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Various Insights on Astrological Happenings

Saturn in Aquarius

See 9 minute Video on Saturn in Aquarius with more insights below

Aquarius Speaks:
When the mind is open – Wisdom can enter!

Looking ahead to when Pisces Speaks: 
When the mind and heart are open – Wisdom can enter!

With Saturn in Aquarius from March 21, 2020 to March 07, 2023 (dipping back into Capricorn from July 1, 2020 to December 21, 2020) we are being reminded our divine destiny (and the Earth’s) is to Co-Create a new reality based in the principles of Universal Divine Love, Divine Order, Divine Justice, and Divine Knowing or a conscious understanding emanating from the heart of the Creative Life Force, Higher Power, Divine Intelligence or whatever name feels best to you.

Saturn in Aquarius is about assessing the antiquated structures of our reality, tearing them down, and building new innovative, sustainable structures that support and further the Aquarian dispensation that says: everyone should have the freedom to determine their own evolutionary or spiritual path as long as it does NO HARM to any sentient life – including the Earth. Read More

Pluto Saturn Jupiter and The Corona Virus – A Gift?

The Global Pandemic most are calling the Corona Virus or COVID – 19 is providing us all with a Global Experience that is affecting our health, well-being, economics, social gatherings, events, schools, and how well equipped our governments are to handle this kind of health threat.

Important Dates Astrologically

  • March 20 Mars conjunct Jupiter  22 Capricorn 45
  • March 21 Saturn enters Aquarius  08:58 pm PDT
  • Mar 22 Mars conjunct Pluto  25 Capricorn 42
  • Mar 30 Mars conjunct Saturn  00 Aquarius 33
  • Apr 04 Jupiter and Pluto Conjunct 25 Capricorn
  • Two more Pluto Jupiter Conjunctions on Jun 30 (24 Capricorn, and Nov 12 Jupiter Pluto (23 Capricorn). NOTE: Jupiter and Pluto come together every 13 years – stay tuned for an article about this coming soon.
  • Apr 25 Pluto Stations Retrograde  25 Capricorn
    See more dates at end of this post.
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Baten Kaitos and the Belly of the Whale

Each year Sun, Mercury, and Venus pass by Baten Katos.
Once each month the Moon passes this area of the sky.
In 2020 Mars spends a long time near this important star.
Stay tuned for more data coming soon.

February 27, 2020 Venus (22 Aries) entered the Third Eye Chakra Gate and is making her annual passage by the fixed star Baten Katos (22 Aries 13) marking the belly of the whale in one of the largest constellations called Cetus.

Mythically, Cetus is the sea monster or whale that was sent by Poseidon to punish Cassiopeia for being overly boastful about her own beauty. Cassiopeia boasted that she was more beautiful than Poiseidon’s nymphs enraging Poseidon (a.k.a Neptune). Read More

Aldebaran – the eye of perception

Osiris holding the Key to the Silver gate

…the Silver Gate is above Orion, at the centre of the Duat; the Egyptian Netherworld…represented on the ground in the Giza area.

The ancient Greeks, who received much of their knowledge from Egypt, believed that souls reside in the Milky Way between incarnations, and that there are 2 “gates” on the Milky Way. These are the Silver Gate of Gemini, through which souls descend to earth, and the Golden Gate of Sagittarius, through which souls ascend. Other versions say the souls of men (humans) can ascend by either gate, but that the Silver Gate leads to reincarnation and the ancestors, and the Golden Gate leads beyond reincarnation. The Golden Gate is also that through which the Gods descend

The Silver Gate is just above the “hand” of Orion, who the Egyptians associated with Osiris, and they depicted him holding a star in his hand. In The Orion Mystery, Bauval & Gilbert presumed this to be the star Aldebaran.  Now, Gilbert has found that the Egyptian word for star, s’ba, also means “door”, so Osiris is holding a Star-Gate. In some depictions, Osiris is holding an ankh towards the gate, so this must be the key which unlocks the star-gate.

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Original Mercury Retrograde from 2012

The planet Mercury symbolizes the alchemical magic of the mind, how we process information, how we perceive our reality and how we communicate. Mercury is also noted for being quick completing  one orbit around the Sun in 88 days. Thus, Mercury’s speed is also linked to the quickness of the mind. Our minds, our thoughts, our perceptions are not necessarily limited by time and space. Our thoughts can take us beyond these boundaries in an instant. Read More

Mercury in Aquarius

Cayelin age 6 or 7 looking far away into other dimensions

This is a work in progress. Stay tuned for more dates and insights.

Mercury stations direct at 28 Aquarius on March 9, 2020 having first entered Aquarius on January 17 to Feb 3 and returning to Aquarius via the Mercury Retrograde on March 4. This means Aquarius is the featured archetype of the mind for about 120 days.

