The Descent and Ascent of the Goddess/Venus

The 27 minute audio below on the Inanna/Venus Journey takes you through a guided journey of death and rebirth (ALCHEMY) described by the Venus Synodic Cycle as told by the Sumerians. It includes Inanna descending to the underworld, dying, being reborn and ascending from the underworld, what it means and why it is important to us NOW. 

The current online Ceremonial Venus Journey with Venus Alchemy can be accessed at the link below for anyone desiring to work with this in a powerful community setting featuring the unique features of each phase of the journey.

AND you can also access the Venus Signature series – discovering how your natal Venus is so much more than the sign it is in but the Venus Cycle, the Star Phase, the Meta Goddess, how the Sun, Moon, Ascendant and outer planets also affect your Venus Signature. Featuring 4 live Q & A each year.

Venus/Inanna Story and Journey - 27 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

Link to Article on Eris inspired by a recent inquiry.

This link takes you to a PDF covering the Venus Cycle Overview, Historical Data Including the Venus Cycle you born into and shows when your next Venus Return Begins up to 2030 on Page 7

Working consciously with the Venus Cycle changed my life and has changed the life of countless others – both women and men.

This is a Replay of an online event Celebrating the Rainbow Goddess and New World Story Teller. If the Video below doesn’t work try this link