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More on The Nodes and Discovering Life Purpose – About 13 minutes Listen here: [audio:] Download More on the Nodes by right clicking here. Select “Save As” to save to your computer (on Apple, the command is “control, click”)

Here is the link that article goes with this Audio PDF Table Locating your personal North Node and next Nodal Return Finding the North Node from 1916 to 2028

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  1. Thank you for all of this. I found you through Nalini’s site and she was right in her recommendation!! Just read through some of your recent postings and listened to your utube videos and now the nodes – 2 words with my so node in Libra (12th and is fully packed with all the transits) and no node in Aries!! Not easy but I came up with three – Beautify Alchemical Relationships or Beauty and Alchemical Relationships. Going to sit with this one. With gratitude. B

    • Yay, thank you Bernadette for taking the time to share and I love your words…a thought that occurs to me is The Beauty of Alchemical Relationships…the and of don’t really count as words and you might even add an action word like Experiencing or Embracing or Embodying… the Beauty of Alchemical Relationships. Sometimes two words are just not quite enough … though there is value in distilling it down like that and then that is the core essence to build around. I love that you are sitting with this one because you may get something else even more amazing. Thank you again for sharing. Joyful Blessings, Cayelin

  2. My life purpose in two words – its a brilliant concept and I like how you connected it to the signs. I am considering my two words carefully. Responsible Play comes to mind tying together Capricorn Rising and Gemini Sun.

  3. All your audios are wonderful. I love listening to your voice and I am especially enjoying the audios on Taurus and Jupiter in Taurus as I have Sun, Venus, and Jupiter in Taurus. And as a Cancer Moon the Doing Addiction audio spoke to me and I realize listening to these audios that I have some letting go to do to be able to receive and enjoy the pleasure of life more and more. Your work has gifted me beyond words…

  4. Wow, you hit it so right on for me. I’m literally an Alchemist. I’m Aquarius N. Node (and 5 degrees Cap Rising with almost all of Aquarius included in my first house). I’ve been a Trainer of Alchemical Hypnotherapy for 22 years (practicing it for 27) and dub myself a Master Alchemist.

    The idea of being an “Architect creating new world structures” hits home so strongly. In my book “Talking to My Selves: Learning to Love the Voices in Your Head” I have 2 chapters on Co-dependecy where I literally teach people to heal from Co-dependency by creating their own Inner Family.

    It transforms the Victim into the Inner Child who gets loved by the Rescuer turned Inner Mother and transforms the Persecutor into the Protector/Inner Father with all the attention of the Mother and Father going to the Child. This results in breaking the cycle of being martyred or victimized by looking for love and protection in all the wrong places (or thinking we need to fix everyone else).

    It is a whole new structure of family as self-sufficient beings not having to lean on each other to compensate for weaknesses, but coming from an area of strength as we mother and father ourselves. I believe this would be the end of all abuse, war, violence, etc, if we could all embrace this new model.

    Thank you for corroborating what I already know as my purpose, but giving it a name is always empowering: Alchemical Architect.

    Debbie Unterman

    • Thank you Debbie for sharing. I honor you as the Alchemical Architect!!!! What a great reference for all that you do! Joyful Blessings, Cayelin

  5. Thank you for your inspiring sacred work Cayelin. Thanks for being a supportive sister sharing your love through these internet audios. I appreciate you very much. Love Deb.

  6. Hi there Cayelin,
    Thank you for this interesting and provocative audio on mission/life purpose,and the two word summations for each sign or combination of signs.
    As I understood it, you linked Taurus and Leo with ‘Self love’ as their mission.
    I did not hear you mention Scorpio ‘s mission/purpose .
    Did you link Aquarius with Sagittarius as ‘Alchemize Awareness’? (I assume because these are your placements Sag sun/ Aqu.Asc.or Aqu sun/ Sag.Asc).
    Bless you,
    Janice Cooley.

    • Thank you Janice for your feedback and questions and BIG apologies for the tardy reply. I don’t know how I missed this when it first came in?

      It has been awhile now since I created the audio so I don’t remember exactly what I said…I might not have said this in the audio but as I tune into Scorpio today what I am getting is “orgasmic bliss”. And Taurus is saying “ecstasy through intimacy” or “pleasure and beauty”.

      The descriptions I give in the audio are meant to get your own creative process going as there could be many many different ways to create your own two or three word mission or purpose. The “Alchemize Awareness” I shared does connect with my Sag Moon and Mercury/IC conjunct in Aquarius opposed by Pluto and Jupiter (Jupiter and Pluto being a potent and challenging alchemical combination). However, when I came up with this two word description in the late 90’s I wasn’t considering my chart. I applied it to my chart after I came up with the words. I hope this answers your questions and helps clarify? Joyful Blessings, Cayelin

  7. Thank you Cayelin, not only is this very affirming for the changes I have made in my life over the last year, it is very helpful to me as a Shamanic Astrologer.

    I look forward to more of your audio recordings.

    Dancing by the light of the moon, Teresa

    • Yay…so glad this was helpful. I have already done more recordings on Chiron in general and Chiron in Pisces that have been posted on the Paid Subscribers Bonus Download page. I have plans for one on Aries and another on Uranus in Aries as Uranus will be entering there on March 11 near the March Equinox and a list of others that I am not remembering at the moment. Joyful Blessings, Cayelin

  8. Cayelin,
    So wonderful that you have written and here talked about mission. It’s exactly what I’ve been working on for past year or more actually. Discovering Edgar Cayce’s readings & work recently has helped. Cayce wrote about having an “ideal.” Having an ideal is something like our inner character. There are just certain things we won’t do. It’s about integrity, yet also combining that with our uniqueness. Your talk here gave the words “heart-felt compassion,” which fits right in with my Pisces rising. Before listening to your message, I came up with “compassionate writing,” as my life mission. Even as a young boy, my parents would ask me to write consolation notes to those who had recently lost loved ones, who had made their transition.
    As you know, it was deep inner compassion for the lives of Filipino school children that inspired me to start a fundraising program to provide them with meals and school supplies. Since that program has moved on, I am seeking ways to use my gifts as they align with my mission.
    You are so right when you say, our mission is not our work. It’s so much more than that and really aims at the core of who we really are.
    Thanks so much for giving your thoughts on mission and also the knowledge that we are at a universal turning point celestially that can aid us in our personal search. God bless you and your family always!
    Om shanti,
    Bruce Warren

    • Thank you Bruce for your heart-felt compassionate written statement! I love that you came up with “compassionate writing” as your two word life purpose essence.

      I am also having the idea that Compassionate Writing is a form of Compassionate Communication so perhaps not only is your writing a form of expressing compassion, your other creative endeavors such as the school for the children and ways that speak and listen and otherwise express yourself seem to me to be are a part of that as well. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I am sure others will feel inspired by it too!

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