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The Alchemy of Jupiter and Pluto Conjunctions

Jupiter Pluto 2020 and Beyond e-book version
with additional edits and part two
of this article taking a deep dive into what it means
to have this signature along with images and tables

Unedited version below…link above has additional tables and insights added and part two…

Astrological patterns are recognized in terms of the meaning
that we bring to inner and outer experiences,

although we are perhaps in turn predisposed to the quality
of our experiences by the patterns themselves.
However, rather than trying to pre-empt fate,
to ward it off or pretend it does not exist,
we may perhaps work with it as consciously as we are able:
thus we participate in the alchemical opus,
the hero’s journey, the philosopher’s stone,
or the finding of the long lost kingdom.

 Chiron and the Healing Journey
An Astrological and Psychological Perspective
By Melanie Reinhart

The above quote is from a book on Chiron (the Shamanic Healer) and YET also very much describes the Pluto process especially when Jupiter is involved. You might find it interesting that I wrote the article below before remembering this quote I have loved for over 20 years from Melanie Reinhart. I thought I was done writing this when suddenly I just had to find this quote about I remembered having something to do with the alchemical opus and philosopher’s stone. It feels like the perfect way to begin introducing the concepts shared below.

The intent of this article is to inspire all who read it to discover your own alchemical opus within – transforming your base elements into the golden light of who you truly are! Read More

Moon in Sagittarius

A work in progress…scroll down to Eclipses Near the Great Attractor for June 5, 2020 Full Moon Eclipse insights.

The Full Moon and Summer Solstice are symbolic of each other as both are a time of the greatest amount of light in their cycles. Thus, as we approach the Summer Solstice the Sagittarius Full Moon brings to light the deeper truths of life as we continue to embrace our personal and collective spiritual quest for enlightenment.

The Sagittarius Full Moon symbolizes a time of fulfillment and increased awareness where seeds planted in an earlier cycle are coming to fruition. The seeds of truth we have been cultivating are ready to shine in all their glory.

It is important to consider the correspondence between what we believe is true and what we actually experience in objective reality. Thomas Aquinas stated it this way: “A judgment is said to be true when it conforms to the external reality.”

The evolution of what we believe to be true occurs as our external reality changes and no longer supports the beliefs we once thought were true.

Sagittarius Eclipses

December 14, 2020 Total Solar Eclipse 09:16:25 AM PST 23°Sg08′ D South Node Eclipse
Visible in Eastern Europe, Much of Asia, NW Australia, Pacific, Indian Ocean. 
Totality Saudi Arabia, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, Guam

May 26 
2021 Total
Lunar Eclipse at 4:14 AM Pacific at 05°Sg25′ D South Node Eclipse
Visible in SE Asia, Australia, Much of North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica

December 04, 2021 Total Solar Eclipse 12:43 am Pacific 12°Sg22′ D South Node Eclipse Visible in South Australia, South Africa, Southern South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean (This eclipse is closest to the Great Attractor) Read More

Corvus – The Raven Constellation

Corvus sitting on the tail of the serpent

Corvus, (latin for Raven) is listed in the 48 Constellations listed by the 2nd-century astronomer Ptolemy.

Corvus the Raven was tasked by the Greek god Apollo, to take a chalice and collect the waters of life that Apollo needed for a sacred ceremony he was performing.

Corvus did not attend to his task right away, choosing to spend many days waiting to eat figs about to ripen on a fig tree. When Corvus eventually returned to Apollo with the waters of life, the raven claimed he had been delay by Hydra the water snake.  Angry and annoyed, Apollo cursed Corvus with eternal thirst and threw him into the heaven, beside the chalice or cup CRATER, guarded by the watersnake, HYDRA.

This story about the curse of eternal thirst from the Greek perspective is why Ravens have black feathers and raspy voices. Read More

Venus Brightest and Furthest From the Sun

Venus is related to some amazing number magic including when she is brightest and furthest from the Sun (also known as maximum elongation).

It is interesting to note there are 5 Venus Cycles every 8 years and Venus goes around the Sun 13 times in those 8 years. This relates to the Fibonacci sequence 5+8=13.

Additional number magic is 5×8=40 and age 40 is significant Venus Return. Plus Venus is retrograde for about 40 days.

36 and 72 are part of the sacred geometry of Venus.
Venus reaches greatest brightness or illumination in the evening sky about 36 days after greatest elongation from the Sun. This year greatest elongation first occurred on March 24, 2020 and greatest brightness was around April 27 and 28 about 36 days before retrograde Venus conjuncts the Sun happening on June 3, 2020.

