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Power of the Nodes – Connecting the Past and Future

by Cayelin K Castell

Appreciating our Past, Moving Toward Our Future and Living in the NOW!

Planets and North Node in 2019

Mars is with the North Node exact June 11- 13 and within 10 degrees from May 28 to June 28.
Mercury is within 10 degrees of the North Node from June 8 – 24.
Sun catches up to the North Node on July 9 (17 Cancer 38) and is within 10 degrees from June 29 to July 20
Venus catches up to the North Node on July 17 (17 Cancer 39) and is within 10 degrees from July 9 to July 25

Mars and North Node is about dreaming into our future and taking action that begins calling that future into a powerful form.
Mercury and North Node is about paying attention to the messages guiding us toward our most fulfilling future destiny.
Sun and North Node illuminates our intended destiny, opening destiny’s door and shining light on our life path.
Venus with the North Node is about connecting the Divine Sacred Feminine with a New Destiny liberated from patriarchal conditioning.

Mercury Mars Super Close within 4 degrees of the North Node June 17, 18, 19
For those with a low horizon line Mercury and Mars are within 1/4 degree on June 17 and less than a 1/4 degree from each other on June 18. By June 19 the gap between Mercury and Mars widen’s to about 3/4ths of a degree. If you have a low horizon you will see them just after Sunset still within 4 degrees of the North Node.

By February of 2020 Mars catches up to the South Node before speeding off to join the rare Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn alignment that hasn’t happened for 733 years.




Continuing on with the theme of honoring our past, living in the present and envisioning our future this falcon flew right in front of me on my morning walk the other day and landed about 15 feet away in this tree so close to me as if to say I have a message for you.

I was struck by how it was pointing forward and looking back toward me simultaneously. I realized the message was about connecting the past and future in the now within a day of creating the meme posted below as if it were a confirmation to pay even greater attention to what was, what is and what is becoming.

Destiny doesn’t happen by chance as much as it does by choice. Of course there are experiences that are beyond our control and yet it’s our choice that determines how we experience it and what the lasting result is.

When we choose to come from love the result is greater love. When we choose to come from anger or hurt the result is greater anger and hurt. Forgiving our selves and each other is powerful medicine that can change our future timeline in ways we haven’t even yet imagined.

By the way, falcon signifies wisdom, vision, and protection. This beautiful messenger is a symbol for awakening your wise visionary power. Be sure you are listening now for the messages that are filled with wisdom from the past, what strategy is best now and how all that is leading you to your future destiny.

Of course it helps to remember we often have to sacrifice aspects of the old life that are no longer working – allowing them to die a good death that becomes the sacred soil (compost) for the new life we are envisioning.

Additional details are here.

This article is a work in progress…

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Venus and the Pleiades 2020

In 2019 Venus passes the Pleiades June 7, 8 and 9. Venus is within 6 degrees of this Behenian Asterism June 2 to June 14.

Venus returns to a spectacularly close connection with the Pleiades exact April 3, 2020

April 3 of 2012 and for a couple of nights before and after Venus was visible sitting super close to the Pleiades as shown below – within a ½° southeast of Alcyone (the brightest star in the Pleiades and considered the central star of this asterism) and ¼° south of the Atlas-Pleione pair for observers from the Americas. Read More

The Pleiades

by Cayelin K Castell

The Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters in many cultures including the Greeks. These stars carry their Greek names to this day: Maia, Electra, Alcyone, Taygeta/Taygete, Asterope, Celaeno and Merope. Some feel the name Pleiades is derived from the mother of the Seven Sisters whose name was Pleione. Their father was Atlas.

Homer describes Atlas in his poem the Odyssey  as “one who knows the depths of the whole sea, and keeps the tall pillars who hold heaven and earth asunder.” Read More

June Solstice Magic

by Cayelin K Castell

June 21, 2019 the Sun reaches zero Cancer at 11:54 AM Eastern time or 8:54 AM Pacific time marking the exact Solstice moment though the Solstice Sun rises in the same place in the sky for at least three days and very close to the same place for about 3 weeks.


An ancient “School of Prophets” understood much about the cosmos and used natural time-cycles to mark out the course of history. For them the cosmos seemed somehow much closer and more relevant than it does today.

