This article was originally written in collaboration with Lauren Jubelirer.

It was Updated, Revised and Expanded in 2018 as Uranus and Pluto are within about 5 degrees the entire month of March 2018. Uranus is between 26 and 27 degrees of Aries in March of 2018 and Pluto is between 20 and 21 Degrees Capricorn.

In April Uranus is between 27 and 29 degrees Aries and Pluto stays at 21 degrees the entire month due to its station retrograde on April 22.

Historically when Uranus and Pluto have come together revolutionary change has been the result. Richard Tarnas describes well researched historic events centered around what happens with Uranus and Pluto aspects in his book Cosmos and Pysche.

Any Uranus Pluto dynamic interaction – through either conjunction, square or opposition – lasts anywhere from 10 to 15 years. The center point of the current Uranus Pluto Square featured 7 exact squares that took place from 2012 to 2015. In 300 years (maybe longer) this is the only Uranus Pluto aspect that features 7 exact aspects. (see the table at the end of this article)

Currently we have an unprecedented opportunity to consciously co-create with the intended revolutionary changes occurring now.

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Pluto Uranus Intent

The Pluto initiation process is intended to create empowerment through a death and rebirth process, dying to who we believe we are so we are reborn to who we truly are.

The Uranus initiation process is intended to create awakening and freedom.This means that every disempowering belief and fear is being brought to awareness to be disrupted and transformed.

The intent of  Uranus and Pluto together is to create Empowered Awakening and Freedom that occur when we go beyond our experience of Ordinary Reality. This combination often radically changes our old perceptions aiding us in connecting with possibilities, including never before imagined possibilities, that change our experience of what we have considered to be ordinary reality.

For this to happen, everything that is not resonating with the empowered evolutionary possibilities of Awakening and Freedom are surfacing to be transformed. This transformative process is often messy and chaotic, as we move from the current fear based patriarchal model that operates in duality and separation, while simultaneously growing towards a global awakening of unity consciousness, including the realization that we are all connected, we are all fingers on the same hand.

This Timing also is about empowering all cutting edge, revolutionary, avante-garde, innovative projects that already exist and all new ones being dreamed into now.

This video about the Cultural Creatives expands our point of view about how we (meaning the big WE – in different ways around the world) are standing in our power and creating a New Way of Being, a New Reality, a New Earth! These are things that are NOT being reported in Main Stream media and are worth knowing.

Breakdown to Breakthrough
The Uranus Pluto encounter is why we are now experiencing the breakdown of the old fear-based structures founded on the idea that God or the Divine is separate and outside of us. There is an awakening awareness that includes the incorporation of the Divine Feminine and the Earth as a living being.

All this is being out-pictured in many new innovative and sustainable technologies that improve the quality of life for everyone including our beloved Earth.

Exponentially Expanding Awareness 
As we do our personal healing and transformational work we are adding our consciousness and vibration to the exponential evolution of awakening taking place. As we transform our personal fears and clear our shadow issues it is not only changing our personal vibration but is also changing the vibration of the planet.

This in turn is changing our relationship patterns, creating new ways of doing business, creating new healing modalities and therapies, creating new ways of connecting with life force energy, and sustainable energy sources like geo-thermal, solar, wind power etc. This is truly an exciting time to be alive and aware of what is happening.

It also helps to remember that ALL the chaotic, disturbing events reported on the news are being matched by innovative progressive changes that usually do NOT get reported. These innovations are happening in many areas including education, health, and business. Technological innovations are also happening exponentially. Imagine 10 years ago before smart phones and Ipads and 10 years before that when cell phones were just beginning to be available.

It is important to keep in mind that there is also a global spiritual awakening  taking place and it is gathering exponential momentum. Exponential growth occurs through rapid increase. Until recently if one person reached enlightenment or awakened to their true potential it had the vibrational effect of one person expressing their true potential. However, exponentially speaking when 30 people reach their true potential it has the vibrational effect of one billion people having reached their true potential. That is how powerful we are!

How To Navigate this Time
If your personal life is falling apart, or your old ways of doing things are shattering and no longer work you – you are in alignment with this cycle of change. The old must breakdown before we can breakthrough to the new more empowered way of Being.

If your life is more magical and amazing than ever before, then it is likely you have already been through a major breakdown and have broken through to a new more exciting life. Perhaps you are experiencing both break down and break through simultaneously as our collective global consciousness is experiencing accelerated growth and radical change.

The best way to navigate this time is to go with the flow of change happening in your life, trust that this process is intended to support your evolutionary growth and know that on the other side of this is a life more wondrous than we have previously imagined.

photo 1 (5)What you can do to support this process of awakening.

Take time to BE in nature – sit in a garden, go hiking, take a walk

Meditate – whatever works for you – sitting, walking, running, hiking, yoga, dance, trance dance, shamanic journeying, dreaming, mindfulness, chanting, singing

Breathing practices – slowly breathing into your belly when under stress or to more deeply relax is helpful. It also helps to practice slowly exhaling your breath with a gentle Haaaaa sound as this activates Oxytocin and calms the body.

