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2020 Dates for Planetary Events PDF


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What time it is for:

Your Relationships?
Your Family?
Your Career?
Your Personal Journey?

Cayelin Castell and Peter Klein share their answers, insights
and tools in this Timeless Audio Series!

Included in the series are:

SEVEN 20-50 minute Mp3 Audio Downloads exploring:

  1. Cyclical and Linear time – What’s the difference AND Why is it important?
  2. Overview of the Initiation Cycles from the perspective of the Celestial World (Mental Realm), Middle World (Physical Realm), and Underworld (Feeling realm)
  3. Description of the Generational Cycles, and what time is it for you based on your age?
  4. How the Generational cycles apply to Personal and Business life (including personal anecdotes and stories from Cayelin and Peter)
  5. Celestial World Initiations with Uranus and Pluto
  6. Middle World Initiations with Jupiter, Saturn and the Lunar Nodes
  7. Underworld Initiations with Chiron and Pluto

Plus, Downloadable PDFs

on years of age related cycles, with additional content to help you apply this information immediately. And a Bonus PDF to determine when your next Jupiter Cycle Begins

  • 4 PDF Handouts including finding your own Venus Cycle and when your next Venus return begins, a written overview of Venus, a written condensed version of the Venus/Inanna story,  and the ceremonial dates for the current Venus cycle.
  • Eight Venus Audios covering the Venus Cycle and how to work with it – including the mythic story of Inanna as the cosmological telling of the Venus Cycle. Plus the current Venus cycle, what is the intent and how can we make the most of this cycle.
  • Find your Venus Meta Goddess on the world stage when you born
  • And a Bonus Audio Overview of Living Ceremony.

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Cayelin and Peter in Ireland 2018

Cayelin Castell is the Co-Founder of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, and the author and publisher of the monthly Celestial Timings E-Zine since 1996. She also co-created the very poplular Venus Alchemy Initiation Teleclass Series at venusalchemy.com and continues to be invited as a guest on Radio Shows, Online Summits, and Podcasts. In 2020 Cayelin was a part of the Conscious Life Expo Astrology Panel in Los Angeles, California. In addition to teaching online courses Cayelin is also available for personal sessions.

Current Venus Ceremonial Journey Details

Peter Klein is a certified Shamanic Astrologer and the former Managing Director of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School from 2006 to 2012. Peter continues to assist the school through website development and other technical skills. He is also Cayelin’s beloved husband.

Peter had a highly successful career in corporate America that he left over 17 years ago to pursue a more sustainable way of living. Together in this audio series, Cayelin and Peter provide tremendous personal and professional insights for you to immediately use in your personal and/or professional life!