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Here is the Interview I did with KG Stiles and the Venus and Mars 2015 PDF for the Interview I did with KG Stiles on August 26, 2015.

Here is a special Venus Cycle Interview I did with KG Stiles July 1, 2015 on the New 19 month Venus Cycle in Leo and what it means for you. AND here is the PDF for the Venus Talk.

AND here is access to a special offer on more about VENUS where you are in the story only $19.95

AND the link to the New Venus Tele-class series with early registration special starting September 7.

Here is a special Google Hangout Interview I did with KG Stiles in March of 2015 on the Turning of the Ages, the last Uranus Pluto Square (effects last until 2018) and the 19 year Moon cycle. AND here is the PDF I used to present that talk. 2015 Final Uranus Pluto SquarePDF

Here is a YouTube video on the Grand Cross/Grand Shift and Why there is NOT a 13th Sign

The following complimentary Audio offers additional insights on the Lunar Nodes and how they relate to Understanding and Discovering Life Purpose. This was inspired by the Nodes moving to an exact alignment with the Galactic Plane in 2011. This particular alignment won’t happen again until September 2029.

More on The Nodes and Discovering Life Purpose – About 13 minutes

Listen here:

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Here is an article that goes with this Audio 

Here is a PDF Table Locating your personal North Node and YOUR next Nodal Return 

Finding YOUR North Node from 1916 to 2028

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