January 2022

NOTE: we are completing 2021 with a Moon occulation over Mars energizing this New Calendar year in a potent way accelerating the power of our actions to put our intentions into motion! 

Welcome to the NEW Year taking us into another wild and unpredicatable time of powerful change. Since we are informing the mysteries as they are informing us our intention and attention continues to be more important than ever.

Here is a video interview I did on some of the significant events in 2022 also posted below along with a Wise Women Seer’s update on 2022 below the Sirius Video.

Due to Family Visiting and many other factors I did not write anything specific for January of 2022. As you can see we had a fun time entertaining our 20 month old Grandson…

However, here are some important events happening worth noting though I only have touched on a few and more do more as we get into January. Also be sure to see the videos below.

January 2 is the first New Moon of 2022 aligned with the star Nunki. A powerful way to begin the New Year.

January 4 marks the Earth’s annual closest approach to the Sun (perihelion), the source of light and life for our planet.  It might be worthwhile to consciously attune to the Sun today and see what, if any, Solar Attunements are coming through.

AND January 3/4 is also about the time the Quadrantid Meteor Showers are peaking and being just after the New Moon it means there is no light interference from the Moon during the most active part of the meteor shower from Jan 1-5. The meteors are best seen after 11 pm when the constellation of Bootes is high in the sky. See more below…

Day of the Magi, January 6, I am co-hosting a FREE Venus Alchemy online event with Sheridan Semple. If you are not on my email list you can sign up below to get access to the link and/or replay when it is posted.

January 6 is Epiphany (also known as the “The Adoration of the Magi” or “The Manifestation of God”) ending the twelve days of Christmas as calculated in traditional times. This is the time when the Three Kings, Three Wise Men or Three Magi: Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar are honored for following the star to Bethlehem and bringing the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ child. January 6 was the original date celebrating the birth of Christ and is still recognized and celebrated by the Eastern Christian Church.

Once again it is time to wish upon the New Year Star – Sirius as described in the 6 minute video below brings in the New Year located overhead at Mid-Night on New Years Eve! However, it doesn’t have to be on New Year’s Eve but can be anytime around the New Year within a few days of either side of the exact start of 2022.

Jan 07 Mercury reaches greatest elongation from the Sun around 19 degrees separation signalling the station retrograde in a week.

Jan 14 Venus Rises as Morning Star with the Star Nunki and Vega and Mercury stations retrograde at 10 Aquarius (see links below)

Jan 16 Sun conjuncts Pluto (26 Capricorn)

Jan 18 Uranus stations direct

Jan 29 the Moon occults the star Nunki  https://cayelincastell.com/nunki/

Jan 30 Sun squares Uranus

Mars is Out Of Bounds Jan 12, 2022 at 07:50:21 pm PST until Feb 10, 2022 at 09:22 pm PST  and there are two times the Moon is Out of Bounds each month for the next few years. https://cayelincastell.com/wild-cards-or-the-out-of-bounds-planets/

Saturn still in Aquarius and more in the Video Below.

All Planets Moving Forward doesn’t begin until Feb 03 when Mercury Stations direct https://cayelincastell.com/all-planets-moving-forward/

Mercury Sations Retrograde January 14, 2022 https://cayelincastell.com/mercury-retrograde
Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius
Mercury stations direct in Capricorn 

Stars and Constellations Highlights for January

Very prominent in the January sky is what we refer to as the Sacred Hoop of Stars as defined by the Lakota Nation.

Also this month the two brightest stars of the constellation of the Twins, Castor and Pollux, can be seen rising North of East not long after Sunset. The white star Castor rises about 25 minutes before the yellow star Pollux.

Betelguese is the bright red star inside the Sacred Hoop Marking the shoulder of Orion. (Some sources say the word Betelguese translates as armpit). It is an irregular variable star that varies its brightness between that of Capella and Antares. Betelgeuse is a red super giant which is bigger that the orbit of Mars.

Rigel is the bright blue white star on the S.W. corner of Orion marking his foot. It is about 900 light years away and is 150,000 times as bright as our sun.

Orion’s Belt is made up of a diagonal of three stars that a close together (3 degrees). The highest star, Mintaka is on the celestial equator. These are sometimes called the “three Marias”. Coming down from the middle of the three is a line of stars known as the sword. If you look closely at the lower stars in the sword you will see a faint fuzzy patch. This is the famous Orion Nebula, which is the birthplace of numerous new stars. The Moon is passing above this area of the sky January 26 and 27.

In January the Big Dipper stands up like a question mark. This is opposite of the head of the Lion that appears as a reverse question mark now rising in the evening sky.

The annual Quadrantid meteor shower peaks around January 3 and 4. This meteor shower is nominally active for roughly two weeks, from about December 27 until about January 10 each year. However, peak activity is from
January 1-5. These meteors are best seen after 11 pm when the constellation of Bootes is high in the sky. 

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