October 2018 features

Venus Retrograde in the Virgin Priestess passing the star of Secret Knowledge (Oct 19 and again on Dec 13) on its way back to Spica, Mercury enters Scorpio (Oct 9) and passes Khambalia (Oct 14) and Zubenelgenubi (Oct 20), Mercury and Venus meet near Khambalia (Oct 15) Orionids, Mars in the Goat Fish, Saturn in the Archer, Jupiter in the Scales and Jupiter’s last full month in Scorpio entering Sagittarius in November, Uranus opposite the Sun and Venus. See the PDF for more…

2018 October Celestial Timings PDF

Plus, if you missed the Lively and Fun Radio Show interview I did with Kyrona Unity Hope on the current Venus Cycle and the next one that begins on November 1, 2018 you can access the replay HERE

October 9 Mercury enters Scorpio – 7 minutes

Fixed Star Khambalia – 18 minutes 

Spica – 8 minutes

Uranus Overview including Uranus cycles personally and collectively – 12 minutes

Uranus returns to Aries Nov 6, 2018 to March 6, 2019…11 minutes

October Articles

Saturn In Capricorn from 2017 to 2020
In Case you Missed this Story 12 years of wedded bliss
The Emerald Tablets
My ME TOO Story

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