Both the Spring and Autumn Equinox activate additional opportunities to Change Ourselves and our World…

The 2022 March 20 Equinox is exact at 08:33 am Pacific Time or 11:33 am Eastern. More Here

Equinox Sun
At the Equinox, the Sun is tracking due East and due West all over the planet no matter how far North or South you are creating a balance of day and night or light and dark. This means the days and nights are equal in length. (More on Celebrating the Equinoxes HERE)

Equinox Cracks in the Earth’s Magnetic Field and the Arctic Lights

Researchers have found openings or cracks in the Earth’s magnetic field occur more often around the time of the Equinoxes, most especially the March Equinox!

40 years ago two researchers noticed this phenomenon (known as the Russell-McPherron effect) when the Solar wind pours through these cracks fueling the Arctic Lights (or Northern Lights in the Northern Hemisphere).

The Earth is surrounded by a magnetic force field, creating a space bubble around the Earth known as – the magnetosphere – tens of thousands of miles wide shielding and protecting the Earth from Solar Storms.

NASA’s IMAGE spacecraft and the joint NASA/European Space Agency Cluster satellites have observed immense cracks develop in Earth’s magnetosphere that remain open for hours. This type of event is most likely to occur around the Equinoxes and most especially the March Equinox called “Equinox Cracks” showing up as small as the size of California and as BIG or BIGGER than the entire planet.

While these cracks are open, magnetic fields on Earth are connected to those on the Sun activating the Aurora Borealis (Arctic Lights).

Nasa Article on Magnetic Cracks Article on Equinox Cracks shared about a ‘Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement’ called STEVE that happened at the edge of space over Alaska March 24, 2018 when a hot ribbon of ionized gas snaked through Earth’s magnetosphere over 124 miles above Anchorage, creating a luminous arc that rivaled the Moon in brightness. This is an Aurora like phenomenon that is only just beginning to be understood.

A science team led by Elizabeth MacDonald of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center published a paper on STEVE. In it, they confirm that STEVE is distinct from ordinary auroras, usually appearing to the south of active Northern Lights.
The mauve and purple colored arc, they say, is related to rivers of gas called “subauroral ion drifts” (SAIDs), flowing through Earth’s magnetic field at locally supersonic speeds. SAIDs tend to appear in Spring and Fall, more so than in Winter and Summer, accounting for STEVE being sighted most often around equinoxes.

This last point means that NOW is the season for STEVE. The onset of northern Spring seems to lure the arc out of winter hiding. 

The Power of the March Equinox With the Galactic Center Overhead

The Cognitive Sciences Laboratory in Palo Alto, California, has studied natural clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, ESP abilities. They discovered a specific window of time that consistently increased the accuracy of their test group by 400%. What they found is when Local Sidereal Time featured Galactic Center overhead (no matter the time of day) it supported more efficient use of everyone’s psychic talents.

This was first recognized by researchers at Bell Laboratory when they accidently began picking up radio emission from billions of suns in our Galaxy. They noticed this happened when Galactic Center was directly overhead. It helps to know the time this occurs as it shifts to 4 minutes earlier than the day before.

This means every 23 hours and 56 minutes, on planet Earth we have access to a doorway for connecting with cosmic energies that could change the world if intentionally energized. Imagine if we all gathered as a collective wave of intention to change the world transforming all the lower vibrational frequencies of fear, anxiety, survival, greed, judgment, power over others, etc to higher frequencies of Love, Joy, Compassion, Acceptance, Collaboration and Cooperation!

If we all spent time everyday sending loving energies with the intent to birth the New Earth in all her glory for the benefit of all life on our beautiful home planet, the transformation of this reality could happen “in the twinkling of an eye” especially if we coordinated with the Local Sidereal Time when Galactic Center is overhead.

However, the exact time is NOT as important as energizing such an intent on a daily basis. If you can do this between 6 and 8 am in the morning during the month of March then you are connecting with the Galactic Center effect.

I looked for the Sidereal Time of Galactic Center Overhead and the best I could find was when Galactic Center was on the Midheaven. Close enough if we are using 30 minutes before and after for the entire window.

On the Equinox March 19/20 access to this doorway of intention and possibilities is around 6:18 am PDT. The exact time shifts based on how far North or South you are but if you tune in anywhere within 30 minutes to an hour before or after the times given you can still catch the window. These times will be close to your Time Zone but again your latitude can make a difference in the exact time.

For example, San Francisco the exact point on March 20 is 7:05 am. San Diego is 6:45 am and New York is 6:52 am based on the local time zones and declination of these places.

Everyday the center point of this portal shifts to 4 minutes earlier. The Times listed in the Table below are approximate as each year the exact time may shift slightly and also where you are located will effect the exact time this is happening. Remember: our intention is stronger than the precision of the timing!

Date Galactic Center Midheaven Rounded to nearest minute
March 01 7:34 am Local Time
March 02 7:30 am Local Time
March 03 7:26 am Local Time
March 04 7:22 am Local Time
March 05 7:18 am Local Time
March 06 7:14 am Local Time
March 07 7:10 am Local Time
March 08 7:06 am Local Time
March 09 7:02 am Local Time
March 10 6:58 am Local Time
March 11 6:54 am Local Time
March 12 6:50 am Local Time
March 13 6:46 am Local Time
March 14 6:42 am Local Time
March 15 6:38 am Local Time
March 16 6:34 am Local Time
March 17 6:30 am Local Time
March 18 6:26 am Local Time
March 19 6:22 am Local Time
March 20 6:18 am Local Time
March 21 6:14 am Local Time
March 22 6:10 am Local Time
March 23 6:06 am Local Time
March 24 6:02 am Local Time
March 25 5:58 am Local Time
March 26 5:54 am Local Time
March 27 5:50 am Local Time
March 28 5:46 am Local Time
March 29 5:42 am Local Time
March 30 5:38 am Local Time
March 31 5:34 am Local Time