Here are the February 2017 Celestial Timings with 7 pages of content including Star Maps. January was intense in ways that felt good and challenging sometimes simultaneously due in part to the further activation of the Uranus Pluto Square with Jupiter forming a T-Square to both meaning the transformative and disruptive energies of these planetary initiators is being magnified with the intent to dismantle the old and birth the new. Hence the feelings of feeling really good and really challenged nearly simultaneously.

I have once again included the All Planets Direct info below on Presidential Inaugurations for those who may have missed that last month.

No previous knowledge of astrology is needed
for any of the following special events.

New Venus Tele-Class series begins April 17, 2017

This monthly online class is about celebrating and honoring the Warrior Goddesses.
Rave Review
Since you two are so dazzlingly brilliant with your Venus Teleclass series… LOVE!!! everything you two do… WOW to it all!!!… so of course I’m going to continue with my two beloved and delightful Goddess Guides ️… and YAY for upcoming Aries! Diane Sign-up and Details are here.

teo-2016Save the Date for another Sacred Journey to Teotihuacan April 20-25 with special side trip to the sacred waters of Tolantonga extension to April 27. Details are HERE

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Jupiter, travels through Libra until October 2017. This recorded class takes a deep look at all things related to Jupiter journeying through Libra, as this wave of expansion and enthusiastic activation takes the Libra Mysteries, including relational magic, to a higher octave, and includes insights on navigating Jupiter’s three squares to Pluto and three Oppositions to Uranus starting in November and lasting well into 2017.

Rave Review I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed listening to this teleclass! There were so many valuable insights. I hope that Jupiter in Libra brings SAMS the even wider reach that your material deserves!
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Rave Review I love, love, love this new Venus class! I keep finding so many synergies in my life. Thank you for bringing this material forth in such an amazing way. RW

All Planets Direct (APD) until Feb 5/6 and a look at Presidents and Inaugurations with APD

Going back to 1900 there are only two presidential inaugurations that took place with all the planets in direct motion.  The first was the second inauguration of Ronald Reagan and the second was the second inauguration of Bill Clinton. Trump is the first president in over 100 years to be inaugurated in his first term with all planets direct. 

Presidents BORN with All Planets Direct or APD

14th President Franklin Pierce Nov 23, 1804 served one term
16th President Abraham Lincoln Feb 12, 1809 assassinated at start of his second term
17th President Andrew Johnson Dec 29, 1809 was vice president to Lincoln and only served the one term
42nd President Bill Clinton Aug 19,1946 he was the first democrat to be elected to a second term since FDR.
43rd President George W Bush Jul 06, 1946 noted for 9/11 and going to war with Iraq and Afghanistan and declaring war on Terrorism

Presidents Inaugurated with APD

05th President James Monroe 2nd Term, Inauguration Mar 5, 1821

09th President William Harrison, Inauguration Mar 4, 1841. Died a month later on April 4 1841 (one month) Wife Anna too ill to join him in Washington, so daughter-in-law served that function. Harrison died before his wife was due to arrive in May. President for 32 days

11th President James Polk, Inauguration March 4, 1845. Was the first inauguration to be covered by Telegraph and first to be illustrated in the London Times (one term)

14th President Franklin Pierce, Inauguration March 4, 1853 (one term) Also born with APD. He recited his inaugural speech from Memory. Vice President died shortly after his inauguration and the office was left vacant for the duration of Pierce’s presidency.

40th President Ronald Reagan 2nd term January 21, 1985. Reagan spent 15.5 million of tax payer’s money on his second inauguration ceremony earning him the Golden Fleece award for wasting tax payers money.

42nd President Bill Clinton 2nd term January 20, 1997 also Born with APD. This was the first Presidential Inauguration streamed live on Internet and last one of the 20th century. He was impeached by congress and acquitted by the Senate completing his term of office.

45th President Donald Trump January 20, 2017