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Various Insights on Astrological Happenings

Venus Third Chakra Gate

In this timely VIDEO Jimmy Carter explains why he feels the mistreatment of women is our number one human rights abuse. Not only do we need greater awareness around this issue – women need to stand for one another as they stand in their own power.

The Venus  at the Solar Plexus gate (especially when with Saturn) also suggests it is time to actively create NEW structures that honor all human beings and women who are standing in their power will stand for others who are being mistreated – because when we say NO to Abuse and YES to being powerful co-creators so much more is accomplished when we come together than on our own.

Saturnalia and what December Means

Saturnalia. AND What is in the Name December?

According to Guy Ottewell’s astronomical calendar, December is the 10th month of the old Roman calendar that started with March. Decem means 10.

This month is also connected to the ancient Roman celebration known as Saturnalia,  (see December 17)

Saturnalia, in Roman times was an annual 7 to 12 day festival that was celebrated by stopping business, executions and military operations. It was also a time when the masters served the slaves and marriage vows were suspended for that time.

Saturnalia was celebrated on December 17 or 19 of the Julian calendar and lasted for several days. It was also thought of as the birthday of the Sun, or Sol Invictus, meaning “unconquered Sun.”

Saturnalia was about overturning the rules in ways that allowed for a fresh perspective. Currently we are in what we could call planetary Saturnalia (due to the Turning of the Ages) when the old rules or structures are crumbling and new structures that support these rapidly changing times are seeking form.


The Power of Love

NOTE: This article is a work in progress

Love is the reason
Love is the answer
Love is the inspiration
Love is the guidance
Love is the purpose
Love is the direction
Love is the wisdom
Love is the integration
Love rebalances the world
Fierce Love, Pure Love,
Love is acceptance of all things, and of all people, and all situations expressing as:

Inspired Love, Cosmic love, All encompassing Love, Mighty and Profound Love, Loving Self and Others for NO Reason. Read More

Aquarius Moon

See dates into 2023 when Moon is entering Aquarius in the table below along with a Full Moon in Aquarius table into 2038.

When the Moon travels through Aquarius it is transmitting the mysteries of the cosmic revolutionary or radical revolutionary who is disrupting reality to expand consciousness. This energy is committed to its own unique path of self-expression through revolutionary and novel events that shift our assemblage point or core beliefs defining our current reality.

This is a great time to note what assemblage points are ready to shift within your being honoring and choosing to embrace those changes through ceremonial intent.illuminating our awareness that is intended to transcend the duality of light and shadow. This energy is committed to its own unique path of self-expression, questioning what is and not settling for the limitations of the status quo. This is a good time to step back for a good look at the big picture, and make changes where needed.

When the Moon (or any planet) is in Aquarius we are invited to think (and perceive) beyond what we previously believed is possible inspiring new possibilities we may not have yet imaged and may have even thought were impossible. Read More

The mysteries of the 11:11 Star Gate

11:11 ia  pre-encoded trigger
placed within our cellular memory banks
prior to our descent into matter,
and when activated,
signifies that our time of completion is near.
The 11:11 is hereby being activated. ~ Solara

Each year November 11 is considered an activation of the 11:11 gateway.

In 2011 the date was literally 11:11:11 representing a triple gateway – something that occurs in this way only once in a century based our current calendric system known as the Gregorian calendar. This calendar came into being in 1582 because the Julian Calendar had drifted by about 10 days so the seasonal points were showing up at different times than was expected. Read More


Every year the Sun is within six degrees of the Spica from October 12 to 23 and is exact around October 17 and 18. See when Moon is with Spica etc…

October 27 Moon with Spica still close to the Sun will be extra potent in 2019!

Sep 29 Mercury exact within 6 degrees until October 3
Oct 3 Venus is with Spica exact within 6 degrees from September 27 to October 8
November 9/10 Mars is with Spica exact and within 6 degrees from October 31 to November 19

Spica is in the constellation of the Virgin Priestess (a.k.a Virgo) and both Spica and the Virgin Priestess constellation have myths and images of the divine feminine linked with them. The Greeks and Romans saw this constellation as the Great Mother Goddess Cybele with her lion-drawn chariot symbolizing the Lion constellation sitting next to the Virgin Priestess.

Cybele, like many goddesses, had several incarnations or manifestations. Her celebrations included drumming, dancing, singing, and chanting, often all night long. The Greek Goddess Astrea also has associations with the Virgin Priestess constellation depicted in Tarot as the Justice Card, holding the Scales of Justice symbolizing the constellation on her other side.

Spica marks the hand of the Virgin Priestess and sometimes is shown as an ear of corn or wheat that she holds in her hand. Other images show Spica as the star that marks where the Virgin Priestess or Goddess holds the Scales in her hand. In Egyptian myth the constellations of the Virgin Priestess and the Scales were described as the Goddess Maat who used the scales to weigh the heart of the dead against her feather to determine the future path of the one who died.