I love Mercury in Aquarius for lots of reasons but probably mostly because it is where Mercury was when I was born. My old mind (Sagittarius Moon) and new mind (Mercury in Aquarius) are similar in the quest for expanding consciousness and awareness so growing up I totally loved thinking in ways that were different from others and saying things that would challenge their reality until I realized it wasn’t interesting or exciting for them to think about these things and was perhaps down right scary.

I learned to dial it back to some degree but often blurted out questions and observations that were unsettling to the adults and other kids my age. Luckily my parents were interested in ‘out there’ perspectives and did there best to satisfy my curious mind.

I asked questions about God wondering if God created the world then who created God? And how was God Born? At age 6 I asked questions about time – noticing how every moment quickly became the past, that the whole day I had just experienced was now in the past and even as I was asking the question it was now in the past – so what was the point of time anyway?

So yes my mind pondered cosmic questions from a young age and it took me awhile to realize that most of the kids my age weren’t thinking about these things. Aquarius does love to ignite revolutionary ideas so I would do that whenever I thought it wouldn’t get me into too much trouble. Read More

Leap Year, Leap Day

Saturday February 29, 2020 is Leap Day.

The date February 29 only comes around every 4 years representing the Leap Day of any Leap Year. 

The solar year is actually 365 days, 5 hours, 49 minutes, and 12 seconds. The Gregorian Calendar compensates for the extra hours, minutes and seconds by adding an extra day, or intercalating a day, every four years.

This keeps the Gregorian Calendar from drifting away from the seasonal calendar. In fact, it takes over 3,000 years for this calendar to drift as much as one whole day.

In 46 BC the Julian calendar was created – named after Julius Caesar – reforming the Old Roman Calendar, a lunar calendar, based on the moon phases. The Roman Calendar relied on those in the know when to add or remove days to keep the calendar aligned with the the Solstices and Equinoxes – by Caesars time this Calendar had drifted a good 10 days from the actual seasonal points. In 1582 the Gregorian calendar was put into use for similar reasons and also to create a dependable calendar for collecting taxes and fixing holidays or holy days.

The Julian calendar is still in use by the Berbers of North Africa and some aspects of Eastern Orthodox Church (Russia) though now (in the 20th and 21st Century) the dates are 13 days earlier than the Gregorian calendar.

So among the other interesting factors of 2020 (or any of the years listed below) it is actually a day longer than the usual 365 days we normally observe. Read More

Juno in Libra

Juno (Roman) married to Jupiter
Hera (Greek) married to Zues

Here I sing of Hera
She has a golden throne…
She is an immortal queen
Hers is the most eminent of figures
She is the sister
She is even the wife of Zeus thunderer
She is glorious

All the gods on vast Olympus
Revere her,
They honor her even equal to Zeus
the lover of lightning
Homers hymn to Hera,
translation Charles Boer
(Irving Texas: Spring Publications, Inc., 1979)

Magical Synchronicity is currently occurring in the November 1, 2018 to June 9, 2020 Libra Cycle with Asteroid Juno (representing conscious,  co-creative, collaboration in the relational realms) having entered Libra on November 3, 2019 traveling through Libra until September 21, 2020 when Juno enters Scorpio spending nearly 11 months in the sign of Libra. The last time Juno was in Libra this long was in 2006 to 2007. It will be 2032 to 2033 before it happens again. See table below. Read More

Imbolc, Candlemass and The February Cross-Quarter

Traditionally Imbolc is the time for extinguishing old ceremonial fires and lighting new ones (representing renewal), while celebrating the return of the light symbolized by the slowly lengthening days. For some parts of the world, winter is loosening its hold and the Winter Solstice seeds are stirring, breaking free of their shells, and showing signs of growth.

The Gaelic name for Imbolc is Là Fhèill Brìghde nan coinnlean translated as Brìghde’s Feast Day of the candles. Bìghde or Bridget (meaning “exalted one”) is a Celtic goddess associated with fire and the hearth connecting her to the Greek Hestia and the Roman Vesta. Interestingly, women who are about to marry are called Brides in honor of the blessings bestowed by the Goddess of Brides (Bridget).

Imbolc is currently celebrated starting around sundown on February 1 and throughout the next day. This holy day, or seasonal cross-quarter marks the half way point between the December Solstice and March equinox continuing through February 2.

Many translations of the Celtic word Imbolc suggests it means “in the belly of the Mother” where the seeds of new life are stirring – readying for the spring – a time of rapid growth and renewal. Read More

Venus Third Chakra Gate

In this timely VIDEO Jimmy Carter explains why he feels the mistreatment of women is our number one human rights abuse. Not only do we need greater awareness around this issue – women need to stand for one another as they stand in their own power.

The Venus  at the Solar Plexus gate (especially when with Saturn) also suggests it is time to actively create NEW structures that honor all human beings and women who are standing in their power will stand for others who are being mistreated – because when we say NO to Abuse and YES to being powerful co-creators so much more is accomplished when we come together than on our own.