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Antares is a heart star, marking the heart of the Scorpion

In African languages the native word for Star means bringer of knowledge or enlightenment.

All of these celestial events (planets and occultations to Antares) systematically assist humanity in attuning our vibrational frequency with the Golden Gate by amplifying and transmitting these starry light codes to our human DNA as Earth is ascending into a new 26,000 year cycle.

Being open and receptive to these higher heart directed vibrational energies especially when any planet is with this star – is all that is needed to facilitate a more conscious experience of this remarkable time. (see tables below)


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Antares as the Key to the Golden Gate

The ancient Greeks, who received much of their knowledge from Egypt, believed that souls reside in the Milky Way between incarnations, and that there are 2 “gates” on the Milky Way. These are the Silver Gate of Gemini (or the constellation of the Twins), where souls descend to Earth, and the Golden Gate of Sagittarius (or the constellation of the Archer), where souls ascend. Other versions say the souls of men (humans) can ascend by either gate, but the Silver Gate leads to reincarnation and the ancestors, and the Golden Gate leads beyond reincarnation. The Golden Gate is also the gate where the Gods descend.

Antares is a Royal Star of Magic, Heart of the Scorpion

Antares is the 14th brightest star in our night sky varying in magnitude, or brightness, as seen from the Earth – ranging from +0.6 to +1.6.

Bernadette Brady writes in her book on The Fixed Stars, that all four of the royal stars (including Regulus, Aldebaran, and Fomalhaut) are linked with their own unique teachings, special powers and successes when we are able to meet their challenges as part of the heroic journey of life.

Whenever planets are near this star it is a powerful time for checking in with your own personal ascension process, asking for guidance in connecting with your true heart’s desire and what your heart already knows. Our opportunity is to connect visually and viscerally with the mysteries of Antares to discover what unique teachings and special powers are available to us when the Golden Gate is activated at this Great Turning of the 26,000 year wheel of time.


In the book The Mysteries of Isis, author De Traci Regula’s says,

Among the stars named after Isis is Antares, associated with Selkit, the scorpion goddess who was sometimes depicted in the Isian headdress. Antares was associated with Isis in ceremonies conducted in conjunction with the great pyramid complex at Giza, where she bore the special title ‘Lady of the Pyramids’.

These great Pyramids are specially designed initiation chambers oriented to access the mysteries of the heavens and ground them on the Earth.

Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld authors of Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing say,

“Antares influences the place just before choice…If you attune to this in anyway, asking with love in your heart for the higher path to be shown, so it will be. The opportunities for this may come forth in ways that were perhaps unexpected.”

Antares is also linked with archangel Uriel who is referenced in the Book of Enoch featuring the importance of tracking the Celestial Cycles as a way of staying connected to the unfolding divine plan. In the book Uriel’s Machine the importance of creating one of these tracking devices (called Uriel’s Machine) is emphasized reminding us of the importance of tuning into the sky and tracking the planetary movements through the stars reclaiming the magic of these mysteries.

The Planets are transmitters amplifying the mysteries of the heart of the Scorpion, watcher of the west, and connected to Archangel Uriel who instructed Enoch – giving him 64 keys for the New Heaven and the New Earth.

Interestingly, physicist Nassim Haramein, founder of the Resonance Project, shares that the foundation geometry of all creation is a 64 tetrahedron vector equilibrium grid suggesting that 64 (8×8=64) and age 64 represents the 8th Venus Return – that happens every 8 years further demonstrates the number magic found in the Venus Cycle.

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More on the I-Ching

The ancient system of the I-Ching consists of 64 hexagrams or teachings that speak to the sacred nature of the number 64.  In J.J. Hurtak’s book The Keys of Enoch the 64 keys are said to be revealing 64 areas of physical and spiritual scientific knowledge. These 64 Keys or Codes are literally the structural basis of our entire creation.

Greater awareness and conscious experience of these mysteries are coming to us through the light frequencies emanating from stars such as Antares located near the Galactic Core.

Whenever a planet or the Moon passes Antares the light codes coming from this area of the sky are amplified helping to accelerate the changes already taking place within our personal and collective DNA. (see Table below for dates)

Taking time to go and visually see the Moon with Antares whenever possible is a powerful way to tune in to these energies. Journeying and or meditating on the Moon and Antares are also recommended if you cannot visually connect with them.

Antares is a magical Behenian star – as wells one of the 4 Royal stars – whose potency is heightened whenever a planet is within 6 degrees. The ancient alchemist thought the potency of this time was further enhanced by the use of the herb birthwort.

Birthwort Poison/Medicine/Both?

Birthwort is considered to be a highly poisonous plant containing aristolochic acid. Research shows small amounts of aristolochic acid, if ingested regularly, can result in end stage renal disease and urinary tract Cancer. This prompted the FDA in 2001, too issue a warning to consumers to immediately stop taking herbal medicines containing aristolochic acid.

