want to print the the images you can copy the text and paste it into NotePad and that will automatically eliminate the images as well as all the formatting. Then choose the print option in Notepad and your pages will print without the images or other formatting.

If you don’t have Notepad another option is to copy and paste into Word and then go through the pages and delete whatever images or text you want to delete before you print them.

Notepad is the fastest way to eliminate everything except the text.

Having Trouble Printing – Try these trouble shooting Ideas

Before contacting us about printing issues try these suggestions. If you are still having trouble then contact Peter at and he may be able to help you.

1. Are you able to print other documents without any issues? You can try just printing a one page word document and see if that works.

2. Does the print link open in a new window? If it does then press “control P” or the Mac command for printing a screen of data.

3. One of the most common fixes is clearing your Print Queue because sometimes documents get hung up there.

4. And if none of the above fixes work, then try this…especially if you haven’t turned everything all the way off for awhile. Power off your printer and computer. Once everything is off – unplug the cables from the printer and computer for a minute or two, then plug them in, and power everything back on at the same time. This usually clears the print queue and resets you default settings. This one usually works when all else fails.

Following your suggestion, I cleared the print queue (for the first time ever – didn’t know I needed to – or how to, and it wasn’t so hard to do, so thanks for that too) and, long story short, I was able to set things right and am printing as I speak.  So you’ve saved the day… Thanks ever so. Many Blessings, Sandy