Shamanic Astrology Reading Intake Form

Shamanic Astrology Reading with Cayelin K Castell – Intake Form

If you landed here and haven’t seen the Shamanic Astrology Reading page first be sure to set up an appointment with me (details are here ) BEFORE filling out this form. Please use this form below prior to your reading to send me any information you’d like me to consider.  All of the fields are not required, you can use whichever or all of them if you wish. The only required field is your birth information, date, time (as close as possible) and place. Without that I can not prepare your chart. If you do not have a birth time we can still get most of the information for you session.

The bio/life history helps to begin the process of understanding the archetypal patterns as they are expressing for you. I have had many share with me that going through this process was immensely informative and useful in preparing for their session. One way to begin is by feeling into the intent you have for your session and then write what comes to you from that place. You can write a paragraph or several pages. Whatever you’re inspired to write will help direct the focus of the session.

These questions are suggestions to consider as you prepare for your session. There is no right or wrong here so take a few deep breaths and ask the part of you that knows, and trust what comes to you. If you don’t want to answer these questions that is okay too.

It is true we get what we ask for and what we are willing to receive. The more you consciously participate with the initiatory process of a Shamanic Astrology session the more you will experience its potency and magic.

I look forward to your session!

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