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During any Lunar Eclipse either some or ALL of the Earth’s shadow is on the face of the Moon.  
Ideally, any lunar eclipse is a time for self-awareness of our own personal shadow. Then the alchemical nature of the eclipse the fear that drives our fears and shadow side can be transformed into the higher vibrational energy of Love and Acceptance of self and all life – if we choose it.
See more about Time Acceleration in a Total Lunar Eclipse in the short video and writing below.

Upcoming Eclipse Info 

In Tucson, Arizona on Sunday May 15, The Moon rises already partially eclipses and will be at its maximum point moon at 9:14 p.m. Ideal viewing times  are  7 – 9 p.m. 

Time Acceleration During Total Lunar Eclipses or nearly Total Lunar Eclipses

All eclipses open portals from the Great Above and are opportunities to consciously connect with what is hidden within in ourselves. Total Lunar Eclipse are a time when the shadow of the Earth is passing over the face of the Moon. This means it is a time when we can literally see our own shadow (the shadow of the Earth) on the face of the Moon and thus with intention it is an opportunity to be “see” and be aware of our personal inner shadow for the purpose of transmuting and transforming it.

From any Full Moon to next Full Moon it usually takes 29.5 days. In a total Lunar Eclipse this nearly 30 day time frame occurs in about three to five hours suggesting an acceleration of time compressing what usually takes nearly 30 days into a few hours.

Those living in the path of the upcoming Eclipse will get to visually connect in the early morning hours of November 19 to witness the nearly Total Lunar Eclipse

Taking time to visually connect with this condensed experience of the Moon Phases in the upcoming eclipse is highly recommended.

A total Lunar Eclipse occurs over 3 to 5 hours with 5 stages generally recognized.

This goes from left to right showing some images of the Moon fully eclipses and partially eclipsed. The Three at the bottom show the color as the Moon becomes more fully eclipsed.

Stage One is referred to as the Penumbral Eclipse when the Earth’s shadow causes the Moon’s outer edges to pale. This shading is so weak it is hard to see much until the Moon is about halfway across the penumbra. The shading becomes stronger as the Earth’s shadow moves to cover the Moon.

Stage Two is referred to as a Partial Eclipse and is more dramatic as the dark shading grows where it receives no direct sunlight. Eventually only a bright arch remains outside the umbra of the Moon and often there is a reddish glow already appearing.

Stage Three is the Total Eclipse when the Moon is Blood Red. Total duration of the January 20, 2019 eclipse is 5 hours, 12 minutes.The duration of totality is 1 hour, 2 minutes. The duration of the partial phases is 2 hours, 15 minutes.

During totality the Moon is often Blood Red due to how sunlight is bent in the Earth’s atmosphere reflecting all the sunrises and sunsets that ring our world at any given moment. The quality of the air where you are effects how you see totality – it might dark red, ashen grey, or occasionally almost black. Plus, blue light refracted through, and tinted by, Earth’s ozone can also affect the color of the eclipsed Moon.

Stage Four occurs once totality is complete with the edges of the Moon glowing as the Sun again reflects on that part of the Moon returning to a Partial Eclipse.

Stage 5 the Moon returns to its full appearance once again completely relit by the Sun.

Acceleration of Time In a Total Lunar Eclipse
As mentioned already, a Total Lunar Eclipse accelerates our experience of time so can accelerate our process of releasing and manifesting. Whatever intention a person is  holding is also accelerated in its manifestation. One of the reasons eclipses have been feared in the past is because whatever is NOT in alignment with the intent will be quickly become evident so it can be cleared and that is often a painful process if we are attached to what has been.

Total Lunar Eclipses create an opportunity to shift old established patterns in our personal and planetary neural net revolutionizing our experience of this reality. Again this is sometimes much easier said than gone through.

However, remembering intention and attention initiates powerful Magic during a Total Lunar Eclipse – for those who feel courageous it is a powerful time to consciously intend around your deepest heart’s desire and hopes for our beloved planet.

Change your Routine, Change your Life and Your Perception of Life
Manifesting desire often requires us to change our perception and our one way to do that is to change our daily routine. Embracing change, facilitating change, being the change and practicing this before the eclipse happens helps us to see where we may be holding onto something that is not helpful to us.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:
Try sitting somewhere other than where you usually sit, rearrange your furniture, sleep on a different side of the bed, drive a different way to the store, or work, or school, or where ever you might be going. Try walking backwards for a few paces will definitely shift how you experience yourself.

You might try a different form of exercise, or try something you have never tried before – perhaps new healthy foods to eat. If you love spaghetti, try using spaghetti squash or spiraled zucchini instead. If you usually drink coffee, try drinking tea. If you love rice, try cauliflower rice as healthy alternatives.

The idea is to change your perspective in whatever way is easy, fun and effective. Be creative and trust that you are helping to facilitate a shift in perspective and intent while also further revealing shadow around habits of thinking and doing.

Is Time Moving Faster Now?
Many have noticed it feels like time has been accelerating. Author Greg Braden proposes that a 24 hour day is not what generations 50 to 100 years ago experienced speculating that 24 hours today is really what other generations would have experienced as 16 hours – meaning our experience of time is moving about one third faster now.

Regardless of whether it is true or not – and much of what we believe and experience as true is based on what we believe – it does stretch our concept of reality to consider what we believe is true might not be as true as we once thought it was. Quantum physics has found the observer changes what is being observed as in particle/string theory.

While time is a continuous quantity in both standard quantum mechanics and general relativity, many physicists have suggested a separate and distinct model of time is needed. A quantum theory of time being a quantum variable with a discrete spectrum is consistent with special relativity.  In 1950, Henry Margenau suggested the chronon (a measure of time that is not continuous) might be the time for light to travel the classical radius of an electron. Hence, a chronon is a proposed quantum of time, that is, a discrete and indivisible “unit” of time as part of a hypothesis that suggests time is not continuous.

What? Basically this reminds me that time is an illusion of this reality. Our perception affects our experience of time. If we are having fun and fully engaged, time can seem to fly by. If we are bored it seems time drags on and on.

Bottom line here is any total lunar eclipse collapses a normally 30 day time frame into a few hours as we enter a portal designed change our perception of what is possible, accelerating possible changes in our lives when aligned with our heart’s desire. When we allow for these changes they happen with greater ease and grace, ultimately taking us where our soul most wants to go.

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