Here are the 2017 April Celestial Timings featuring Venus Stationing Directly along with Mercury, Saturn and Pluto stationing retrograde.  With the continuing process of moving and a trip to Santa Fe this month I am ever so grateful to have more to have written more in the April Timings than I did in March. Its a miracle! 🙂

The links are working in the PDF. YAY….though I can’t figure out how to get them to open up in a new page. Maybe next month.

No previous knowledge of astrology is needed
for any of the following special events.

Shine Your Medicine Free Online Event…Timed beautifully to coincide with Venus Rising from the underworld as the potent Wild Woman Warrior Goddess restoring the Cosmic Balance comes this FREE online Ceremonial Interview to support the Fierce Compassionate Feminine and Medicine Woman within. I am one of the featured guests in the Shine Your Medicine Ceremony.

Your host for this event is Torie Michelle Feldman a leadership coach for medicine women. This event features the wisdom and insights of 21 amazing shamanic practitioners, intuitives, and conscious entrepreneurs. Don’t miss this FREE online event.
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New Venus Tele-Class series begins April 17, 2017

This monthly online class is about celebrating and honoring the Warrior Goddesses as she goes through shamanic initiation including dying to who she thought she was and be reborn to who she truly is.
Rave Review
Since you two are so dazzlingly brilliant with your Venus Teleclass series… LOVE!!! everything you two do… WOW to it all!!!… so of course I’m going to continue with my two beloved and delightful Goddess Guides ️… and YAY for upcoming Aries! Diane Sign-up and Details are here.

Here is the Activating the Aries Wild Woman article to further inspire this Sacred Aries Venus Cycle as she makes her last appearance on the collective World Stage as the Meta Goddess for the next 19 months. 

This link has all the videos Tami and I have completed in March (with three more just added) and beyond about the New Venus in Aries Cycle – the last one in our lifetime. We shared an overview of this remarkable Venus Cycle, Ceremonial Considerations and how to work with the crown chakra.

Teleclass on the Mysteries of
Saturn (Structure and Form) and Chiron
(Shamanic Healing)

Live April 12, 2017 at 5 pm PDT – replay available after the class completes

This combination is represents a crisis, a referendum, referencing the Saturn/Chiron conjunction of 1966 in roughly the same degrees.

This is a replay, and so much more. Chiron was in Pisces from 1960-1969, and now from 2010 – 2019. Saturn was in Pisces from March of 1964 through March of 1967. The great conjunction of 1966 is being majorly re-activated!

This teleclass will explore the symbolism of Saturn in Sagittarius, in relationship with Chiron in Pisces, recalling the seeds planted in 1966.

This class will consider what could happen and what is intended to happen, as best as we can surmise and invoke. We will also consider how to consciously align with these remarkable symbols of revolution and cultural transformation, and their antagonists.

This triple square of Saturn (currently in late Sagittarius) to Chiron (currently in late Pisces)

First One was late December of 2016 around 21 Sag/21 Pisces.
The second square is in early May at about 27 Sag/27 Pisces.
The third square is November 2017 at about 24 Sag/24 Pisces.

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Still Time to Join us for this  Sacred Journey to Teotihuacan April 20-25 with special side trip to the sacred waters of Tolantonga extension to April 27.

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Jupiter in Libra Teleclass with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell Recording Now Available

Jupiter, travels through Libra until October 2017. This recorded class takes a deep look at all things related to Jupiter journeying through Libra, as this wave of expansion and enthusiastic activation takes the Libra Mysteries, including relational magic, to a higher octave, and includes insights on navigating Jupiter’s three squares to Pluto and three Oppositions to Uranus starting in November and lasting well into 2017.

Rave Review I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed listening to this teleclass! There were so many valuable insights. I hope that Jupiter in Libra brings SAMS the even wider reach that your material deserves!
Kate Rusko

Shamanic Astrology in Magical Mystical Portugal at sacred sites that pre-date those currently known in the British Isles and Scotland. September 18-24

Online Sacred Marriage Class Is Our Best One YET!