Neptune Cycle with the Sun

Returned to Aravaipa Canyon in Feb 2015 for a daylight hike. See story below…

When Neptune opposes the Sun it marks the mid-point of Neptune’s Retrograde journey. In 2019 Neptune went Retrograde on June 21 at 18 Pisces 44 and goes direct on November 27 when at 15 Pisces 56. That means if you planets, angles or nodes between 16 to 19 degrees Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Gemini you are in a Neptune cycle.

When the Sun and Neptune are Square it is either just before Neptune stations retrograde or after Neptune goes direct. When the Sun and Neptune are conjunct it is the opposite of the retrograde time when Neptune is farthest from the Earth though fully illuminated by the light of the Sun. (see table below)

When any planet is retrograde it is closer to the Earth so is amps up the energy of that planet taking us deeper into the archetypal mysteries of that planet so Neptune is taking us deeper into our visions, dreams, and inner guidance. Neptune does NOT operate from logic or reason but rather from a place that may not make rational sense especially if we think about it too much.

Neptune (a Celestial World Guide and Initiator) operates beyond what makes sense from a Middle World perspective – so the challenge we often face with Neptune is to NOT talk ourselves out of that deep inexplicable inner knowing that can guide us to extraordinary experiences when we trust and act on that knowing.

Sometimes the action needed is to simply take the next step. We may not know where that step is leading us and that’s okay. It is about trust and faith in the process. Once the step is taken then usually the next step lights up.

See how the light of the Sun on the rocks in Aravaipa doesn’t get into the bottom of the canyon? Imagine the same with the Full Moon light only its also dark!

Personal Neptune Moment in the late 90’s

I often imagine this as a process of navigating through something when you can’t really see where you are going. I literally had this experience years ago (when I was in a personal Neptune Cycle) trying to find my way out of a slot canyon (at least in parts of the canyon) at night.

I was with a friend who had hiked in this canyon 100’s of times and it was my first time there. We had hiked in for about 2 hours while it was daylight and planned to hike out under the June Full Moon.

Two things I didn’t consider was the low tracking of the Capricorn Full Moon across the sky and the height of the canyon walls because of course I had never been there before. This canyon followed a stream that required we criss-cross it and pick up the trail on the other side. Since we didn’t have as much Moon light as we thought we had to rely on our flashlights to find the trail on the other side. This meant we wound up doing a lot of bush whacking because many times we missed seeing where the trail picked up on the other side.

We had been hiking out for about 3 hours (maybe more) when suddenly I had this knowing that I couldn’t explain that we had to find the sign that would connects us to the trail that would take us out of the canyon to the parking lot. Otherwise we would wind up further down the canyon and would never find our way out.

Starlit night…Moonlight on the upper canyon wall…

Somehow I had this knowing – for no apparent reason – that the sign was straight ahead. My friend Shari was the expert having spent lots of time in this canyon backpacking, day hikes etc and she was convinced the trail was off to the left of where we were. I had a fleeting thought she might know better than me. It was a perfectly rational logical thought because I had never been here before.

For some unknown reason to me, I decided to trust that deep inner knowing and kept walking straight ahead for about 800 yards and suddenly my flashlight lit up the sign to the parking lot. My first thought was “I am having a Neptune Moment” because there was no logical way I could know I would find the sign. However, I followed my inner prompting and the sign showed up.

Following the Signs
Sometimes the signs are more subtle and not as visible in a Neptune process as I am describing here. In 2018 I was telling my daughter, who was in a Neptune cycle this story, the above story encouraging her to not talk herself out of any knowing that might occur for her. Literally the next morning she woke up with the thought to text a friend of hers who was also the manager of a place she wanted to work and let her know she was interested if they were ever hiring.

Her next thought was – oh it is such a great place to work they are never hiring I shouldn’t bother her. Then she remembered our conversation from the day before and decided to send the text. She got an immediate response back saying we are interviewing today can you come in at 2 pm? So my daughter went in for the interview and got the job that day! Another Neptune moment that was possible because she acted on her knowing.

I am imagining everyone reading this has had a knowing they didn’t act on and regretted later. Or has had a knowing NOT to do something and took the action anyway and regretted later.

The shadow side of Neptune expresses through confusion, uncertainty, illusions, loosing touch with reality, and what it really takes to manifest our dreams and desires in this dimension. This timing is one of the deepest, most inner-directed times for accessing our own “big picture” through inner processes. When we are in touch with our inner knowing, we know what steps are needed to fulfill our dreams.

Action Steps
Some helpful steps to consider: Be curious, open and willing. Ask questions, listen for answers, stay attuned to inner guidance, notice synchronicities and act on that deep inner knowing even if it makes no logical sense.

Questions to consider:
Do you have a vision you are ready to bring into manifestation? If not, are you ready to receive the vision that is yours to receive and then ground it into this reality? Are you ready for a deeper even more direct connection to Spirit?