All about Spica – 8 minutes

When planets are near Spica it is a great time for intentionally accessing the awareness of the super conscious with the conscious mind as described byMichael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld in their book Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing:

Spica has the ability to transfer awareness from the super conscious to the waking conscious mind and can also enhance lucid dreaming states and psychic abilities. Spica strengthens the physical body in the cervical vertebrae of the spine. This is the physical location in the body that symbolizes the separation of body and mind. So Spica creates an interchange between the separated selves assisting in the remembrance that there is ultimately no separation. Thus, Spica helps to bring the principle of oneness more fully into our conscious minds.

Working with Spica anytime you can see her and especially when you can see her with planets near by through intention, meditation, prayers, chanting or any other activities designed to open you to other dimensional experiences  -are exceptionally potent. It is important to listen for inner guidance and creating a sacred safe space is recommended for enhancing this possibility.

The Emerald City and the Wizard of Oz reminded us that all we need to find where we want to be within ourselves is to look within. When planets are with Spica it is important to listen for inner guidance coming from our super conscious higher selves into our physical reality especially when creating a sacred safe space for enhancing connection with our divine inner knowing.

Off to the Emerald City anyone?


Sun in Scorpio

The Sun generally enters Scorpio on October 22 to 24 each year. See Table Below.

This begins a 30 day journey dedicated to the mysteries of death and rebirth. Death is a part of the natural cycle of life. In times past the death mysteries were honored and celebrated at this time of year.

Skeleton Woman or Lady Death reminds us of the importance of being willing to surrender and completely trust the death process as something magical and necessary for renewal and rebirth. It is the gift of the life/death/life process.
In the current time, fear of death dominates many people’s life experience.

Practices honoring the ancestors and those who have died were essential to ancient people who understood the importance of maintaining a healthy organic connection to the life/death/life cycle. They knew this was the time of year to honor the ancestors because in essence “What is remembered Lives!” Read More

Mercury in Scorpio

The Life/Death/Life process
of animation, development, decline, and death
is always followed by reanimation.
This cycle affects all physical life and all facets of psychological life.
Everything – the Sun, novas, the Moon,
as well as the affairs of humans and those of the tiniest creatures,
like cells and atoms – has this fluttering, then faltering,
then fluttering again…

The instinctual nature has the miraculous ability
to live through all positive boon,

all negative consequence,
and still maintain relationship, to self, to another.

~ Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes Read More


The fixed star Zaniah (4 Libra 31) is located on the wing or shoulder of the Virgin Priestess.

In his book the The Living Stars Eric Morse tells us Ptolmey called this star Zaniyah meaning “Adulteress” or “Harlot”. The word Harlot first showed up in print around the 13th century and was used to describe a man “of no fixed occupation”. It could also refer to a juggler or jester of either sex, however by the 17th century its usage for men completely disappeared and was used to unfavorably describe women as prostitutes. Read More

Venus and Mercury Return of the Shekinah

Unknown Artist

Prayer to Shekinah the Divine Feminine Presence Within
Oh Holy Mother of Divine Creation, You who Dwells within Each of Us
You who Nurtures, Inspires and Encourages
The Awakening of Our Sacred Hearts and Inner Knowing

Guide us with your Loving Wisdom
To Remember and Embody our Divine Design
Fulfilling Our Place within Great Mystery

Thank you for showing us what we already KNOW deep within
Thank you for assisting us in Awakening into Being Who we Already Divinely Are
So that together we bring about a Golden Age of Peace, Plenty and Illumination
Birthing a New Earth conceived in Love, Compassion, Kindness and Caring.

It is Done, It is So and We are Grateful. Blessed Be!

2019 Mercury Venus
Mercury Stations retrograde with Venus in Scorpio on October 31. Mercury and Venus have been within 10 degrees since Jul 22 and continue to be until Nov 6, 2019 with 3 exact conjunctions on:
July 24 at 26 Cancer 14
Sep 13 at 28 Virgo 50 (see below) 
Oct 30 at 27 Scorpio 36

Though not technically a classic Shekinah cycle as the only time Venus and Mercury are visible is October 30 in the evening sky – what is significant is the nearly 4 months of their close alignment within 10 degrees and it will be 40 years before they come back together in this part of the sky.

Mercury and Venus together represent the Return of the Shekinah

Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas wrote in The Book of Hiriam that Mercury and Venus together symbolized the Return of the Shekinah (or the Divine Feminine Presence Lighting our World) occurring every 40 years from any given starting point though in their book they emphasized the Jewish tradition of tracking Venus and Mercury together in the morning sky. Their research is fascinating including the timing of when the Temple of Solomon was built – timed to capture the light of the Shekinah when Venus and Mercury appeared together in the east before sunrise. Read More