2018 February Celestial Timings PDF

Stay tuned for information about the upcoming the Global Sisterhood campaign on International Women’s Day with a focus on authentic feminine leadership. TRUE leadership with a foundation rooted in vulnerability, compassion, intuition, worthiness, and the courage to feel deeply. Details coming soon.

Venus Rises as Evening Star this month featuring the Aries Meta Goddess for the last time in many generations. This is a great time to consider joining me and Tami and a wonderful Venus Alchemy community in our upcoming ceremonial series as the Warrior Goddess ascends into the Evening Sky moving through the chakra gates in the last Aries Journey over the next couple hundred years or so (http://venusalchemy.com/venus-alchemy-classes/aries-arise-evening-star-series/).

More about Jupiter in Scorpio at this link https://cayelincastell.com/edgewalking-scorpio/

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