Bring It On – Venus in Aries

by Cayelin K Castell

Bring It On
Mystical missions
Need Magical visions.
Hearts open and wild
Frees the magical child.
We’re dancing towards Home
Bring it on!

Our ecstatic birthright filled
With Grace and de-Light
Is heaven styled
Through the Magical Child.
Touch the new dawn
Bring it on!

From the Book What is Lightbody?
~ Archangel Ariel Channeled by Tashira Tachi-ren 

The above sharing could be one of the Feminine Amazon Warrior declarations for Venus in Aries. (Venus is currently integrating the Aries Archetype on the World Stage – returning to Aries on March 6 (just two days before we begin the Venus Evening Star Ceremonial Ascent) classes ceremonially celebrating this Wild Woman Warrior Goddess as she returns to her full strength and power. Find out more about how to be a part of this last ascent of the Aries Goddess in our lifetime here:

The eight-year synodic Venus Return, meaning Venus returns near the birthday on the eighth year, is a time for embracing the archetype of the feminine you have come into this life to explore, express and evolve if you are woman. If you are a man in your Venus return – this is the perfect time to do your sacred marriage work. If you have strong Aries on your chart this is the time to connect powerfully with the Aries intent to restore cosmic justice through an all-in commitment to your worthy cause or mission. If you care about restoring Cosmic Justice this is the time to welcome the return of the fully initiated Aries Goddess Rising up to fulfill her mission and purpose.

I personally have Venus in Aries al0ng with Pisces Sun. I also have Neptune opposite Venus and Uranus square my Venus in Aries – meaning I am definitely a late bloomer in embracing the fierce feminine amazon warrior expression of Aries.

My feminine Aries expression almost always shows up as a gentler kinder version of Venus in Aries because of the strong influence of my Pisces Sun and the Neptune opposition to natal Venus. However, I definitely found my mission or purpose at age 34 when I began studying Shamanic Astrology. I have been fiercely committed to sharing this precious wisdom ever since and nothing has ever stood in my way for very long (if at all) when it comes to these mysteries.

Plus, over the years I have found the fierce protective qualities of Aries showing up without hesitation when it came to creating a safe space for my children – a story for another time.

I haven’t always been willing to embrace the part of Aries that would so boldly say Bring It On. However, as I reached my 50’s in 2006 and now into my 60”s I have embraced my Aries Intent in much bolder ways. I have been letting go of the shadow side of the Pisces/Neptune Illusions and Delusions while embracing the mystical missions and magical visions as described in the above declaration. I feel I am in greater balance these days with the watery Neptunian Realm as it relates to the fiery Aries and have learned to navigate the dampening effect of so much water that, in times past, drowned out huge parts of my fiery nature.

I have come to appreciate the kinder, gentler expression of Venus in Aries operating through Pisces and Neptune appreciating the gifts of empathy and compassion. When this fire and water combination works together to further a cause it is a wonderful experience especially when both Aries and Pisces are also incorporating the unique, cosmic visionary and often unusual, cutting edge perspective of Uranus square my natal Venus. When each of these aspects is being honored and acknowledged within me, I find life is far more magical and interesting.

My intent and hope is by sharing my own Venus configuration it will inspire you to further understand your own unique expression of the feminine. AND I am using this as a way to further invoke the power of the Wild Warrior Woman within me as she ascends from the underworld over the next few months.

On November 1, 2018 Venus begins a new 584 day cycle ending this current Venus Cycle when she rises as Morning Star shifting the collective energy to the Libra Meta Goddess. In 2025 when Venus rises as Morning Star once again near the Spring Equinox she will no longer be in Aries but will be energizing the Pisces Mysteries – so this is the last time for many generations to work with Aries Meta Goddess collectively.

This is a great time to consider joining me and Tami and a wonderful Venus Alchemy community in our upcoming ceremonial series as the Warrior Goddess ascends into the Evening Sky moving through the chakra gates in the last Aries Journey of our lifetime (for at least 155 years). (

We will be engaging these transformative energies in the spirit of the opening invocation….declaring we are ready, to rise up as a strong feminine force here to restore the cosmic balance – as it is time to Bring It On!


  1. Thank you Cayelin. I resonate with your Venus journey. Our birthdays must be very close. ( Mine is March 7 ’56). I am registered for the Venus alchemy class and looking forward to another wonderful journey. (I participated in the Capricorn descent class.)

    • Yes Cathy my birthday is on March 4th…I think of it as a command to March fourth into life! I imagine you must have Venus in the last degree of Aries as I think it shifted to Taurus sometime on March 7? We think of that as the most comprehensive expression of the Aries Goddess!!!!

      So excited you are back and journeying with us again for the last in our lifetime Venus in Aries Ascent.

  2. Hi Cayelin,
    Please help me make the connection, you wrote:
    “November 1, 2018 Venus begins a new 584 day cycle ending this current Venus Cycle. In 2025 when Venus rises as Morning Star she will no longer be in Aries but will be energizing the Pisces Mysteries – so this is the last time for many generations to work with Aries Meta Goddess collectively”
    So what will Venus be doing for the 8yr inbetween?

    • Hi Christine, Great Question. Every 19 months or so Venus Rises as Morning Star in one of 5 signs creating a pentagram in the sky. After 5 Venus cycles of about 19 months (8 Years) Venus returns to a starting point within a couple of days.

      The current Venus cycle began with morning star rise at about 1 degree Aries on March 31, 2017 lasting until the next morning star rise – about 19 months. In 2025, eight years later, Venus again rises as morning star near where she was at her last morning star rise but this time it will be in the last degrees of Pisces when she rises as morning star.

      Venus will rise as morning star four more times before coming back to the starting point in November 2018 (Libra), June of 2020 (Gemini), January of 2022 (Capricorn), August of 2023 (Leo), March of 2025 (Pisces). Hope that helps? 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for these helpful insights on the Warrior Woman. It explains so much about what is going on for me! It really is a magical world we live in when we are aware isn’t it?

  4. Thank you for sharing this. It inspires me to write about myself for the Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.

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