Aldebaran – the eye of perception

Osiris holding the Key to the Silver gate

…the Silver Gate is above Orion, at the centre of the Duat; the Egyptian Netherworld…represented on the ground in the Giza area.

The ancient Greeks, who received much of their knowledge from Egypt, believed that souls reside in the Milky Way between incarnations, and that there are 2 “gates” on the Milky Way. These are the Silver Gate of Gemini, through which souls descend to earth, and the Golden Gate of Sagittarius, through which souls ascend. Other versions say the souls of men (humans) can ascend by either gate, but that the Silver Gate leads to reincarnation and the ancestors, and the Golden Gate leads beyond reincarnation. The Golden Gate is also that through which the Gods descend

The Silver Gate is just above the “hand” of Orion, who the Egyptians associated with Osiris, and they depicted him holding a star in his hand. In The Orion Mystery, Bauval & Gilbert presumed this to be the star Aldebaran.  Now, Gilbert has found that the Egyptian word for star, s’ba, also means “door”, so Osiris is holding a Star-Gate. In some depictions, Osiris is holding an ankh towards the gate, so this must be the key which unlocks the star-gate.

This article is a work in progress with more to be added soon.

June 09, 2020 Venus rises as morning star with Aldebaran. This is a rare occurrence that won’t happen again for at least 155 years. To get your own feel for this area of the sky as a Stargate or entrance into this reality or something else entirely, it helps to connect visually and with Venus here for an extended length of time in the morning sky it will be an extra special time to visually connect with both Venus and Aldebaran.

Aldebaran is located in the asterism known as the Hyades – the daughters of Atlas and Aethra in Greek myth. The Hyades are half sisters to the Pleiades and were known as the rainy stars because their morning and evening setting was linked to the rainy season.

Aldebaran is seen as separate from the Hyades and yet is found in this asterism located in the constellation of the Bull. Aldebaran is also known as one of the four royal stars, watcher of the East (Antares, Regulus and Fomalhuat are the other royal stars) and Aldebaran is linked with arch-angel Michael (a.k.a angel of light and protection).

Whenever a planet is near this star we can imagine it is transmitting the codes of light from this gateway to our conscious awareness. Once each, month the Moon marks this area and highlights these star codes. Once each year we find the Sun, Venus and Mercury near this star, Mars every two years, Jupiter every 12 years (next pass is 2024), Saturn every 29.5 years, Uranus every 84 years, Neptune every 165 years, Pluto every 248 years. (stay tuned for more dates).

Some cultures have considered the red star Aldebaran war-like, others have considered it one of the four “Guardians of Heaven” or one of the “four sentinels watching over other stars” or one of the four royal stars – including Antares, Regulus, Fomalhaut – known as the “Watcher of the East” and others have seen it linked to archangel Michael – Military Commander of the Heavenly Host.

The four royal stars have also been characterized as Horses, reflected both in the famed Four Horsemen of Apocalypse (Revelations 6) and Chariot Horses in the Book of Zechariah. (Morse)

Aldebaran is also linked with other imagery including the Calf, the Red Deer, the sow, the ox, God’s eye, Star of Ascent, and is a symbol for a temple. Aldebaran has also been known as “the Leading Star of Stars”, because in antiquity all ecliptical longitudes were measured from it or from its opposite, Antares.)

The supportive energies of Aldebaran are accessed when we approach its mysteries with integrity, honor and purity of intent. Aldebaran assists us in working with grief, sadness and loss as indicated by Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld The authors also indicate that Aldebaran is linked with the original genetic coding that allowed for the experience of free will here on planet Earth and …”the beings from Aldebaran hope that humanity may someday choose to co-create a civilization with them…”

Aldebaran is also a portal to the mysteries of the mind and when balanced with the fixed star Antares, who is a portal to the mysteries of the heart, we have a powerful stargate axis.


  1. I am stunned by this posting on Orion and the Milky Way, Cayelin: it resonated deeply!. I was born when the Sun was on the hand of the High Man on 21/6/1940 (Silver Gate?!) and I have always instinctively felt very closely connected to Orion. When I first started working in trance with the Himalayan Crystal Skulls and Jade Disc in my care, I was told in the automatic writing that occurs, that I was connecting with guides and ancestors in Orion whom I know! It is also true that if I am suddenly awoken from deep sleep, most times it is because there is a Full Moon or Orion is appearing very close in the sky outside our bedroom window here in Knysna, South Africa, and I am called to make connection! I am delighted by all the insights and research you have posted above. I feel I need to find out more about Aldebaran too. Thank you!

    • Thank you Jennifer, I am so delighted you felt resonance with this. Much of what I shared here was from writings and research I did over a decade ago and just uncovered once again inspired by Venus Rising with Aldebaran on June 9, 2020. I haven’t shared this content recently though not really sure why other than I often sense Orion as having a feminine presence holding the key or ankh to open the star gate. Something I will share more about when I have a better sense of what I am feeling. Or maybe it is a non-gender being that Orion represents? Clearly its time to tune into the starry realms and the mythic stories around these constellations to see what new insights and energies are coming through!

    • Thank you Cayelin for this information! It helps us focus on this important area of the sky. Over these last few years I’ve been receiving impressions of “travelers”, and perhaps they are entering through the silver gate.

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