July 10, 2020 Venus reaches greatest illumination or brightness in the morning sky about 36 days after her retrograde conjunction with the Sun on June 3. In the morning sky Venus reaches greatest brightness August 13, 2020 about 36 days after greatest elongation.

These Venus Cycle milestones are related to the golden triangle or golden ratio where the two base angles equal 72 degrees and the apex angle equals 36 degrees.

A new Venus Cycle begins with the Gemini Meta Goddess emerging onto the world stage on June 09, 2020 when Venus rises before the Sun as a Morning Star.

The Gemini Meta Goddess This reminding us that for many their minds may love this sort of information real knowing comes from realizing there is no way to know it all. The Gemini Goddess journey will deepen our knowing and open us to love and appreciate what we don’t know and may never know!

More about the Gemini Meta Goddess

Join in a Sacred Ceremonial Journey honoring the Gemini Meta Goddess journey. Details are here

Venus at Maximum Brightness
Jul 08, 2020 (-4.5 magnitude) to Maximum Elongation Aug 13, 2020 in the morning sky

Dec 07, 2021
Feb 09, 2022

Greatest Elongation 
Aug 13 2020
Oct 29, 2021 to Maximum Brightness Dec 07, 2021
20 Mar 2022 – Venus at greatest elongation west
04 Jun 2023 – Venus at greatest elongation east

2020 May Celestial Timings

On April 05, 2020 our first Grandson Gryffin Ryder was born in Cortez, Colorado riding in on the energy of the exact Pluto Jupiter conjunction and a world wide peace meditation. I have shared more about this magical event in the May 2020 Celestial Timings along with an honoring of Mothers and the many remarkable events of this coming month including the Nodes shifting signs, another Perigee Full Moon, three planetary stations retrograde, and much more…

May 2020 Celestial Timings

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May 7 Perigee Full Moon

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Nodes near Galactic Crosses and Exploring Life Purpose

Venus Retrograde from May 12 to June 24, 2020

Insights into the Gemini Meta Goddess

Solar Zenith May 20

Pluto is Retrograde from April 25 to October 4, 2020

Venus is Out of Bounds April 1 to June 1, 2020 Mars and Mercury too…

Saturn Stations Retrograde on May 10, 2020

Juno in Libra for almost 11 months

The Next Jaguar Days May 07 and May 27, 2020

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Read More

Pleiades and the Nebra Sky Disc

The Moon passes the Pleiades once each month re-enacting what is depicted on the Nebra Sky Disc discovered in 1999.

This disk is considered one of the most important archaeological finds depicting the path of the Sun and the Moon passing the Pleiades.

This artifact dating to at least 1600 BCE was found near Nebra, Saxony-Anhalt in Germany.

The Nebra Sky Disk is 30 cm in diameter and is a bronze blue green with gold symbols. The symbols include the Pleiades star cluster between the Sun and Lunar Crescent suggesting this disk was a time gauge oriented to the rising and setting of the Pleiades alerting them to when the weather would change.

There are aspects of the disk that are also oriented to the seasonal cycles of the Sun. The disk is tracking Solstices at 82 degrees North Latitude exactly where the disk was found. This is a great 10 minute YouTube about the disk for those who want to know more!

Venus Retrograde

Venus usually goes retrograde in the sign of the upcoming new cycle and usually stations direct in the new sign determined by the sign Venus was in when rising as a morning star. Stay tuned for updates to this post.

