Dreaming Into Wholeness with the Serpent Bearer

Dreaming into Wholeness with the Serpent Bearer

See follow up article I am the Serpent Bearer featuring a powerful dream I had suggesting the original serpent bearer may actually have been feminine.

Each Year the Sun Passes by this constellation from November 30 to Mid-December.

The Moon passes this star once each month. Moon with RasAlhague the Crown Chakra of this constellation dates are HERE

“Ophiuchus means ‘he who holds the serpent’ and that is how he is depicted.
… on equal terms with equal powers”.
[Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 1, p.31]

Astronomers redrew the boundaries of the constellations in 1922 publishing them as described here placing the feet of Ophiuchus/Serpent Bearer (just above the body the constellation of the Scorpion) on the Ecliptic. Since that time astronomers tell us that the Sun travels through Ophiuchus from Nov 29 to Dec 18 and have made claims about how this is the 13th sign. It is NOT the 13th sign.



Signs are not based on constellations as they represent the seasonal cycle of Solstices and Equinoxes. Find out more in this article that explains why there are NOT 13 signs and find out what constellation the Sun was in when you born.

This quote from The Fixed Star Site about Ophuichus is also from the book Star Names, Their Lore and Meaning by Richard Allen Hinkley published in 1899.

This constellation is positioned between the Archer stretching from just east of the head of Hercules to the Scorpion; partly in the Milky Way, divided nearly equally by the celestial equator; but, although always shown with the Serpent, the catalogues have its stars entirely distinct from the latter. The classicists, however, united the two figures into a single constellation. Serpens (the snake) and Ophiuchus (the snake holder) are often considered together. Serpens itself is a two section constellation; divided into head and body by the intervening Ophiuchus…

Ophiuchus is Aesculapius, the ancient healer, believed to be the ancestor of Hippocrates (born 460 B.C.E.), the great physician of Cos, and Serpens was his symbol of healing. The serpent as depicted in the caduceus is the symbol for the poison (venom) that can both cure and kill, and Ophiuchus uses it to heal. The cult of Aesculapius began in Thessaly; temples were built throughout Greece, especially near healing springs. After fasting and bathing, the sick and disturbed would spend the night in special ‘dream incubation chambers’ in his temples. The god, appearing to them in vivid dreams, diagnosed disease and offered cures, and the grateful recipients of his wisdom would then throw golden coins into his sacred fountains.”~ Star Names, Their Lore and Meaning

In his book The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse tells us Ophiuchus is a symbol for Asclepius, the ancient Greek healer trained by Chiron and believed to be the ancestor of Hippocrates (born 460 BCE) where the Hippocratic Oath originates, and Serpens is his symbol of healing.

Other imagery connected to Ophuichus and Serpens is kundalini (a Sanskrit word meaning ‘coiled up’ or ‘coiling like a snake’). The cultivation and management of this life-force has been the aim of these healers who utilized drumming, trance, chanting, hallucinogenics etc. to facilitate intuitive guidance to facilitate a cure.

Ophiuchus, as the Serpent Bearer, therefore holds the key to the importance of Kundalini, life force energy and the wholeness or healing that comes from a healthy relationship with this energy.

The association of the serpent (Serpens) with this constellation has also been linked with the miraculous powers of snake charmers, or shamans who were the tribal healers committed to holistic healing of both mind and body, using herbs, potions, charms, incantations, exorcism, magic, divination, and prayers, as means to establish a cure.

The serpent as depicted in the caduceus is the symbol for the poison (venom) that can both cure and kill. Ophiuchus uses it to heal.

The Healing Temples of Aesculapius were built near healing springs throughout Greece. After fasting and bathing, the patient spent the night in special ‘dream incubation chambers’ in these temples. The dreams of the patients helped to diagnose illness and suggest a healing protocol.

Asclepius Learns to Revive the Dead From a Snake
Asclepius was brought to the King of Crete, King Minos, to bring the king’s dead son back to life. The king’s son had died of a terrible illness. Asclepius told the king there was nothing he could do to help his son. Furious the king had his guards imprison Asclepius in a terrible place until Asclepius would agree to his demands.

Asclepius felt doomed. Then a snake crawled into his cell through a small hole in the wall. Angered that this snake could come and go and he could not – Asclepius took out his frustration on the snake striking the snake with his staff until it was dead. After the snake was dead and Ascelpius had spent his anger killing it, he wondered why he taken such a violent action as it was unlike him to cause harm to another creature.

Feeling sorry for his circumstances and concern for his sanity, Asclepius soon noticed another snake had entered his cell carrying an herb in its mouth. Asclepius watched as the snake spread the herb on what remained of its mate. More amazing still, the parts of the first snake began to heal and grow together again. After a few minutes, the first snake was whole and healthy again and both snakes returned back through the hole in the wall. However, the snake that carried the healing herb had left some of it behind.

Inspired by this incident, Asclepius called the guards to take him to the King’s son. He then spread the herb upon the dead body. Miraculously the prince returned to life, and his illness was cured as well. King Minos was overjoyed. Before returning home Asclepius collected a large supply of the magic herb …

Aesculapius was a shamanic healer who learned how to bring the dead back to life. Eventually the God of the Underworld, Hades, complained to his brother Zues about all the dead leaving his realm suggesting this went against the natural order of life. Zeus agreed and destroyed Aesculapius with a thunderbolt and placed the constellation of the Serpent Bearer in the Sky as a reminder.

Scholars feel that that the name Asklepios as described in Homer’s Iliad may come from the Greek askein that is the root of the word ascetic, a hermit or monk. The -epia, -epios, in the name Asklepios is variously translated ‘gentle’, ‘kind’, ‘calm’, ‘soothing’.

