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Fomalhaut (4 Pisces 09 most of 2022) is the mouth of the Southern Fish and is one of the 4 royal stars of the Ancients connected to archangel Gabriel the messenger.

The book Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing describes the energies connected with Fomalhaut as becoming aware of our addictions including the addiction to material possessions, power, money, co-dependency (rescuing others), food, work, video games, ways of thinking and perceiving reality, drugs and alcohol, LACK including lack of faith, lack of courage, lack of vision, lack of trust, lack of intimacy etc.

When the Moon or planets are with this star you have an opportunity – through the light of awareness – to see where you may have an addiction to something that is driving your life choices and limiting your experience of your magnificent true self.

Awareness is the first step in transforming any addiction and then committing to making a better choices. It’s a practice!

The elixir from the water bearer is being poured into the Fish’s mouth. This is about transforming addictions to power and profit, money, control over others, co-dependency, food, work, lack of faith, courage, vision, trust, intimacy, helping others, video games, ways of thinking, drugs and alchohol. AND especially Fear driven by the Doing addiction.

  • How do we truly let go of addiction?
  • Are you motivated out of Addiction or you genuine free will choice?
  • Are you addicted to over giving and helping others?
  • Do you know most everyone has the ability to take care of themselves?
  • Addictions are similar to slavery to machines and the wars with machines.

Underlying the Doing Addiction are three primary fears.

  • Fear of not having enough
  • Fear of not being good enough (feeling of having to prove yourself)
  • Fear of Facing your Fears and having to really Feel your Feelings…

More is covered in this PDF on The Doing Addiction

Moon with Fomalhaut in 2022
Sep 09  04°Pisces 10’
Oct 06   04°Pisces 10’
Nov 02  04°Pisces 10’
Nov 29  04°Pisces 10’
Dec 27  04°Pisces 10’

2023 Moon with Fomalhaut 
Calculated for Mountain Daylight Time

Jan 23 04°Pisces 10’
Feb 20
Mar 19
Apr 15
May 13
Jun 09
Jul 06 04°Pisces 11’
Aug 03
Aug 30
Sep 27
Oct 24
Nov 20
Dec 17

Jan 14 04°Pisces 11’
Feb 10
Mar 09
Apr 05
May 02
May 30
Jun 26
Jul 23
Aug 19 04°Pisces 12’
Sep 16
Oct 13
Nov 10
Dec 07

Jan 03 04°Pisces 12’
Jan 30
Feb 27
Mar 26
Apr 23
May 20
Jun 16
Jul 14
Aug 10
Sep 06 04°Pisces 13’
Oct 04 
Oct 31
Nov 27
Dec 25