Each year Sun, Mercury, and Venus pass by Baten Katos.
Once each month the Moon passes this area of the sky.
In 2020 Mars spends a long time near this important star.
Stay tuned for more data coming soon.

February 27, 2020 Venus (22 Aries) entered the Third Eye Chakra Gate and is making her annual passage by the fixed star Baten Katos (22 Aries 13) marking the belly of the whale in one of the largest constellations called Cetus.

Mythically, Cetus is the sea monster or whale that was sent by Poseidon to punish Cassiopeia for being overly boastful about her own beauty. Cassiopeia boasted that she was more beautiful than Poiseidon’s nymphs enraging Poseidon (a.k.a Neptune).

Cetus nearly destroyed the homeland of Queen Cassiopeia. The only way to stop the destruction was to sacrifice her beautiful daughter Andromeda who was chained to a rock as an offering to Cetus.

In the Greek version of the story Perseus shows up on the winged horse Pegasus, kills Cetus and rescues Andromeda, saving the day like a good solar hero.

A more modern day version of this story could describe Andromeda as a highly trained warrior woman who chooses to fight Cetus to protect and save her people.

Although perfectly capable of defeating the sea monster herself, Perseus shows up and asks her if he can join the fight. Side by side they defeat Cetus and together save the people from harm.

Cetus is a huge constellation covering 50 degrees of the sky by length and 20 degrees by width. The head of Cetus is located directly under the Ram (a.k.a. Aries) and its body stretches from the bend in the river constellation known as Eridanus to the Stream falling from the Urn of the Waterbearer (a.k.a. Aquarius).

Pegasus, Perseus, Andromeda and Cassiopeia are also located in this area of the sky.

In his book, Hero With a Thousand Faces Joseph Campbell indicates that the “belly of the whale” is a passageway through a magical threshold of initiation taking the hero or heroine into the deep, dark, unknown interior of one’s psyche.

This also corresponds to initiations of self-annihilation where the hero/ine’s journey goes inward beyond ordinary time and space for the purpose of rebirth.

Venus in Aries, as warrior woman seen in the belly of the whale below, (this can include any planet) passing Baten Kaitos suggests the divine feminine is embracing an additional transformative experience as she reclaims her ability to vision and co-create a beautiful loving and FUN New Earth!