The head of the Serpent-Bearer where the star Rasalhague is located is said to be filled with powerful, ageless healing wisdom that has the potential to restore and revitalize.

When any planet travels through this constellation and by this star it is a time when it is beneficial to pay attention to your dreams and to ask for dream messages that will guide you toward your next steps.

I am the Serpent Bearer additional article for a deeper look at these mysteries.

Find out more about Rasalhague the Crown Chakra Star of Ophuichus


  1. I have been having several dream too,about a snake chasing me but B4 I could know ,a lion intervene and started fighting the snake till I ran away,then the lion left it and go,cos when people get there they said they did not see the lion only snake,so I don’t understand the dream and am an ophiuchus

    • I am guessing what you mean is your Sun is in the area of the Sky where Ophiuchus is located. When the constellations where redrawn back in the 1920’s Ophiuchus’s feet were redrawn to touch the ecliptic but that wasn’t how it was originally. Plus the seasonal signs are very different from the constellations as explained here https://cayelincastell.com/the-13th-sign-misunderstanding/

      However, this is still an important area of the sky and clearly you are connecting in with the dreaming medicine of this constellation. Perhaps the Lion AND the snake are animal allies for you? 🙂

    • I witnessed the snake dance growing up near La Junta, Colorado performed by the Koshari Indians and what was shared then was it was a way to bring rain and they had many stories about how successful these dancers were in doing just that.

      Here is another point of view: For thousands of years the Hopi tribe of northern Arizona has performed a secretive, sacred ceremony that embodies the manifold and richly evocative archetypal nature of the serpent. In modern times the so-called Snake Dance (Tsu’tiki or Tsu’tiva) has gained notoriety, partly because its participants put live snakes in their mouths and wrap them around their necks. The species, both venomous and non-venomous, might include garter snakes, gopher snakes, bull snakes, sidewinders, and even rattlesnakes.

      Hopi Ophis
      The Hopi believe that their intimacy with rattlesnakes and other ophidian species engenders rainfall and fecundity upon the high desert. It does NOT represent the demonic element as displayed in most Pentecostal Christian churches.

      The biennial native ritual is held every other August during years that alternate with the Flute Ceremony.
      In even-numbered years, the Snake Dance occurs in the villages of Oraibi and Hotevilla on Third Mesa, and in Shongopovi and Shipaulovi on Second Mesa; in odd-numbered years, it is held in Mishongnovi on Second Mesa and Walpi on First Mesa, with the latter village retaining the strongest tradition. https://www.ancient-origins.net/history-ancient-traditions/dances-snakes-real-reason-hopi-snake-dance-009868

  2. Cayelin, I dreamed I was walking in a forest in Switzerland on completely flat land. Before me a huge cone mountain rose up. I leaned back to see its height, back and back and back. At the distant top a subtle light shone. There was no way to directly climb the mountain, but to the west a long trail made an angled rising approach. Actually, the mountain was like a pyramid with a capstone. As I write, I could be at Chichen Itza where I visited on my ninth Venus return. And of course there is Kulkulcan!

  3. Hi Cayelin,

    I Pray a lot and receive a lot of Spiritual Blessings.

    I recently had a Dream: I saw a Huge, Beautiful, Alligator. He almost looked like a statue, but he was real…. he was on all of his 4 feet on dry land. He looked like he was smiling. I was not afraid. I felt very protected. It felt almost like he was a “bulldog”, protecting me. I was several feet away. I “knew” this Alligator was my “friend.”

    He did not threaten me in any way. I have never had any dream like this before. It felt Very Powerful. I do not usually have scary dreams of any kind.

    • Wow what a powerful dream and it just may be letting you know alligator is an animal guide for you. I dreamed about an alligator too though some years ago. They are very ancient beings and as a result represent primordial energies connected to Mother Earth as well as access to ancient knowledge and the power to survive! Powerful Indeed!!!

  4. Hi Cayelin! Just wanted to say I love your new picture!..When I get my computer glitch worked out, I will send you a picture of my Ophiuchus Goddess art. This summer I dreamed of a naked woman ‘allowing’ a rattlesnake to bite her 2 times!!!..She needed to, so she could recieve its ‘medicine’. Ho. Then I went to South Dakota, and leaving the Pine Ridge Res at sunset, a huge white owl flew up by my car carrying a snake into the sunset. Ho!..so..what could it all mean?! A blessing. love, Merkaba Whitefeather Moon

    • Wow Merkaba. Potent and cool dream and potent cool experience with the White Owl carrying the snake. Clearly a blessing! Looking forward to seeing your Ophiuchus Goddess art as my sense is Ophiuchus was probably originally seen more like the Cretan Snake Goddess or a snake priestess/prophetess/healer though no real written record has been found to link this constellation with those mysteries. 🙂

  5. Dear Cayelin

    Thank you so much for your article. Every year at this time I seem to have very prophetic dreams that often involve serpents and/or water. Your information has helped me understand more of the energy at play.

    Much gratitude.

    • Yay Michelle I am so glad this is helpful. I appreciate your comment so much as I have a direct connection to to Rasalhague and I dreamed about serpents – snakes – often biting me – for years…though not so much in recent years. So I had not put the two together until now. Thank you so much for that!!! I am sure others will find your sharing helpful too! 🙂

  6. dear Cayelin – this illuminates something buried in my sub conscious – a few of the dreams images of my last few nights have been SO REAL and tied to human (my) emotional states that while the context fades (because I do not journal) the images are very easy for me to carry into the next 24 hour period.

    Joyful blessings (as you ‘say’) on your thanksgiving, your work many moons ago was significant in ways I am just now knowing.

    • Thank you so much Virginia for sharing. I too have been having more vivid dreams lately and am feeling the call of the dream world more strongly than ever. 🙂
      Magical Joyful Blessings to you too at this Magical Time of year!

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