Voting for Our Reality Through All We Do

Many do not exercise their right to vote in elections – siting reasons such as: elections are rigged anyway so it is a waste of time, or there is no one that is trust worthy enough to vote for, or all the candidates are bought by corporations and those with money so that is who the politicians serve. All of this may be true (or partially true). That said it is still important to exercise our right to vote.

Many are discouraged from voting because it has become so difficult to do in person. However, most places now have the option to vote by mail (that is the one I chose because it gave me plenty of time to consider my vote) or early voting places are also available in most areas.

More people of voting age did NOT vote in the last election (2016) than did vote. Yes, there is discrimination and it is difficult for minorities and the poor to vote due to our unfair way of registering voters, creating districts and closing polling places. Yes the system needs a lot of improvement or maybe a complete overhaul. However, it also needs our participation.

Just imagine how different our world would be if more of us took the time to share our voice through our vote as we imagine a better world for all life including ourselves!

I appreciate what astrologer, visionary activist Caroline Casey says about the importance of voting. She takes it beyond the political voting process by saying that we vote for our reality with every thing we think, say and do. She points out that the word vote is the root of “devote” suggesting that when we take the time to vote (especially in elections) for who and what is important to us, it is a way of actively devoting ourselves to taking additional responsibility in consciously co-creating our reality.

It is through acts of devotion we begin to see a new reality where we all work together to co-create peace and plenty for everyone because we live in an abundant world when we choose to see it that way and act intelligently. The bottom line is take time to either go to the voting booth, or mail in your vote, in this upcoming election and to do so with conscious intent ideally for a better, kinder, more compassionate, caring world!

This is true even if there is not a candidate you feel you can vote for with confidence. If that is the case you could always write in someone who represents your intent.
OR…you might choose to vote for an independent, green party, libertarian, or other alternative candidate.

It feels like it is a great reminder to use the act of voting as a conscious ceremonial intent, voting for a new reality that recognizes we are all in this together and that we all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. YES!