Sacred Journey to Teotihuacan Pyramid Complex


Cayelin and Shelley with Pyramid of the Sun in Background

Just outside of Mexico City
April 20-25
With Tolantongo Extension
to April 27, 2017

Awareness is the key to magic. Magic happens when we are aware of why we are here, including the personal Goddess expression for women and inner connection to the Goddess for men. These unique individual expressions are something we are all here to experience, express and help evolve at this important Turning of the Great Wheel of Time.

The Magic of Teotihuacan and the Great Above Timing


Temple of the Feathered Serpent

The Timing of this journey to Teo is occurring as Venus begins a new 19 month cycle as the Fierce Feminine Warrior Wild Woman Protector, fully committed to a Just Cause that promotes Peace, Harmony and Justice for all.

Informed by the mysteries of the Great Above, including the stars and planets, we will be taking a deep dive into the Belly of the Goddess (the Belly of the Snake ) at Teotihuacan. This sacred place is an alchemical cauldron, a transformational portal, that empowers our personal connection to the aspect of the Goddess that is our to express for both men and women.

In the cauldron of the Goddess, dissolution of any remaining limiting beliefs or patterns of the old paradigm open the portal to new ways of being that are joyful, loving and way more FUN. The Pyramids, Plazas and Temples of Teo have long been a place of deep healing and self discovery. Teo is a place where the veil of the seen and the unseen are lifted.

img_3613We will be offering you a direct experience of Teo’s unique magical energy – an energy that amplifies your capacity for personal transformation and self awareness which are designed to revolutionize support your awakening and revolutionize your life.

Last year an email went out from Cayelin announcing the trip she was leading with Shelley to Teotihuacan. I was in the middle of writing a book that was taking pretty much all of my attention and was saying NO to everything including even being able to spend time with my dear friends. But something about the trip grabbed hold of me, there was an inner sense that I had to be on that trip. Without even thinking or looking into what the trip was all about I signed up.

Some part of me KNEW I had to be there. I am so thankful I listened to my intuition and body wisdom! It was a phenomenal trip. At that time I was in my Venus and Mars return (I still am) and this trip added so much in the way of initiations on the physical plane that I feel were so potent and important for my process. I stayed for 4 extra days and worked with a private guide and ended up going to the caves of Tolontongo which felt like I was being bathed in the womb of the mother. It was one of the most pristine and beautiful places I have ever been and I have traveled extensively around the world and lead several journeys to sacred sites with women. I am so happy to see Shelley and Cayelin have added the warm mineral waters and caves of Tolontongo to this upcoming trip. I highly recommend this unique journey with all of my heart. Both Cayelin and Shelley are gifted teachers and leaders in their own fields and what comes together with the Shamanic astrology and Initiations at Teotihuacan is pure magic. With great gratitude and love, Kathleen McIntire

This Sacred Journey is For You if:

  • You are ready to step back from your daily life and routine
  • You Love Exploring a Sacred Site that is designed to further awaken your own knowing
  • You desire to connect to the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan where the energy acts as a mirror, reflecting back to you anything that blocks you from living your Heaven on Earth.
  • You Are Seeking a More Direct Connection and Personal Relationship With Your Inner Goddess
  • You are a guy who is interested in understanding your inner divine feminine (Sacred Marriage with the divine feminine)
  • You are learning or desiring to experience a deeper sense of healthy self-love that also serves the greater collective
  • You are interested in participating in ancient ceremonial practices that are personally empowering
  • You enjoy the support of an intentional group that exponentially increases individual awakening

What you Will Receive:

  • The Pyramid of the Moon

    The Pyramid of the Moon

    A life changing opportunity designed to shift awareness that opens the heart and mind to new possibilities and perspectives.

  • A deeper connection with your inner knowing and your authentic self.
  • Practical tools to assist you in creating and deepening your practice
  • Insights that Ignite and Magnify your trust in yourself releasing any remaining suffering so you can live the joy of who you really are.
  • Insights into your Intended Feminine Expression for women and your connection to the inner feminine for men (symbolized by natal Venus) unique to Shamanic Astrology
  • Understanding of your Venus Star Phase and When Your Next Venus Return is happening
  • Understanding of your Old Goddess Expression for women or you old inner goddess connection for men (symbolized by your Natal Moon) including what you need to let go of or what you need to claim to live a more fulfilling life
  • Understanding of your New Goddess Expression or New Intended connection to the inner feminine for men and how the Old Goddess or Inner Feminine connection is here to help
  • attachment-image-00929e8b-d33f-4909-96b9-a93f68402d12

    Sacred Pools at Tolantongo

    Living Ceremonies that support all of the above

This Sacred Journey Includes:

  • 5 night accommodations (double occupancy at 
*The Dreaming House*)
  • All Meals, Water, Snacks
 and Transportation to and from airport
  • All entrance fees to archaeological pyramids
  • Daily teachings and experiential activities
  • Airfare is NOT included

Tolantongo Extension


Tolantongo Cave

There are sacred pools, caves, grottos, trails and specific places where we will engage in sacred ceremony. The Tolantongo extension is a full day journey. We will travel by bus to the site and spend the day at this wonder of nature. This extension includes 2 additional nights with meals at the Dreaming House.
$560 Additional for the Tolantongo Caves, extra nights and meals, transportation and entry into Tolantongo.

Space is Limited So be Sure to Sign up Early

5 nights $1295
7 nights with Tolantongo extension $1750

mexicos-tolantongo-cavesContact Lorie (a.k.a. Gracie) via email to register at

Shelley Tatelbaum, is the founder and the director of the Center for Grief, Loss and Life Transitions. She is a Certified Grief Therapist, Certified 4 Agreements Teacher and a Mindfulness Based Pain and Stress Reduction Facilitator. A student of Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the 4 Agreements, since 2001, Shelley is committed to assisting individuals to live personally free from their past and to living heaven here on Mother Earth. For in depth info contact Shelley

Cayelin Castell, is passionate about sharing the As Above So Below Mysteries in ways that personally empower and transform. This passion led her to be the co-founder and a lead teacher in Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, a 501 (c) educational non-profit dedicated to transforming awareness of who we are and why we are here in part by reconnecting individuals with the magical link between the Earth and the Sky.