I don’t know the truth of this information, however, it might be wise to consider the research now available and use this herb in ceremony and only injest it if you trust your health care practitioner and not over a long period of time.

Birthwort (or Aristolochia Clematitis) was a highly regarded medicinal plant by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans and is still used extensively in traditional Chinese Medicine Aristolochia genus to treat a wide range of conditions including pain relief, respiratory diseases, asthma and as a diuretic. In Europe it was thought to have anti-inflammatory effects on gout and rheumatism.

Birthwort is a climbing or herbaceous plant that typically has heart-shaped leaves and deep-throated, pipe-shaped flowers. It was formerly used as an aid in childbirth and to induce abortion and was used bu midwives to help expel the placenta after childbirth. Due to its poisonous nature Birthwort is fatally toxic to humans (not unlike the toxic sting of the Scorpion) if too much is taken or for too long.

It has been used as a poultice for treating wound infections and cleaning out ulcers before filling them with new flesh. In the USA, Aristolochia serpentaria, Virginia snake-root, was used to treat snake bite. Studies show that this root does have the ability to deactivate certain types of snake venom but not all types of venom favorably respond.

Additional studies show Birthwort can increase production and activity of leukocytes (white blood cells). It seems to have a disinfectant affect that assists in wound healing.

Perhaps the healing qualities associated with Birthwort give us clues about how we can energetically work the Moon, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn when they are visible linked with Antares? Also, it helps to remember – what is medicine for one person may not work for another – so using your inner guidance is highly recommended even when only working energetically with any herbs.

The theory of the alchemists is that when Planets are near Antares (or any of the other Behenian stars) medicines made at that time are especially effective.

Data on Planets with Antares to 2029/2030

Saturn reaches Antares in 2045

Jupiter Dec 08 2030 with Antares 10°Sg12′ D


Venus with Antares

Jan 06 2024 Venus Conjunct Antares 10°Sg05′ D
Oct 25 2024 Venus Conjunct Antares 10°Sg06′ D
Dec 08 2025 Venus Conjunct Antares 10°Sg07′ D
Jan 16 2027 Venus Conjunct Antares 10°Sg08′ D
Nov 09 2027 Venus Conjunct Antares 10°Sg09′ D
Dec 22 2028 Venus Conjunct Antares 10°Sg10′ D
Oct 16 2029 Venus Conjunct Antares 10°Sg11′ D
Nov 23 2030 Venus Conjunct Antares 10°Sg12′ D

Mars with Antares

Dec 08 2023 Mars Conjunct Antares 10°Sg05′ D
Nov 18 2025 Mars Conjunct Antares 10°Sg07′ D
Oct 29 2027 Mars Conjunct Antares 10°Sg09′ D

Mercury with Antares

Nov 16 2023 Mercury Conjunct Antares 10°Sg05′ D
Nov 10 2024 Mercury Conjunct Antares 10°Sg06′ D
Dec 09 2024 Mercury Conjunct Antares 10°Sg06′ R
Dec 22 2024 Mercury Conjunct Antares 10°Sg06′ D
Dec 19 2025 Mercury Conjunct Antares 10°Sg07′ D
Dec 12 2026 Mercury Conjunct Antares 10°Sg08′ D
Dec 05 2027 Mercury Conjunct Antares 10°Sg09′ D
Nov 27 2028 Mercury Conjunct Antares 10°Sg10′ D
Nov 20 2029 Mercury Conjunct Antares 10°Sg11′ D
Nov 13 2030 Mercury Conjunct Antares 10°Sg12′ D

Sun is with Antares either Dec 1 or 2 each year

Dec 02 2023 Sun Conjunct Antares 10°Sg05′ D
Dec 01 2024 Sun Conjunct Antares 10°Sg06′ D
Dec 01 2025 Sun Conjunct Antares 10°Sg07′ D
Dec 02 2026 Sun Conjunct Antares 10°Sg08′ D
Dec 02 2027 Sun Conjunct Antares 10°Sg09′ D
Dec 01 2028 Sun Conjunct Antares 10°Sg10′ D
Dec 01 2029 Sun Conjunct Antares 10°Sg11′ D
Dec 02 2030 Sun Conjunct Antares 10°Sg12′ D

Moon with Antares in 2023

Moon Passes close to Antares every 27.3 days in 2023

Moon Occults Antares from Aug 25, 2023 to Aug 28, 2028

Aug 25 Evening Sky 1.07° NNE of Antares
Sep 21 Evening Sky 0.95° NE of Antares
Oct 18 Evening Sky 0.83° NNE of Antares
Nov 14 Evening Sky 0.88 NNE of Antares 18° from Sun
Dec 12 Moon Mars and Antares within a 4.99° diameter
Dec 12 Moon Occults Antares 0.89° 0nly 10 degrees from the Sun