2010 Solstice

From Cayelin K Castell, Co-Founder of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, a 501 (c) 3 Educational Non-Profit

This offer includes:

  • Venus (her cycle and how to work with it)
  • The Sun (through the signs and how it applies to your life)
  • 8 Bonus Audios covering: The 2014 Overview, The Year of the Horse, The Sacred Number 13, Unexpected Magic, February Celestial Timings 2014 Overview, Spica Star of the Divine Feminine, two audios on Saturn in Scorpio, and two audios on Sirius, the brightest fixed star in our sky also known as the star of initiation. These audios have nearly 3 hours of bonus content.
  • 4 PDF Handouts including finding your own Venus Cycle and when your next Venus return begins, a written overview of Venus, a written condensed version of the Venus/Inanna story,  and the ceremonial dates for the current Venus cycle.
*** Nearly 6 hours of recorded content with Helpful PDF Downloads***

summer-solstice-sunrise-150x96The first three of 15 Sun audios cover the following:
1. An overview of the Sun and its importance
2. The Sun and Other Planets
3. The Sun Cycles and the Effects on Earth

This is followed by 12 audios one for each Sign or Season and how the Sun in these signs express during that season as well as how it affects the rest of a person’s birth chart. This is extremely useful information for anyone looking to gain more knowledge about Sun Signs and how they express for either yourself, or your friends, family, co-workers or clients.

NOTE: Shamanic Astrology does NOT view the Sun as personality traits or what a person’s life purpose is. Rather it is the Fuel or Energy or Style of interacting with this world as a way to accomplish life purpose. Knowing what fuel you burn helps you to navigate your life’s journey.

Another way to say it is the Sun is Great Mystery itself…the source of light and life for the planet and we do not assign a specific archetype to it – rather it shines on every area of a person’s life. 

vt-path_of Venus

Venus transiting the Sun in 2004, it happened again in 2012. It will be 2117 before it happens again.

ALSO INCLUDED ARE Eight Venus Audios covering the Venus Cycle and how to work with it – including the mythic story of Inanna as the cosmological telling of the Venus Cycle. Plus the current Venus cycle in Capricorn, what is the intent and how can we make the most of this cycle.

The Venus Audios describe the Venus cycle and its importance for connecting with our emerging divine feminine expression for a woman or the connection to the inner sacred feminine for men. Said another way it is the aspect of the Goddess women are learning about in this life. For Men, it is their intended connection to the sacred feminine.

Plus as mentioned before, there are several PDF downloads to help you figure out your Venus Overtone and where Venus is in her current cycle and what dates to work with ceremonially. You can also learn when your next Venus cycle will begin. 


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