by Cayelin K Castell

Bring It On
Mystical missions
Need Magical visions.
Hearts open and wild
Frees the magical child.
We’re dancing towards Home
Bring it on!

Our ecstatic birthright filled
With Grace and de-Light
Is heaven styled
Through the Magical Child.
Touch the new dawn
Bring it on!

From the Book What is Lightbody?
~ Archangel Ariel Channeled by Tashira Tachi-ren 

The above sharing is a powerful Feminine Amazon Warrior declaration for Venus in Aries. Venus travels through Aries once each year  celebrating the Wild Woman Warrior Goddess as she returns to her full strength and power. For the upcoming dates Venus is in Aries see end of this post.

The Aries Goddess has been fiercely committed to releasing all that is in the way of experiencing pleasure in our bodies – helping to restore the cosmic balance in this chakra center if we choose to align with this energy.

Questions are a great way to ask the part of us that knows how to more consciously engage what is available to us now. A helpful question might be:

What would it take FOR ME to experience more pleasure and more joy in this moment now?

Listen for the answer that is coming from deep within you. Perhaps the answer is to allow yourself a gentle conscious breath with awareness – even just one conscious breath has the power to bring you more fully into the present moment..

Perhaps it is savoring the beauty of something you see or feel in the moment.

Perhaps its choosing to be grateful for the moment – even if you find yourself challenged – recognizing the opportunity each moment brings.

Perhaps its hugging a beloved family member, partner, friend for a good 10 seconds – giving you both an oxytocin (feel good bonding hormone) boost.

What is it for you?

Venus In Aries A Personal Sharing
I personally have Venus in Aries along with a Pisces Sun. I also have Neptune opposite and Uranus square my Venus in Aries – meaning I am definitely a late bloomer in embracing the fierce feminine amazon warrior expression of Aries.

My feminine Aries expression almost always shows up as a gentler kinder version of Venus in Aries because of the strong influence of my Pisces Sun and the Neptune opposition to natal Venus. However, I definitely found my mission or purpose at age 34 when I began studying Shamanic Astrology. I have been fiercely committed to sharing this precious wisdom ever since and nothing has ever stood in my way for very long – if at all.

Plus, over the years I have found the fierce protective qualities of Aries showing up without hesitation when it came to creating a safe space for my children – a story for another time.

I haven’t always been willing to embrace the part of Aries that would so boldly say Bring It On. However, as I reached my 50’s in 2006 and now into my 60’s I have embraced my Aries Intent in much bolder ways. I have been letting go of the shadow side of the Pisces/Neptune Illusions and Delusions while embracing the mystical missions and magical visions as described in the above declaration.

I feel I am in greater balance these days with the watery Neptunian Realm as it relates to the fiery Aries and have learned to navigate the dampening effect of so much water that, in times past, drowned out huge parts of my fiery nature.

I have come to appreciate the kinder, gentler expression of Venus in Aries operating through Pisces and Neptune appreciating the gifts of empathy and compassion. When this fire and water combination works together to further a cause it is a wonderful experience especially when both Aries and Pisces are also incorporating the unique, cosmic visionary and often unusual, cutting edge perspective of Uranus square my natal Venus. When each of these aspects is being honored and acknowledged within me, I find life is far more magical and interesting.

My intent and hope is by sharing my own Venus configuration it will inspire you to further understand your own unique expression of the feminine. AND I am using this as a way to further invoke the power of the Wild Warrior Woman within me as I grow in courage and willingness to boldly restore the cosmic balance by honoring the process of justice (what just IS) within myself and all life around me.

When Venus travels through Aries it is a great time to engage these transformative energies in the spirit of the opening invocation….declaring we are ready, to rise up as a strong feminine force here to restore the cosmic balance – YES – it is time to Bring It On!

Venus Enters Aries
Feb 29, 2023 until Mar 16, 2023
Apr 04, 2024 until Apr 29, 2024
Feb 04, 2025 going retrograde at 11 Aries on March 1, 2025 returning to Pisces March 26, 2025  
Apr 20, 2025 until Jun 05, 2025
Mar 06, 2026 until Mar 30, 2026
Apr 19, 2027 until May 14, 2027
Feb 07, 2028 until Mar 04, 2028
Mar 20, 2029 until Apr 13, 2029

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Venus is no longer Expressing through Aries as a MetaGoddess |
as of March 29, 2025

March 29, 2025 Venus Rises as Morning Star in the sign of Pisces. However, she stations retrograde on March 1, 2025 at 10 Aries 50 and is conjunct the Sun on March 22 at 2 Aries 39 and returns to Aries for the Brow Chakra Gate on May 23, 2025. Venus reaches greatest elongation from the Sun on May 31, 2025 at 24 Aries 48. This suggests the Aries MetaGoddess is helping to usher in the Pisces MetaGoddess and the Wild Woman is still very present through the Pisces Journey

…Aries is the Amazon Warrior and the Wild Woman.  Here are some images from Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ book, Women Who Run With The Wolves, to spark our sense of these mysteries.

WITHIN EVERY WOMAN THERE IS A WILD AND NATURAL CREATURE, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing.  Her name is Wild Woman, but she is an endangered species.  Though the gifts of wildish nature come to us at birth, society’s attempt to “civilize” us into rigid roles, has plundered this treasure and muffled the deep life-giving messages of our own souls.  Without Wild Woman, we become over domesticated, fearful, uncreative, trapped.

Healthy wolves and healthy women share certain psychic characteristics: keen sensing, playful spirit, and a heightened capacity for devotion.  Wolves and women are relational by nature, inquiring, possessed of great endurance and strength.  They are deeply intuitive, intensely concerned with their young, their mate and their pack.  They are experienced in adapting to constantly changing circumstances; they are fiercely stalwart and very brave.

She is the one who thunders after injustice.