Sep 10 2019 Sun 17°Vi19′ D Opposite Neptune 17°Pi19′ R 12:24 AM MST
Dec 08 2019 Sun 15°Sg58′ D Square Neptune 15°Pi58′ D 02:00 AM MST
Mar 08 2020 Sun 18°Pi24′ D Conjunct Neptune 18°Pi24′ D 05:23 AM MST
Jun 11 2020 Sun 20°Ge55′ D Square Neptune 20°Pi55′ D 02:37 AM MST
Sep 11 2020 Sun 19°Vi33′ D Opposite Neptune 19°Pi33′ R 01:26 PM MST
Dec 09 2020 Sun 18°Sg12′ D Square Neptune 18°Pi12′ D 12:40 PM MST
Mar 10 2021 Sun 20°Pi38′ D Conjunct Neptune 20°Pi38′ D 05:01 PM MST
Jun 13 2021 Sun 23°Ge10′ D Square Neptune 23°Pi10′ D 04:39 PM MST
Sep 14 2021 Sun 21°Vi47′ D Opposite Neptune 21°Pi47′ R 02:21 AM MST
Dec 11 2021 Sun 20°Sg26′ D Square Neptune 20°Pi26′ D 11:21 PM MST
Mar 13 2022 Sun 22°Pi52′ D Conjunct Neptune 22°Pi52′ D 04:43 AM MST
Jun 16 2022 Sun 25°Ge24′ D Square Neptune 25°Pi24′ D 06:41 AM MST
Sep 16 2022 Sun 24°Vi02′ D Opposite Neptune 24°Pi02′ R 03:21 PM MST
Dec 14 2022 Sun 22°Sg41′ D Square Neptune 22°Pi41′ D 10:10 AM MST
Mar 15 2023 Sun 25°Pi07′ D Conjunct Neptune 25°Pi07′ D 04:39 PM MST
Jun 18 2023 Sun 27°Ge39′ D Square Neptune 27°Pi39′ D 08:54 PM MST
Sep 19 2023 Sun 26°Vi16′ D Opposite Neptune 26°Pi16′ R 04:17 AM MST
Dec 16 2023 Sun 24°Sg55′ D Square Neptune 24°Pi55′ D 08:43 PM MST
Mar 17 2024 Sun 27°Pi22′ D Conjunct Neptune 27°Pi22′ D 04:22 AM MST
Jun 20 2024 Sun 29°Ge54′ D Square Neptune 29°Pi54′ D 11:12 AM MST
Sep 20 2024 Sun 28°Vi31′ D Opposite Neptune 28°Pi31′ R 05:16 PM MST
Dec 18 2024 Sun 27°Sg10′ D Square Neptune 27°Pi10′ D 07:28 AM MST
Mar 19 2025 Sun 29°Pi36′ D Conjunct Neptune 29°Pi36′ D 04:25 PM MST
Jun 23 2025 Sun 02°Cn08′ D Square Neptune 02°Ar08′ D 01:29 AM MST
Sep 23 2025 Sun 00°Li45′ D Opposite Neptune 00°Ar45′ R 05:53 AM MST
Dec 20 2025 Sun 29°Sg24′ D Square Neptune 29°Pi24′ D 06:02 PM MST
Mar 22 2026 Sun 01°Ar51′ D Conjunct Neptune 01°Ar51′ D 04:18 AM MST
Jun 25 2026 Sun 04°Cn23′ D Square Neptune 04°Ar23′ D 03:38 PM MST
Sep 25 2026 Sun 03°Li00′ D Opposite Neptune 03°Ar00′ R 06:38 PM MST
Dec 23 2026 Sun 01°Cp39′ D Square Neptune 01°Ar39′ D 04:37 AM MST
Mar 24 2027 Sun 04°Ar05′ D Conjunct Neptune 04°Ar05′ D 04:12 PM MST
Jun 28 2027 Sun 06°Cn37′ D Square Neptune 06°Ar37′ D 05:50 AM MST
Sep 28 2027 Sun 05°Li14′ D Opposite Neptune 05°Ar14′ R 07:18 AM MST
Dec 25 2027 Sun 03°Cp53′ D Square Neptune 03°Ar53′ D 03:12 PM MST
Mar 26 2028 Sun 06°Ar19′ D Conjunct Neptune 06°Ar19′ D 04:15 AM MST
Jun 29 2028 Sun 08°Cn52′ D Square Neptune 08°Ar52′ D 08:00 PM MST
Sep 29 2028 Sun 07°Li29′ D Opposite Neptune 07°Ar29′ R 07:48 PM MST
Dec 27 2028 Sun 06°Cp07′ D Square Neptune 06°Ar07′ D 01:36 AM MST
Mar 28 2029 Sun 08°Ar34′ D Conjunct Neptune 08°Ar34′ D 04:25 PM MST
Jul 02 2029 Sun 11°Cn06′ D Square Neptune 11°Ar06′ D 10:20 AM MST
Oct0 2 2029 Sun 09°Li43′ D Opposite Neptune 09°Ar43′ R 08:24 AM MST
Dec 29 2029 Sun 08°Cp22′ D Square Neptune 08°Ar22′ D 12:17 PM MST
Mar 31 2030 Sun 10°Ar48′ D Conjunct Neptune 10°Ar48′ D 04:38 AM MST
Jul 05 2030 Sun 13°Cn21′ D Square Neptune 13°Ar21′ D 12:20 AM MST

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