Denebola is the brightest star marking the tail of the lion located around 21 Virgo 54 in 2022. It takes 72 years for a one degree shift meaning it will be 2028 when Denebola reaches 22 Virgo.

The name Denebola is rooted in the word Deneb an Arabic word meaning tail. Over the centuries this star has had many different names or derivations of its current name. More at this link.

Denebola is the third brightest star in the Lion constellation, about 36 light years from Earth, with 75% greater mass than our Sun and twelve times the luminosity. Denebola’s visual magnitude is + 2.14 so it is easily visible to the naked eye.

It was considered to be a season changer because when Denebola started rising into the morning sky the heat was beginning to diminish from the days and the cold began to diminish when Denebola disappeared as described by the Persian astronomer Al Biruni (973-1048 A.D.) who wrote: “The heat turns away when it rises, and the cold turns away when it disappears.” Now Denebola and the Lion are rising in the evening sky in March so the heat is rising with Denebola and the Lion and the heat is disappearing when Denebola disappears starting in August.

The Sun conjuncts Denebola around September 13 (give or take a day) each year approximately a week before the September Equinox. So in the Northern Hemisphere most latitudes are experiencing a time of year that is cooling down. (see below for Moon conjunctions to 2025)

Denebola could be visible in the morning sky as early as September 23 in northern latitudes. Each day this star rises 4 minutes earlier so if you can’t see it in September then you will most likely see it in the morning sky in October and by December Denebola is rising around mid-night.

Denebola is found in two important starry asterisms including the the Spring Triangle with Arcturus, Spica and Denebola. Stay tuned for more on this…

Denebola is also located in the Great Diamond most visible in the  spring and summer – worth checking out in the night sky. The Great Diamond asterism is made up of four bright stars, Arcturus in Bootes, Spica in Virgin Priestess, Denebola in the Lion, and the star Cor Caroli from the small constellation Canes Venatici (CANE-eez vin-AT-uh-sigh).

The Great Diamond covers more of  the sky than the Big Dipper. And you can use the Big Dipper to find it as shown in the image below. More coming around the Great Diamond so stay tuned…


Denebola is noted for its ability to draw on what truly serves the highest and best from the past, while looking forward to the future.

The lion or lioness represents the codes of royalty as in the service of the King or Queen to the people. Denebola links the highest and best of these codes from our ancient origins and assists in bringing through the new visions of how these codes are evolving to best serve this time. Indeed, to truly serve as a radiant and shining one, as a divine being, as someone who truly loves who they are then their ultimate intent is to empower others to express their own true divine nature. Not only is the Virgo New Moon with this star in 2020 but it also occurs on the anniversary of the signing of the constitution of the United States. More about this HERE

The Moon passes by this star each month illuminating, amplifying and transmitting the Light Codes from Denebola. Below are the exact dates based on Mountain Time. The full effect of the Moon with this star begins the day before and lasts until the day after the exact conjunction. 

Moon and Denebola 2021 (the Moon passes Denebola 14 times in 2021)
Jan 04
Jan 31
Feb 27
Mar 27
Apr 23
May 21
Jun 17
Jul 14
Aug 10
Sep 07
Oct 04
Nov 01
Nov 28
Dec 25

Moon and Denebola 2022 (the Moon passes Denebola 13 times in 2022)
Jan 22
Feb 18
Mar 17
Apr 13
May 11
Jun 07
Jul 05
Aug 01
Aug 28
Sep 24
Oct 22
Nov 18
Dec 15

Moon and Denebola 2023 (the Moon passes Denebola 13 times in 2023)
Jan 12
Feb 08
Mar 07
Apr 03
May 01
May 28
Jun 24
Jul 22
Aug 18
Sep 14
Oct 12
Nov 08
Dec 05

Moon and Denebola 2024 (the Moon passes Denebola 14 times in 2024)
Jan 02
Jan 29
Feb 25
Mar 23
Apr 20
May 17
Jun 13
Jul 01
Aug 07
Sep 03
Sep 30
Oct 28
Nov 24
Dec 21

Moon and Denebola 2025 (the Moon passes Denebola 13 times in 2025)
Jan 18
Feb 14
Mar 13
Apr 10
May 07
Jun 03
Jun 30
Jul 28
Aug 24
Sep 20
Oct 18
Nov 14
Dec 11