Love and the Taurus Mysteries – Insights from the Taurus line-up in May 2000

A Personal Taurus Story of Real Magic

In the early morning hours of May 1 in the year 2000 I had a dream that gave me a clear answer to a question. I no longer remember the question, but the answer remains clear. In the dream I was looking at a computer screen watching words appear seemingly by themselves.

I read, “Love Heals Everything!”

Some days later I was looking through old emails, finding one I hadn’t taken time to read yet sent on Dec, 25, 1999. It was from a talk given by Drunvalo.

I scanned it and read, “Love is the answer to every question?”

That very same day I was listening to an Oceanic Tantra CD by Kutira and Raphael called Tantric Wave. The first song is titled “Remember Love” and the very first words are

“The Greatest Healer is Love…”

A few lines later

“…As soon as the love is remembered, your life is filled with ease, and even if it takes the greatest of tears, the tears are released and it feels so good – to remember love.”

The song I Remember Love is on Youtube HERE and posted below. More songs from that album are posted HERE


Six of the Seven Planets In Taurus in May 2000

As I look back on the Grand Planetary Lineup in Taurus, and consider the Taurus archetypal energy, these messages make perfect sense. From an archetypal perspective – the Love Goddess and the Love God help describe the Taurus energies. Taurus reminds us to receive life’s gifts, to BE, to relax, to slow down, breathe, and enjoy the beauty around us, with gratitude, appreciation and love.

The Taurus mysteries teach us to enjoy and receive love and physical pleasure in our bodies as a divine, orgasmic experience. They also teach us to know how to attract and receive all we need from the plentiful abundance of life. As co-creators of our reality we co-create through magnetizing and attracting. If we are feeling love, joy and gratitude we will magnetize more love, joy and gratitude.

The new cycle initiated in the May 2000 Taurus line-up activated in my awareness the importance of remembering love in my own So Below reality. Love heals everything.

Truly lovingly ourselves and others is fully experienced when we completely accept who we are in each moment without judgment. Judging acts to separate life into good or evil, light or dark, either or. Remembering that the dark exists to define the light, and the light defines the dark, reminds us that it is not either or, but rather it is all of everything we experience and more.

All of creation is created from the same source. As we accept all of life and love everything and everyone we are released from the bonds of duality and “life is filled with ease.”

Some may worry that we must guard against what we perceive is evil, or bad. However, if we are truly coming from a place of love, we will attract what vibrates to the frequency of love. Or looked at another way the frequency of love transforms and heals everything.

Therefore, all that is necessary, from any one of us, is to come from pure love and everything is healed automatically. We don’t have to try and change anyone or anything. Pure love is all that is ever needed for healing to occur.

Remembering love – is the secret to co-creating Heaven on Earth (the New Earth Reality).
All the many ongoing powerful celestial and earthly energies converging over the past 20 years and more (and continuing into the future) are assisting in further energizing the field of love within our conscious awareness when we are open to receive the gift of love that is always there for us.


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