Read about the upcoming Gemini Meta Goddess Venus Cycle HERE

Date Planet Sign and Degree Meta Goddess
May 12 2020 Venus R 21°Ge50′ R Libra
Jun 24 2020 Venus D 05°Ge20′ D Gemini
Dec 19 2021 Venus R 26°Cp29′ R Gemini
Jan 29 2022 Venus D 11°Cp04′ D Capricorn
Jul 22 2023 Venus R 28°Le36′ R Capricorn
Sep 3 2023 Venus D 12°Le12′ D Leo
Mar 1 2025 Venus R 10°Ar50′ R Leo
Apr 12 2025 Venus D 24°Pi37′ D Pisces
Oct 3 2026 Venus R 08°Sc29′ R Pisces
Nov 13 2026 Venus D 22°Li51′ D Libra
May 10 2028 Venus R 19°Ge41′ R Libra
Jun 22 2028 Venus D 03°Ge10′ D Gemini
Dec 16 2029 Venus R 24°Cp01′ R Gemini
Jan 26 2030 Venus D 08°Cp37′ D Capricorn
Jul 20 2031 Venus R 26°Le25′ R Capricorn
Sep 1 2031 Venus D 10°Le01′ D Leo
Feb 27 2033 Venus R 08°Ar31′ R Leo
Apr 10 2033 Venus D 22°Pi21′ D Pisces
Sep 30 2034 Venus R 06°Sc07′ R Pisces
Nov 11 2034 Venus D 20°Li27′ D Libra
May 8 2036 Venus R 17°Ge31′ R Libra
Jun 20 2036 Venus D 01°Ge01′ D Gemini
Dec 14 2037 Venus R 21°Cp31′ R Gemini
Jan 24 2038 Venus D 06°Cp08′ D Capricorn
Jul 18 2039 Venus R 24°Le15′ R Capricorn
Aug 30 2039 Venus D 07°Le50′ D Leo
Feb 24 2041 Venus R 06°Ar11′ R Leo
Apr 7 2041 Venus D 20°Pi02′ D Pisces
Sep 28 2042 Venus R 03°Sc46′ R Pisces
Nov 8 2042 Venus D 18°Li04′ D Libra
May 6 2044 Venus R 15°Ge22′ R Libra
Jun 17 2044 Venus D 28°Ta51′ D Gemini
Dec 11 2045 Venus R 19°Cp01′ R Gemini
Jan 21 2046 Venus D 03°Cp40′ D Capricorn
Jul 15 2047 Venus R 22°Le05′ R Capricorn
Aug 27 2047 Venus D 05°Le40′ D Leo
Feb 22 2049 Venus R 03°Ar52′ R Leo
Apr 5 2049 Venus D 17°Pi44′ D Pisces
Sep 25 2050 Venus R 01°Sc26′ R Pisces
Nov 6 2050 Venus D 15°Li42′ D Libra
May 3 2052 Venus R 13°Ge12′ R Libra
Jun 15 2052 Venus D 26°Ta42′ D Gemini


Easter and Eostare

See Table Below for Easter Sunday from 2020 through 2049.

Just as there are many traditions surrounding the celebration of Easter, there are many stories and legends surrounding the origin of the word Easter.

Many traditions have viewed this time as a celebration of spring, new life and new beginnings each with their own traditions and points of view. Many of the traditions we have today are inherited from times past.

Eostre, Eostare or Ostara is a Norse, German pagan Anglo-Saxon Goddess of the East, the sunrise or the dawning of a new day, the new season of spring. Read More

Saturn in Aquarius

See 9 minute Video on Saturn in Aquarius with more insights below

Aquarius Speaks:
When the mind is open – Wisdom can enter!

Looking ahead to when Pisces Speaks: 
When the mind and heart are open – Wisdom can enter!

With Saturn in Aquarius from March 21, 2020 to March 07, 2023 (dipping back into Capricorn from July 1, 2020 to December 21, 2020) we are being reminded our divine destiny (and the Earth’s) is to Co-Create a new reality based in the principles of Universal Divine Love, Divine Order, Divine Justice, and Divine Knowing or a conscious understanding emanating from the heart of the Creative Life Force, Higher Power, Divine Intelligence or whatever name feels best to you.

Saturn in Aquarius is about assessing the antiquated structures of our reality, tearing them down, and building new innovative, sustainable structures that support and further the Aquarian dispensation that says: everyone should have the freedom to determine their own evolutionary or spiritual path as long as it does NO HARM to any sentient life – including the Earth. Read More

Pluto Saturn Jupiter and The Corona Virus – A Gift?

The Global Pandemic most are calling the Corona Virus or COVID – 19 is providing us all with a Global Experience that is affecting our health, well-being, economics, social gatherings, events, schools, and how well equipped our governments are to handle this kind of health threat.

Important Dates Astrologically
When this was written

  • March 20 Mars conjunct Jupiter  22 Capricorn 45
  • March 21 Saturn entered Aquarius  08:58 pm PDT
  • Mar 22 Mars conjunct Pluto 25 Capricorn 42
  • Mar 30 Mars conjunct Saturn 00 Aquarius 33
  • Apr 04 Jupiter and Pluto Conjunct 25 Capricorn
  • Two more Pluto Jupiter Conjunctions on Jun 30 (24 Capricorn, and Nov 12 Jupiter Pluto (23 Capricorn). NOTE: Jupiter and Pluto come together every 13 years – stay tuned for an article about this coming soon. Jupiter Pluto Insights
  • Apr 25 Pluto Stationed Retrograde  25 Capricorn
    See more dates at end of this post.
    Read More