Mercury in Gemini features Crazy Wisdom a term Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche (one of the main figures who brought Buddhism to the west) is credited with defining.

Crazy Wisdom is an innocent state of awareness – wild and free – living in the moment, completely awake and fresh and not bound by the past or the future. It’s a spiritual worldview that represents thinking outside the box of our current cultural reality so thoughts and perception are free to move beyond the limits of cultural conventions.

It is the state of mind that exists in an enlighteded state of knowing that normal reality and transcendent reality are the same. There is no separation between self and other between Form and Emptiness. It is a paradox the rational mind has trouble grasping but the intuitive mind gets it. The renegade mind (expressed by Mercury in Gemini and Aquarius) reminds us to question our perception and what we believe is real.

And example of Crazy Wisdom, or the wisdom that doesn’t necessarily make rational sense but we get that it makes total sense on some level comes from Charles Horton Cooley, (August 17, 1864 – May 7, 1929) an American sociologist and the son of Michigan Supreme Court Judge Thomas M. Cooley. At the start of the 20th century, he is quoted as saying:

I am not who you think I am;
I am not who I think I am;
I am – who I think – you think I am.

I love to ponder this quote when Mercury is in Gemini and especially when it is retrograde in Gemini because it can give us insights into how we are being influenced by what we think others think of us. It may not be what the other person thinks at all but it is what we think they think and that often influences our self-perception and resulting behavior.

Mercury in Gemini goes beyond the rules of conventional reality, expressing as the trickster who expands our perception of what is possible. This is partly due to the mission of Gemini to remind us not to take ourselves so seriously, to see the humor and to laugh at ourselves whenever possible.

Gemini is here to remind us that the logical mind can’t know everything and if you try to know it all – then you will find yourself frustrated and limited by the rational mind.

 What is Trivia?
It might be interesting to contemplate the origins of trivia as it relates to the Gemini mysteries. The word trivia derives from Latin, tri meaning three via meaning direction so trivia is the three ways or in latine is the plural of trivium ‘place where three roads meet’. “Trivia” was introduced in the early 20th century as the noun form of the word “trivial” which comes from the Latin “trivialis.” “Trivialis” means “that which is in, or belongs to, the crossroads or public streets; hence, that may be found everywhere, common.

So it comes from where the roads intersect and people would meet and exchange information or gossip.


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