Portugal was beyond the beyond magical and amazing. More to follow or check out my FB page for images – scroll down the page until you find them. Feeling Blessed and Jet Lagged! Apologies for all the typos in this month’s timings I just ran out of time for editing…

The PDF for the 2017 October Celestial Timings features the Venus Mars conjunction, Jupiter moving into Scorpio and Friday the 13th.

In honor of the Season of the Harvest Festival, And Halloween
I am offering a special first time session rate (90 minutes) of $248
and special update rate (60 minutes) for $208. 

If you are interested send me an email at cayelink@gmail.com
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Sacred Ceremonial Journey with Venus (the Goddess) on her Descent into the Underworld This monthly online class is about celebrating and honoring the Warrior Goddesses as she goes through shamanic initiation including dying to who she thought she was and be reborn to who she truly is Sign-up and Details are here.

Activating the Aries Wild Woman article to further inspire this Sacred Aries Venus Cycle in her last initiatory journey on the collective World Stage. 

Informative Videos about the Venus in Aries Cycle – the last one in our lifetime. Tami and I share an overview of this remarkable Venus Cycle, Ceremonial Considerations and how to work with the crown chakra.http://venusalchemy.com/venus-related-videos