Get bodywork when possible – massage, acupuncture, reiki etc…

Consider taking a good trace minerals supplement as even organic food is grown in mineral depleted soil and minerals are essential to good health and energy

Drink lots of pure water – lemon water is also excellent

Eliminate foods that lower your vibration (i.e. you know you don’t feel that great after eating them) – Top of the list is to eliminate all processed food whenever possible. Plus, eliminate Genetically Modified Foods or GMO foods like soy, corn, and wheat (gluten). Other common allergy foods are dairy, eggs, sugar, and peanuts. Eliminating these foods can help you lose inflammation and thus lose weight without having to count calories. As we eliminate inflammation our health on every level improves and we have more energy to more joyfully live our lives

Eat raw live organically grown foods whenever possible, as they have the highest vibration

Be intentional with your thinking and actions – create altars and do ceremony that further activate your intentions

Journal to process and deepen your insights about what is happening for you

Find a cause or community that speaks to you and get involved. Doing so will help you feel like you are a part of something greater that is making a difference and that feels GOOD. We need connection.  If you need ideas watch the Creative Culturals movie

Most importantly have compassion for yourself and others remembering that it is challenging to really let go and clear old patterns and sometimes we get triggered into unresolved issues without even realizing it. If you become aware that you are projecting an issue on to someone else take time to gain greater awareness so it can be transformed.

You might also find others are projecting their issues on you. As stated in the 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz our opportunity is to not take it personally. We are truly living in an exciting time of accelerated evolution and we are now ready to practice the 5th Agreement – stripping away the illusions that we have believed are true but often are simply a deception rooted in our collective beliefs. Hence, the statement be skeptical of what you think!

Transforming these illusions are liberating and freeing and this is the great work of this Uranus Pluto time!

The fifth agreement is ultimately about seeing our whole reality through the eyes of truth. The result of practicing this agreement is the complete acceptance of ourselves just the way we are, and the complete acceptance of everybody else just the way they are. The reward is our eternal happiness. ~Don Miguel Ruiz

This table has Uranus Pluto Squares, Oppositions and Conjunctions from 1800 to 2100.
The bolded section are the most recent aspects.

Uranus Square Pluto Dec 31 1819 25°Sg35′ D 25°Pi35′ D
Uranus Square Pluto May 09 1820 28°Sg17′ R 28°Pi17′ D
Uranus Square Pluto Nov 12 1820 26°Sg47′ D 26°Pi47′ R
Uranus Square Pluto Aug 02 1821 29°Sg39′ R 29°Pi39′ R
Uranus Square Pluto Sep 04 1821 29°Sg09′ D 29°Pi09′ R
Uranus Square Pluto Oct 21 1876 24°Le03′ D 24°Ta03′ R
Uranus Square Pluto Feb 12 1877 22°Le38′ R 22°Ta38′ D
Uranus Square Pluto Aug 24 1877 25°Le32′ D 25°Ta32′ D
Uranus Square Pluto Apr 21 1932 20°Ar02′ D 20°Cn02′ D
Uranus Square Pluto Sep 02 1932 22°Ar55′ R 22°Cn55′ D
Uranus Square Pluto Mar 08 1933 21°Ar23′ D 21°Cn23′ R
Uranus Square Pluto Nov 04 1933 24°Ar44′ R 24°Cn44′ R
Uranus Square Pluto Jan 17 1934 23°Ar35′ D 23°Cn35′ R




Jun 24 2012

08°Ar24′ D

08°Cp24′ R




Sep 18 2012

06°Ar57′ R

06°Cp57′ D




May 20 2013

11°Ar14′ D

11°Cp14′ R




Nov 01 2013

09°Ar26′ R

09°Cp26′ D




Apr 21 2014

13°Ar34′ D

13°Cp34′ R




Dec 14 2014

12°Ar35′ R

12°Cp35′ D




Mar 16 2015

15°Ar18′ D

15°Cp18′ D

Uranus Square Pluto Feb 15 2073 05°Cp18′ D 05°Ar18′ D
Uranus Square Pluto Apr 06 2073 06°Cp28′ D 06°Ar28′ D
Uranus Square Pluto Dec 12 2073 05°Cp44′ D 05°Ar44′ R
Uranus Square Pluto Jun 26 2074 08°Cp52′ R 08°Ar52′ D
Uranus Square Pluto Oct 24 2074 07°Cp23′ D 07°Ar23′ R
Uranus Conjunct Pluto Jun 25 1850 NS 29°Ar39′ D 29°Ar39′ D
Uranus Conjunct Pluto Sep 25 1850 NS 29°Ar21′ R 29°Ar21′ R
Uranus Conjunct Pluto Mar 23 1851 NS 28°Ar43′ D 28°Ar43′ D
Uranus Conjunct Pluto Oct 09 1965 17°Vi10′ D 17°Vi10′ D
Uranus Conjunct Pluto Apr 04 1966 16°Vi28′ R 16°Vi28′ R
Uranus Conjunct Pluto Jun 30 1966 16°Vi06′ D 16°Vi06′ D
Uranus Opposite Pluto Jan 31 1901 15°Sg50′ D 15°Ge50′ R
Uranus Opposite Pluto Apr 29 1901 16°Sg18′ R 16°Ge18′ D
Uranus Opposite Pluto Dec 16 1901 17°Sg33′ D 17°Ge33′ R
Uranus Opposite Pluto Jun 28 1902 18°Sg36′ R 18°Ge36′ D
Uranus Opposite Pluto Nov 06 1902 19°Sg19′ D 19°Ge19′ R
Uranus Opposite Pluto Sep 22 2046 03°Vi45′ D 03°Pi45′ R
Uranus Opposite Pluto Feb 14 2047 04°Vi42′ R 04°Pi42′ D
Uranus Opposite Pluto Aug 16 2047 05°Vi54′ D 05°Pi54′ R
Uranus Opposite Pluto Apr 11 2048 07°Vi28′ R 07°Pi28′ D
Uranus Opposite Pluto Jun 29 2048 07°Vi59′ D 07°Pi59′ R