Power of the Nodes – Connecting the Past and Future

by Cayelin K Castell

Appreciating our Past, Moving Toward Our Future and Living in the NOW!

The North Node entered Gemini and the South Node entered Sagittarius late on May 4 or early on May 5 depending on your time zone beginning a nearly 18 month journey through Gemini until January of 2022.

Planets and North Node from 2020 to 2022 with more on the Gemini/Sagittarius Nodal axis coming soon…


I shared a Nodal theme around honoring our past, living in the present and envisioning our future in this Video.

This link has a way to determine what sign the Nodes were in when you born and when your next Nodal Return or Nodal Reversal begins though its time to update this table since some of the dates are now past. Scroll down to find the link.

A year ago when I was contemplating this topic a falcon flew right in front of me on my morning walk and landed about 15 feet away in this tree so close to me as if to say I have a message for you.

I was struck by how it was pointing forward and looking back toward me simultaneously. I realized the message was about connecting the past and future in the now within a day of creating the meme posted below as if it were a confirmation to pay even greater attention to what was, what is and what is becoming

Destiny doesn’t happen by chance as much as it does by choice. Of course there are experiences that are beyond our control and yet it’s our choice that determines how we experience it and what the lasting result is.

When we choose to come from love the result is greater love. When we choose to come from anger or hurt the result is greater anger and hurt. Forgiving our selves and each other is powerful medicine that can change our future timeline in ways we haven’t even yet imagined.

By the way, falcon signifies wisdom, vision, and protection. This beautiful messenger is a symbol for awakening your wise visionary power. Be sure you are listening now for the messages that are filled with wisdom from the past, what strategy is best now and how all that is leading you to your future destiny.

Of course it helps to remember we often have to sacrifice aspects of the old life that are no longer working – allowing them to die a good death that becomes the sacred soil (compost) for the new life we are envisioning.

Additional details are here.

This article is a work in progress…

Here is a more detailed exploration of the Nodes with an audio AND a table where you can find where the Nodes were when you born.

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