Me and Nancy at Queribus Castle

In 2007 I was blessed to help lead a group with Nancy Safford to France exploring the Magdalene Mysteries embedded there along with a Venus Node and 5 pointed star embedded in the land.

When we visited the Cathar Castle Queribus perched high on the bedrock of a tall mountain overlooking the surrounding area I had a rare experience (at least for me) of seeing “in between the worlds.”

Standing in ceremonial circle at the tallest part of the Castle I suddenly found myself experiencing what seemed like an intersection point, a nexus of Time Portals.

In that moment I felt a clear understanding that there are many Timelines that extended from this Time Hub linked to the Castle. What I saw looked like a splitting of the Timelines or said another way a fragmenting that occurred to protect certain mysteries.

It was as if these mysteries were split up and stored in different Timelines that have limited access points to protect the sacred knowledge stored there.

I was being shown that all the many versions of what happened historically (particularly with Magdalene and Yeshua/Christ) are true depending on what Timeline you are tracking. More importantly these Timelines are reconverging now.

This process is being speeded up by the many different groups who are showing up with their ceremonial intent. The fragmented Timelines are being gathered and healed. New Timelines are being woven into a growing coherence that is helping us to gather our fragmented parts as well.
There is more but that is all I have “time” for now. In one of those crazy kind of synchronicities within days upon returning from France in 2007 I was co-teaching a class called the “The Shamanic Timeline.” I love the cosmic sense of humor!!!
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