Here is the 2017 July Celestial TimingsPDF with Sky Maps and details – exploring what is up with the Planets and Stars Including Saturn’s connection with the Serpent Bearer as we dream into a new reality this month and beyond preparing for the total Solar Eclipse across the USA in August. 

The Great American Total Solar Eclipse (GATSE) on Monday, Aug. 21 is the first total solar eclipse to cross the continental United States from coast to coast in nearly 100 years. Totality falls along a specific line and you must be somewhere inside that line of totality to see it. Otherwise, you will see only a partial eclipse. Find out more and see an eclipse map at this link

No previous knowledge of astrology is needed for any of the following special events.

September 1-4 Night Sky Cosmology Wilderness Camping Event In Nevada at an ancient Petroglyph Site with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell  Details HERE

Sacred Ceremonial Journey with Venus (the Goddess) on her Descent into the Underworld

This monthly online class is about celebrating and honoring the Warrior Goddesses as she goes through shamanic initiation including dying to who she thought she was and be reborn to who she truly is Sign-up and Details are here.

Activating the Aries Wild Woman article to further inspire this Sacred Aries Venus Cycle in her last initiatory journey on the collective World Stage. 

Informative Videos about the Venus in Aries Cycle – the last one in our lifetime. Tami and I share an overview of this remarkable Venus Cycle, Ceremonial Considerations and how to work with the crown chakra.

For those who are interested in the Priestess Process there is an online offering (starting in July) and in person offering (August 22 – 27 and of course you can also do both together) on The Path of the 21st Century Priestess™ With Facilitators: Bonnie Salomon and Judy Keating. If this speaks to you I highly recommend this process as it totally changed my life back in 1995 and continues to inform my present day experience.
Find Out More at this link

Shamanic Astrology in Magical Mystical Portugal at sacred sites that pre-date those currently known in the British Isles and Scotland. September 18-24 Now ONLY 2 Spots Left