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Jupiter and Pluto ebook with a table showing past and future conjunctions and when Pluto enters new signs including the sign Pluto was in when you born.

Plus, a look at what was seeded in
2020 – playing out now – until the next conjunction on February 4, 2033 at 14°Aquarius 50′ D and what it means to have Jupiter and Pluto in aspect on your natal chart including historical figures with this configuration.


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Where the Wicked (Wise) Go To Pray a Pluto Perspective

This poem is a great reminder or anyone who has Pluto as a natal teacher, initiator or guide and/or they are in a Pluto cycle describing the importance of going within, accepting what IS and surrendering to whatever is happening even – and maybe especially – if you don’t like it.
My oldest son wrote this poem when he was age 18 years old, he turns 40 in 2022.
Some years ago (about 9 or so) he was going through Pluto opposite his natal Sun. This poem was a perfect description of his life regarding the relentless demand of this combination to go deep into how we judge ourselves over perceived weakness, as well as the need and often the hesitation around surrendering to the process.
When the Sun opposes Pluto – currently occurring in the month of July (July 19 in 2022) – or is aspecting any planet – it feels timely to revisit this poem summing up the Pluto Experience – especially when we are resisting it..
Note: the original meaning of the word wicked was wise. AND Ryan came through the challenging time better than ever having died to his old identity and then was reborn to a whole new one – and he is doing that again as he finishes up his Pluto square Pluto..

Where the Wicked Go to Pray
by Ryan Van Cleve

Sitting in the desert where the wicked go to pray
My body dry and burning in the blazing of the day
Surrounded by the searing of the Sun’s relentless light
Knowing that beneath my skin resides eternal night
Receiving no reprieve from the wide and cloudless sky
Only a mocking gaze from its hot, unblinking eye
If my heart would slow it’s beating, I may hold out ‘till the night
Where my soul can be embraced by the absence of the light
If my mind would cease its chatter I might sink beneath the sand
Hidden from the vengeance of the harsh, unfeeling hand
But, alas, I fear that I will not pass this test
For my body’s nearly broken and my spirit’s weak at best.