Venus is related to some amazing number magic including when she is brightest and furthest from the Sun (also known as maximum elongation).

It is interesting to note there are 5 Venus Cycles every 8 years and Venus goes around the Sun 13 times in those 8 years. This relates to the Fibonacci sequence 5+8=13.

Additional number magic is 5×8=40 and age 40 is significant Venus Return. Plus Venus is retrograde for about 40 days.

36 and 72 are part of the sacred geometry of Venus.
Venus reaches greatest brightness or illumination in the evening sky about 36 days after greatest elongation from the Sun. This year greatest elongation first occurred on March 24, 2020 and greatest brightness was around April 27 and 28 about 36 days before retrograde Venus conjuncts the Sun happening on June 3, 2020.

July 10, 2020 Venus reaches greatest illumination or brightness in the morning sky about 36 days after her retrograde conjunction with the Sun on June 3. In the morning sky Venus reaches greatest brightness August 13, 2020 about 36 days after greatest elongation.

These Venus Cycle milestones are related to the golden triangle or golden ratio where the two base angles equal 72 degrees and the apex angle equals 36 degrees.

A new Venus Cycle begins with the Gemini Meta Goddess emerging onto the world stage on June 09, 2020 when Venus rises before the Sun as a Morning Star.

The Gemini Meta Goddess This reminding us that for many their minds may love this sort of information real knowing comes from realizing there is no way to know it all. The Gemini Goddess journey will deepen our knowing and open us to love and appreciate what we don’t know and may never know!

More about the Gemini Meta Goddess

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Venus at Maximum Brightness
Jul 08, 2020 (-4.5 magnitude) to Maximum Elongation Aug 13, 2020 in the morning sky

Dec 07, 2021
Feb 09, 2022

Greatest Elongation 
Aug 13 2020
Oct 29, 2021 to Maximum Brightness Dec 07, 2021
20 Mar 2022 – Venus at greatest elongation west
04 Jun 2023 – Venus at greatest elongation east