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2014 Triple 7 Jackpot Year Audio Overview

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2014 Overview – Triple 7 Jackpot Magic – 19 minutes

To download the January 2014 Overview audio RIGHT CLICK HERE

Plus here is the YouTube video on the Grand Cross/Grand Shift I mentioned in the Audio.

This page featured some other time sensitive audios that have been removed reflected by the comments below. Please feel free to add you own insights!


  1. I am searching for an audio of your and Daniel’s annual talk for the Winter Solstice…Last year’s was informative and entertaining. Thank You

    • Hi Eliza, the audio overview of 2013 is being created this weekend and will be available on the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School (SAMS) Website after it is created. We will post a link to get it on the front page of the SAMS website

      Solstice Blessings, Cayelin

  2. Short, sweet and to the point. My short attention span is grateful for the way the Timings both the audio and written are informative and well done. The new audio on the Sun is the best view of the Sun I have yet encountered. I now get why typical Sun Sign interpretations leave me flat. I guess it is time to get a subscription and find out what more you have to say about the Sun and other topics!

  3. I am in love with your voice. Plus what you say is easy to understand even for a novice skeptic.

  4. Has anyone ever told you that you have a beautiful speaking voice? And it goes so well with all the wise and wonderful words you share. I don’t always understand the technical part of what you are saying so I really appreciate how you explain it…but more than that I sense the energy in your voice is creating a field of love and transformation that is beyond what you are saying. It is a rare gift you have and share so generously and I thank you!

  5. You have done it again! The difference between feelings and emotions, reactions and responses and of course I am grateful for all the tips on Self-Love and Self-Care. All I can say is WOW

  6. Are people actually getting scared because of the Elenin Comet and what they think it might bring or have they been brain-washed by one of Holywood’s 2012 movies produced simply to make lots of money?

    It was very interesting what some people did before the Y2K scare when computers were supposed to crash and we all would be out of water and unable to flush our toilets. They went out and bought land in the east mountains outside of Albuquerque. Well, if the world was going to end or be drastically different in the year 2,000 would there be any place to run to or any place that would not be affected?

    And yes, I am aware that the year 2,000 was based on the Gregorian man-made calendar, unlike the Mayan calendar based on earth seasons. What’s interesting is that so many books of pure speculation have been written about 2012, yet none of them have bothered to consult the Mayans themselves about the prophecy.

    Ask a Mayan elder and you will find that the prophecy does not mean the end of the world, but rather the end of an age of consciousness. However, if one chooses to jump into Hollywood fear, that is one’s choice.

    • Yes, I have heard from people who are scared. And you are exactly right about the Mayan Calendar. I heard Mayan Elder Don Alejandro at a talk in Tucson in 2005 say they have NO idea when the calendar actually ends because almost all their texts were burned by the Spanish over 500 years ago. Plus of course it would be the end of cycle not necessarily the end of life on the planet but rather the birth into a whole new way of being.

      And if the comets and Earth Changes are bringing up fear the healthiest way to engage it is to acknowledge and embrace the fear so it can be transformed. Otherwise, it just becomes a form a denial and the underlying denied fear is what directs our choices. Facing it is the key to transforming it.

  7. Wow!..You sure got it all right on! As I have sun, rising, vesta, eris, and north node all conjunct in my 1st house of Aries, I can verify the astounding activating, clarifying, aligning, initiatory effects of all this ARIES!!!!..Im having a Good Time ! Much love! Merkaba

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