Among other things they believed that there were specific doorways or gates leading in and out of “heaven”. These portals were believed to be located at the points where the ecliptic (the pathway followed by the Sun in its annual progression along the zodiac) crosses over the Milky Way.

Significantly the Sun now sits at one of these gateways at the solstices. By a process of analogy: “As Above, So Below”, this indicates that it is now these “stargates” are opening. Adrian Gilbert

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Sirius Star Magic

So What is Up With Sirius?

Image result for sirius and the sun

In 2019 Planets with Sirius (add about a week before and after the exact date for the full effect)
Mars on June 6/7

Mercury on June 12
Sun on July 6
Venus on July 15
See Moon with Sirius table at end of this page.

In our current era The Sun and Sirius are together at the time the Earth is furthest from the Sun and opposite one another when the Earth is closest to the Sun at Perhelion. On January 1 (our current New Year point) Sirius is on the mid-heaven at mid-night. The exact Sun opposition to Sirius is around January 5 or 6 in the same way the Sun and Sirius are conjunct around July 5 or 6. These dates just so happen to also be around the time the Earth is either closest or furthest to the Sun.

This connection to the Sun with Sirius is something that shifts over time occurring in different seasons. The movement is slow only 1 degree every 72 years shifting signs only once every 2160 years.

In 1776 on the 4th of July the Sun was aligned with Sirius. The signing of the US Declaration of Independence was purposely planned for this time accessing the magical energies of this star a bold revolutionary act as Independence was being declared for a new nation. (More on Sirius and the 4th of July HERE)

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The Horns of the Bull – Gateway to the Elysian Fields

The horns of the Bull point to the Galactic Cross near the Galactic Edge where the June Solstice Sun currently rises signaling the shift of a 26,000 year cycle from 1962 to 2034.
See below for planets passing here in 2019
This area of the sky is rich with Star Lore. In this article we are exploring the two stars that mark the horns of the Bull constellation. (This is a work in progress)
El Nath (aka Zeta Tarui) marks the northern tip of horn of the Bull (22 Gemini 51)
Al Hecka marks the southern tip of the horn (25 Gemini 03)
The horns of the Bull are on the eastern edge of the Milky Way where it crosses the Ecliptic creating a Galactic Cross in the sky. This helps to explain why the Bull has such an important role in the Egyptian conception of how one enters the Elysian Fields as the hero/ine must pass by the bull that guards the route to the West, or the Elysian Fields.
One of Pyramid texts reads: “The Bull of the Sky inclines his horn, so that [the deceased] may pass.” It creates an image of traveling down the Celestial Highway of Stars or as some refer to it – the River of Stars. It also calls to mind the yellow brick road – only its a road of stars that defines our soul’s journey in this reality.

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2019 May Celestial Timings

Another amazing month is upon us with the Taurus New Moon on Stars Wars Day – the day of my oldest son’s wedding in Colorado – May the Fourth Be with You!

The New Moon just so happens to also be in the astrological Beltane Window and The Full Moon is near the Days of No Shadows. Plus we have Venus at the Sacral Chakra Gate May 2 and Uranus and Venus conjunct at the Full Moon just to name a few.

New Video on the Solar Zenith

2019 May Celestial Timings


Special Venus Mars Underworld Saga Webinar May 15, 2019 with replay available it will 32 years before Venus and Mars come together in this part of the sky with the Sun. Details


Special Webinar Series offered by the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School covering the first Libra Venus Underworld in 155 years, Mercury Retrograde, Ceremony and Shamanic Astrology and Jupiter into Capricorn

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Saturn, Pluto and the South Node 

Jupiter in Sagittarius Jupiter moving back toward Antares Jupiter with the Serpent Bearer Personal Dream Experience with the Serpent Bearer

Mars is Out of Bounds April 20, 2019 at 01:58 pm PDT June 12, 2019 at 02:45 am PDT

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The Next Jaguar Day is May 13


Pluto Retrograde

by Cayelin Castell

At the Still Point Of Pluto’s Retrograde it is time to surrender to what has been so we can move toward what is becoming.

Are you Ready for a NEW World, a NEW way of life as we prepare for 2020?

