Antares near the heart of the Galaxy

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Mercury passes Antares as does the Moon on November 8 and 9 and again December 22, 2018.

Jupiter passes Antares around the December Solstice 2018. The Moon passes Antares at least once each month including Dec 6, 2018.

Antares is a magical Behenian Royal star whose potency is heightened whenever a planet is within 6 degrees.

Antares is linked with archangel Uriel who is referenced in the Book of Enoch. Synchronistically In the Book of Enoch much is said about the importance of tracking the Celestial Cycles as a way of staying connected to the unfolding divine plan. In the book Uriel’s Machine we learn about the importance of creating one of these tracking devices also called Uriel’s Machine.

So as we approach the December Solstice and Jupiter’s 12 year passage by this star the next few weeks are calling our attention to this part of the sky.

Antares is the 14th brightest star in our night sky and according to Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld authors of Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing say,

“Antares influences the place just before choice…If you attune to this in anyway, asking with love in your heart for the higher path to be shown, so it will be. The opportunities for this may come forth in ways that were perhaps unexpected.”

The Planets are transmitters amplifying the mysteries of the heart of the Scorpion, watcher of the west, and connected to Archangel Uriel who instructed Enoch giving him 64 keys for the New Heaven and the New Earth. Interestingly, physicist Nassim Haramein, founder of the Resonance Project, discovered the foundation geometry of all creation is a 64 tetrahedron vector equilibrium grid.

More on the I-Ching

The ancient system of the I-Ching consists of 64 hexagrams or teachings that speak to the sacred nature of the number 64.  In J.J. Hurtak’s book The Keys of Enoch the 64 keys are said to be revealing 64 areas of physical and spiritual scientific knowledge. These 64 Keys or Codes are literally the structural basis of our entire creation. Greater awareness and conscious experience of these mysteries are coming to us through the light frequencies emanating from stars such as Antares located near the Galactic Core. The current series of Moon Occulations over Antares are amplifying these light codes coming from this area of the sky and are helping to accelerate the changes already taking place within our personal and collective DNA. Again a visual connection with the Moon and Antares is a powerful way to tune in to these energies. Journeying and or meditating on the Moon and Antares are also recommended if you cannot visually connect with them.


    • Love this so much To-Ree-Nee. Thank you for sharing and I hope everyone who sees this will take two and half minutes to watch it!

  1. Transition is afoot in my life so this is perfect “timing” as always. Antares is my personal star and Uriel is the Archangel that appears whenever I draw from the cards. Thank you for bringing this to light in an easily understandable way for my Earthy being to relate to. ❤🌠🌙

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