Shamanic Astrology and Celestial Timings are related to Cosmic Time
Shamanic Astrology reminds us of the importance of Cosmic Time and the natural cycles that underlie our everyday experience. The Celestial Timings take a daily look at these cycles and seasons and teach you how to effectively work with them for greater personal and business success. Sign Up HERE

Timing Is Everything
The Gardner knows it is important to plant their garden in the right season for maximum results. In the same way we all have our have our own personal Timings or seasons that are more conducive to making great progress in our personal and business life. 

  • Are you working in harmony with the natural cycles of Time or are you essentially attempting to plant a garden in winter?
  • Have you ever noticed that there are Times when life seems to flow easily and others when everything seems to take longer or just isn’t working at all?
  • Do you know everything has its own special Timing including your life?
  • Do you know when the best times are for you to plan and take action, or to step back and revision your next steps?
  • Are you aware of the Daily and Seasonal Cycles of the Sun  along with the Daily and Monthly Cycles of the Moon and how they influence your health and well-being, your relationships, your work and your outlook on life?
  • Do you know what your personal cycles of Time are as they relate to your success and empowerment within the greater collective?

Cosmic Time Versus Clock Time
The shift from Cosmic Time or Earth Time to Clock Time occurred as our world became more industrialized. This was when tracking linear time began to define the work day instead of the rising and setting of the Sun. Today we rely on our watches, clocks and cell phones to know what time it is and we rely on the Gregorian Calendar to know what day, month and year it is. This shift to clock time and calendar time was instrumental in the loss of connection to Cosmic Time and the direct knowledge and experience of the most basic natural cycles including the Sun and the Moon as well as the planets and stars.

Our reliance on clock time (that is often manipulated for Day Light Savings Time) has essentially replaced our awareness of how natural recurring cosmic events, like the Moon phases, effect our lives. The ancient wisdom ways of living in harmony with Cosmic time that was passed from generation to generation has all but vanished from main stream culture.

Kairos Time Versus Chronos Time

The Greeks had two ways of looking at time. One they called Kairos Time and the other they called Chronos Time. In ancient Greek Kairos meant the right or opportune moment and Chronos had to do with chronological or sequential time. Kairos Time signified a time in between or a cosmic moment of undetermined duration where something unique and special happened. While Chronos time was quantitative, Kairos had a qualitative nature.

Chronos in Greek mythology, was depicted in Greco-Roman mosaics as a man turning the Zodiac Wheel, sometimes referred to as Aeon or Eternal Time. In pre-Socratic philosophical works Chronos was said to be the personification of Time. His name actually means “time,” and is alternatively spelled Khronos (transliteration of the Greek) or Chronus (Latin version). ttp://

Sacred Time…
Embracing the sacred nature of Time helps us to shift our understanding and experience. Time has many multiple layers and dimensions, some are more familiar than others. There are Time out of Time experiences that do not fit into what we consider ordinary reality where Time can stand still, elongating in mysterious ways or moving more quickly than what we usually experience.

Most of us are familiar with ordinary Time measured by a clock. There is the Time of day or night, the week, the month the year. The time when we work, play, socialize, learn, eat, rest etc. There is also where we are on the timeline of our life whether young or old or somewhere in-between. This kind of Time also measures the beginning, middle and end of events.

Time seemingly moves in a linear fashion. We experience our lives from the perspective of past, present and future orientations of Time. Some say the only Time is NOW, however, we do have memories of the past and visions of the future. The Greeks referred to this more linear experience of Time as Chronos the root word for chronology or a sequential arrangement of events sometimes referred to as a Timeline or a chronicle. This is connected to what we call clock time and that has become our primary experience of time as our culture has have moved away from a more sacred relationship to Time.

Kairos was another word the Greeks used to describe an experience of Time. Kairos time is sacred time or time that is fluid, flowing, in the moment, in the creative process. It refers to an experience that takes us outside of clock time, where we are fully absorbed in the moment and no longer aware of the passing of time.

It is eternal and outside the experience of past and future. In kairos time there are no questions, it is a perfect sacred eternal moment beyond the limits of ordinary reality. There are moments when we spontaneously slip into Kairos time when connecting with the natural cycles or when we are least expecting it, or we can connect with sacred time through ceremony, meditation, dance, chanting, journeying, or any creative pursuit that expands or suspends our experience of the passing of chronos time.

It seems that we are now, more than ever in recent memory, experiencing a greater merging between Chronos and Kairos time. Chronos has greatly speeded up. It seems to be moving faster and faster as the days go by. This means many are finding it essential to find ways to somehow suspend the experience of linear time from the chronos perspective and to engage kairos, or sacred, time where all the timelines are converging and transforming into a new dimensional reality beyond anything previously experienced here on Earth.

Much of this is reflected by the multitude of rare and powerful planetary alignments that remind us we are NOT in an ordinary Time.

The Mysteries of Time and the Philosopher’s Stone
This realization is connected to alchemy and the Philosopher’s Stone a substance thought to facilitate transmutation of base elements into Gold or an elixir for enlightenment and eternal life.

In his book The Forge and The Crucible, The Origins and Structures of Alchemy Mircea Eiliade speaks to the transformative power found outside of ordinary time. He says:

the Philosopher’s Stone realized this miracle (alchemy) as it eliminated the interval of time which separated the present condition of an imperfect (crude) metal from its final perfected condition when it would become gold. The stone achieved transmutation almost immediately – it superceded time.

William Henry speaks about this in his DVD The Anointing of the Dove and says: When we remove the interval of time between our thoughts and actions and stay centered in love that is the Philosopher’s Stone.

Staying centered in Love is the key to successfully riding the waves of these rapidly changing Times because love operates in kairos time, or sacred time, or a place outside of linear Time as we know it.

Time and Prophecies
Prophecy exists in Time as well. Some say that dire prophecies warning of calamitous events are successful prophecies if they do NOT occur because people change the course of Time through their thoughts and actions. The same is true for wondrous prophecies, however, these are successful when they are fulfilled because we have focused our thoughts and actions on fulfilling them. We are living in a Time when there are many prophecies telling us of a New Earth, the end of Time as we know it and the birth of a Golden Age is imminent.

August 15, 2009 was considered the date for the fulfillment of  the Waitaha Prophecy as told to Drunvalo Melchizadek by a New Zealand Waitaha elder. Drunvalo shares about this prophecy in his book Serpent of Light saying:

…the Waitaha prophecy predicts a pivotal moment in history on Aug 15, 2009. This event may or may not be known publicly, but it will be the beginning of a new human dream, a dream almost identical to the Mayan belief that the heavens will open and our brothers and sisters of the universe will reveal themselves. ~Drunvalo Melchizadek