Now more than ever it is time to trust and act on your heart-knowing even when it is NOT easy because your mind is so use to running the show. Taking time to listen to your heart knowing, to listen to your feelings – not the emotions of our personality that often operate out of fear but rather a deeper more soulful place that exists outside of time – is one of the most powerful practices we can engage.

For most of us it takes time and lots of practice to skillfully drop into our heart space and listen to the knowing that exists beyond mental knowing, beyond logic and reason.

This powerful way of knowing does not come from the mind. Rather this knowing comes from a profound, indescribable inner sense and when you trust and act on that knowing, the results are magical.

Emotions are Different than Feelings.
This is different than acting on our emotions. When we are caught up in our emotions, our reactions drive our choices out of a desire for comfort and pleasurable experiences. From the emotional perspective the goal is to avoid discomfort and experiences that create anxiety or fear. Emotional reaction may create relief from the discomfort in the moment but usually causes greater problems in the long run. For example, if a person resorts to eating, alcohol, or drugs when under stress it might be a temporary fix for the emotional roller coaster, but the long term results can be devastating.

Daily practices that support us in being with, allowing, and accepting whatever is happening, whatever we are experiencing, without judgment or a need to fix it, change it, or make it be different is a way to begin to connect with the deeper feeling realm and the guidance from our heart knowing, or higher self. From this heart-centered place we can choose to respond in ways that will support our evolutionary path.

Activities and choices that assist us in following and acting from our heart knowing with gratitude and compassion are strengthened by practicing daily self-care and self-nurturing.

This is not about self-indulgence but rather the kind of nurturing that supports us in living vital, healthy, joyful, loving, playful, fun and magical lives.

Here are a few suggestions on self-care and self-love practices intended to inspire your own knowing about what works for you – perhaps inspiring you to create your own list

  • Throughout your day take a few minutes to focus attention on your physical heart, noting what you have to be grateful for and feeling appreciation for your life
  • Practice noticing, allowing and accepting whatever is showing up in the moment. Be curious and notice if you are reacting or responding.
  • Look in the mirror, gaze deep into your eyes and say “I totally and completely love you just as you are right now!”
  • Take time to rest, relax, regenerate, renew
  • Choose actions that support radiant Health and Well-Being with suggestions that follow
  • Drinking lots of pure living Water and eat nutritious healthy delicious food
  • Exercise (any kind that works for you i.e. yoga, walking, running, dancing, hiking, etc.)
  • Meditate, Imagine, Dream, Visualize, Pray
  • Treat yourself to Bodywork – massage, acupuncture, raindrop therapy, rolfing, chiropractic, energy work etc.
  • Take time to do emotional release work intended to shift old patterns and beliefs – through counseling, breathwork, or other therapies that support releasing stuck feelings
  • Practice Self-Forgiveness and taking personal responsibility for your experience while also releasing guilt and blame of self and others
  • Take time to feel what you feel noticing when you are avoiding your feelings…such as eating comfort food, watching television, obsessive exercise or meditation, work-a-holic practices or any activities that distract you from experiences of pain, guilt, discomfort, anxiousness, fear, etc.
  • Choose to be with, or simply allow for, all your experiences to be what they are without judgment and listen for the message they have for you
  • Spend Time in Nature
  • Spend Time with Friends
  • Take a relaxing fun vacation even if its only for a day
  • Go see an inspiring, fun Movie
  • Journal thoughts, feelings and insights—Keep track of your dreams
  • Take a relaxing hot bath, Jacuzzi, hot springs etc…
  • Read an entertaining book
  • Have compassion for yourself and others
  • Revisit I AM Entitled to Miracles and claim the miracles that are yours to experience
  • Listen to the Audios on the Doing Addiction and Chiron for additional insights and support.

Cayelin Castell practicing Self Love in nature 2018