All Planets Direct

What is All Planets Direct and Why do We Care?

This occurs when not a single planets is in Retrograde motion – moving backward through the stars it just passed from the Earth’s perspective. From a solar system point of view, no planet is actually ever moving backward. However, similar to passing cars on the Freeway there can be a sensation of the way the Earth is moving in relationship to the planet of it moving backward and the appearance from Earth is that planet is retracing its path back through the stars it just passed.

All Planets Direct is when ALL the planets are moving forward from the Earth’s perspective suggesting it is a time for Full Speed Ahead into whatever we are creating or desiring to create. This is a powerful time to take progressive action – energized by all planets direct – toward a heart felt intention.

What is a Planetary Retrograde
The retrograde time of any planet could be considered a time for stepping back and working with visioning around the archetypal energy of that planet, planting seeds for forward movement when the planet goes direct.

When ALL the planets are in direct motion there is only forward movement from Earth’s perspective as we look toward the heavens. There are no planets retracing the stars that planet just passed. Every planet is moving forward with whatever we are dreaming into at that time.

The Greater Collective Intent we Can Energize If we imagine all the planets are moving forward together, we can also imagine it is a time when (if we choose it) we can also be moving forward together, ideally with an intention that benefits all life on our beloved planet.

Dates for All Planets Direct up to 2020
2018 January 02 to March 08
2019 January 06 to March 05
2020 January 10 to February 16


All Planets Direct Presidents and Inaugurations

Not one President ever served another term after being inaugurated with All Planets Direct. This is true for those serving their first term. Some were in their second term and wouldn’t have the possibility of serving another term due to the two term limit as described in the 22nd amendment ratified by Congress on February 27, 1951, limiting an elected president to two terms in office, or a total of eight years.

(Note: FDR is the only president who served more than two terms)

Going back to 1900 there are only two presidential inaugurations that took place with all the planets in direct motion.  The first was the second inauguration of Ronald Reagan followed by the second inauguration of Bill Clinton. Trump is the first president in over 100 years to be inaugurated in his first term with all planets direct.

Presidents BORN with All Planets Direct 

14th President Franklin Pierce Born Nov 23, 1804 served one term
16th President Abraham Lincoln Born Feb 12, 1809 assassinated at start of his second term
17th President Andrew Johnson Born Dec 29, 1809 was vice president to Lincoln and only served the one term
42nd President Bill Clinton Born Aug 19,1946 he was the first democrat to be elected to a second term since FDR.
43rd President George W Bush Born Jul 06, 1946 noted for 9/11 and going to war with Iraq and Afghanistan and declaring war on Terrorism

Presidents Inaugurated with ALL Planets Direct

05th President James Monroe 2nd Term, Inauguration Mar 5, 1821

09th President William Harrison, Inauguration Mar 4, 1841. Died a month later on April 4 1841 (one month) Wife Anna too ill to join him in Washington, so daughter-in-law served that function. Harrison died before his wife was due to arrive in May. President for 32 days

11th President James Polk, Inauguration March 4, 1845. Was the first inauguration to be covered by Telegraph and first to be illustrated in the London Times (one term)

14th President Franklin Pierce, Inauguration March 4, 1853 (one term) Also born with All Planets Direct. He recited his inaugural speech from Memory. Vice President died shortly after his inauguration and the office was left vacant for the duration of Pierce’s presidency.

40th President Ronald Reagan 2nd term January 21, 1985. Reagan spent 15.5 million of tax payer’s money on his second inauguration ceremony earning him the Golden Fleece award for wasting tax payers money.

42nd President Bill Clinton 2nd term January 20, 1997 also Born with All Planets Direct. This was the first Presidential Inauguration streamed live on Internet and last one of the 20th century. He was impeached by congress and acquitted by the Senate completing his term of office.

45th President Donald Trump January 20, 2017

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