On April 24, 2019 Pluto Stationed Retrograde. Pluto Stations direct at its second still point of the year on October 2/3, 2019. Any planetary Still Point is a place of suspension or pause where the energies remains suspended within minutes of its station point for a few weeks before and after the station point. Read More

Khambalia – Star of Secret Knowledge

This article is a work in Progress…

“The name has its roots in old Coptic and means ‘Crooked Claw’, most probably the same device which we call the Swastika and whose ancient symbolism contained the idea of secret knowledge, accessible to us, but only if one knows the way to get to it, as we also find with the maze in other cultures. 

The word Shambala has a similar root and meaning; so has the pentagram, so has the Arabic word for five, Khamsa, may well also derive from the same piece of mystique. 

Khamr, wine, also has a connection, being so often a symbol for ‘the secret of life’, ‘the spirit’ again, as well as a means to enter a transcendental (or just inebriated) state of consciousness.” ~Eric Morse The Living Stars

Khambalia marks the foot of the Virgin Priestess and is known as the keeper of secret knowledge accessed through transcendental states of awareness. Whenever a planet is near Khambalia we have greater access to the secrets of transformation through death and rebirth carried deep within our DNA. Read More

Mercury in Pisces

See end of Post for times when Mercury is in Pisces and retrograde in some part of Pisces.
The Pisces Mind
Mercury stationed direct in Pisces on March 28, 2019 and continues its travels through Pisces until April 16, 2019. (See more data below)
The archetypal energy of the mind now being integrated into the collective psyche of humanity for the next four months is Pisces operating from the right brain feminine and the feeling function. This is not about emotions that come from the outside in but feelings that come from the inside out. (Will share more about that when I have time to update this article so stay tuned.)

The Pisces mind is about healthy integration of the feelings to experience a healthy functioning mind – including practicing compassion and being willing to embrace the unknown and trust the knowing that exists beyond logic and reason.

Said another way, the world is the result of what we believe and perceive reality to be. We are dreaming the dream of our life experience and reality in every moment, and we can change that experience by simply changing what we believe, or what we are thinking on a daily basis, as our thoughts create the dream of our reality – so what we think is what we are dreaming into existence.

Quantum physics has proven that this reality – the reality we live in – is not as real as it appears. The fact is the observer affects what is being observed through their intention and attention.

The Pisces Expression of the Mind is a reminder that we are responsible for our experiences because what we experience is generated from our feelings, beliefs, expectations, and perceptions of reality that are often unconscious and yet these feelings and beliefs are what create our reality.

What limiting beliefs and thoughts do you have that hold you back from expressing your true brilliance?

What would it take to shift any negative beliefs along with any self-judgment you have, so you can experience genuine compassion for yourself and others?

Are you willing to let go of habitual thinking that is based in limiting judgments and old paradigm limitations?

What if doing so helped you to experience an entirely new reality that is fulfilling and fun?

Mercury Traveling through Pisces to 2030
February 10 to April 16, 2019
March 16 to April 10, 2020
March 15 to April 03, 2021
March o9 to March 27, 2022
March 02, to March 18, 2023
February 23 to March o9, 2024
February 14 to March o3, 2025 and again on March 29, 2025 due to Retrograde
February 06 to March 03 2026
January 31 to April 08, 2027 Mercury returns to Aquarius (29 Degrees 59) Feb 18, 2027 and returns to Pisces March 18 due to Retrograde (see below)
March 13 to March 31, 2028
March 06 to March 23, 2029
February 27 to March 15, 2030
Mercury Retrograde and direct in Pisces  – sometimes returning to Aquarius, sometimes beginning in Aries
March 05 (29 Pisces 39) to March 28 (16 Pisces 06), 2019
February 16 (12 Pisces 53), to March 09 (28 Aquarius 13), 2020  – re-enters Pisces March 16, 2020 to April 10, 2020
March 14 (09 Aries 35) to April 07 (26 Pisces 50), 2025 Mercury begins retrograde in Aries returning to Pisces on March 29, 2025
February 25 (22 Pisces 34) to March 20 (08 Pisces 29) 2026 
February 09 (05 Pisces 59) to March 03 (20 Aquarius 55) 2027 re-enters Pisces March 18 to April 08, 2027
March 07 (02 Aries 24) to March 30 (19 Pisces 02) 2032