Duck Magic On 22 June 2021 the day Mercury Stationed Direct

This sharing is a work in progress
featuring the Bird Tribes including Raven, Hawk, Duck, Blue Heron, White Heron, Hummingbird and more. This features a recent Duck Story…that included these other messengers not yet written into try below.

On June 22, the day Mercury Stationed direct I got to have a remarkable Duck experience as if it was showing up to be a messenger. During my morning walk I came upon two women who were trying to get a duck to return to the golf course where there are ponds that ducks like to hang out on.

There was an opening in a gate where the duck could go through but it was NOT interested in going where we were trying to encourage it to go. So we thought of plan B may be could get the duck back on the golf course if we went around the corner where there is a bigger opening in the fence. One of the women had her dog with her so she went on for her morning walk while the other woman (Teresa) and I encouraged the duck to go around to the golf course.

I will write more about this when I have more time but I was struck by how this duck was not at all concerned that we were close enough to pick it up and it waddle its way back to the pond with Teresa leading the way and me following behind all the way to the closest pond we could find a good quarter of a mile or more away. I was impressed the duck was willing to walk so far with us.

As we got close to the pond a golf cart came roaring by and the duck suddenly took off flying over the pond, circling a few times before finally landing on the far side of the pond. Teresa and I did a happy dance celebrating that we had accomplished our mission of getting the duck back to a water source.

On our way back up the hill we celebrated our accomplishment and learned more about each other. I learned that Teresa had connected with the duck about 500 yards up the road before I came along. I knew this messenger was especially showing up for her and she shared with me she is having to make some big decisions about how she is going forward.

The next day Teresa and I ran into each other again (magically synchronistic) and chatted about the wonder we had experienced the day before. That afternoon we had our first Monsoon here in Tucson this year – so desperately needed now as we definitely in a drought. On our side of town it mostly spit rain but then the rainbows appeared as you can see in the images I have shared.

Interestingly as I am writing this another monsoon is stirring and there is thunder and lightening and suddenly it is pouring rain. YAY!!!

Duck Symbolism
When duck shows up it is getting your attention suggesting it is time to step back and watch for additional signs from the Universe. The duck floats freely on the waters, reminding you to have confidence in your destiny and take charge of your life. It is time to let go of insignificant things from the past or anything that no longer serves.

Duck symbolizes clarity, family, love, vigilance, intuition, nurturing, protection, feelings, self-expression, balance, adaptation, grace, and strength and is closely related to the water element all about mystery, magic, and inspiration.

Duck appears when you need a deeper connection to your feelings and or are desiring to act on heart-based decisions, because duck is all about intuition and vigilance. Its playful nature and even silliness inspires happiness and laughter, and it’s nurturing nature offers love and understanding for ourselves and each other. The male duck is a figure of happiness and joy!

This message seemed so magical aligned with the Mercury Station in Gemini that happened on June 22. I realized part of it for me is not to take myself too seriously even in challenging times and of course remembering to laugh at myself and just laugh at life in general. Plus it is way more fun!

Stay Tuned for More on this story as it continues to unfold with more of the Bird Tribes showing up and 8 coyotes – usually three or four my morning walk July 10, 2021.