Venus Cycle Stories and PDFs

Welcome to the Magic and Mystery of the Venus Cycle

The Venus Audios listed here describe the Venus cycle and its importance for connecting with our emerging divine feminine expression for a woman or the connection to the inner sacred feminine for men. Said another way it is the aspect of the Goddess we are learning about in this life.

Working consciously with the Venus Cycle changed my life and has changed the life of many others.  A new Venus Cycle began June 10, 2020 and the Venus Alchemy Online ceremonial journey begins July 5. Details for the current Rainbow Goddess and New World Story Teller cycle are HERE. You can join anytime.

The audios below are a way to get deeper insights into ANY Venus Cycle and are divided up into easy access sections so you can return to listen to a specific part.

The Venus Retrograde Video below is an extra bonus I recorded with Tami Brunk in May 2020.

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PDF Downloads on Venus

Find out what Venus cycle you born into and when your Next Venus Return begins.
Venus Overtones from 1921 to 2042

This is a shortened version of the Inanna story that may be helpful to have handy when you listen to the Inanna Audio.
The gates of Venus condensed pdf

Audios on the Venus Cycle – Venus Story and how to apply it to your life.

Venus Part 1 – Overview – 10 minutes


Inanna Story Venus Part 2 – 12 minutes


Venus Part 3 – Synodic Cycle – 8 minutes


Venus in Long Underworld – 9 minutes


Venus/Sun Conjunction Long Underworld – 10 minutes


Venus in Underworld Insights – 11 minutes


Bonus – Overview of Living Ceremony – 10 minutes


9 minute Video on Venus 2020
Any Venus Retrograde – 42 minutes
Recorded during the 2020 Venus Retrograde