On July 22 the Sun makes its annual move into Leo where it remains until Aug 22 or 23.

For the next 30 days the Sun illuminates the mysteries of Self-Love through the miracles of healthy self-confidence, self-approval, self-acceptance and self-respect. Within our inner heart flame, the flame of divine love and acceptance, the pure essence and truth of who we are and why we are – here shines brightly.

When Leo is in its strength and power this energy knows and remembers its radiant and shining divine essence shared by all life. A favorite quote in the Celestial Timings over the years has included these words by Marianne Williamson in her book A Return to Love. This part of the quote sums up the essence of the Leo mysteries.

We are born to make manifest the Glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own Light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Synchronistically, July 22 is Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day honoring, celebrating and remembering the Magdalene High Priestess. Mary Magdalene (Magdalene is a title) was never a prostitute and the Catholic Church admitted to that truth in the 1960’s.

…It has been more than 30 years since the Vatican formally proclaimed that Mary was not the fallen woman of Luke’s gospel, and that Pope Gregory the Great had created that story to further his own purposes in the Dark Ages. But two millennia of public opinion is hard to erase. The Vatican’s admission of error in the 1960’s hasn’t really been any more effective than a retraction buried on the last page of a newspaper. So essentially, Mary Magdalene becomes the godmother of misunderstood females, the first woman of major importance to be intentionally and completely altered and maligned by the writers of history (his-story)… ~The Expected One by Kathleen McGowan

Additionally, 15th century author Jacobus wrote that Mary Magdalene’s name means “light giver” or “magnificent light giver” as researched by William Henry author of several books including The Peacemaker and the New Key of Life. Jacobus goes onto say that Mary Magdalene’s name tells us she was illumined with perfect knowledge in her mind and with the light of glory in her body.

William Henry says she was a peacemaker in the original meaning of the word peace – going beyond definitions that describe peace as the absence of conflict. A peacemaker from this perspective is someone who actively seeks to unite Heaven and Earth, bringing the light of love into the physical world.

On July 22 each year – Magdalene’s feast day – remembers and reclaims the magic and power of the Magdalene High Priestess as one of many divine feminine expressions that was lost and is now being found again.

Here are insights about Mary Magdalene from Margaret Starbird etc and some of my personal experience as a Magdalene Priestess

In Honor of Mary Magdalene’s Day and the movement of the Sun into Leo on July 22 I am sharing this from I Remember Union The Story of Mary Magdalena by Flo Magdalena
And it is Written:
There will be among all people
the peace of a million years of dreaming.
And it will come to pass
That there will be no separation.
The people will rise together,
young, and old,
female and male,
and there will be equality.
And all nations shall be
as stars shining
from the same sky
with the same intention:
to light the way for mankind.
The days shall number years
and millenniums,
and it will come to pass
that these moments
are all the same simultaneous.
All the knowledge and all the worlds of learning
will be reborn into awareness,
and all will be understood.
The questions will be answered,
the meanings known.
And there will be
no more aloneness.
For the people
will reach out
from their souls
and their hearts.
And their vision will be of unity,
truth, and order.
The ways of mankind
will become the ways
of the angels,
and there will be
the coming together of all ages
in one moment.
And the learning will
at last be clear.
The people shall rejoice
and dance within,
and all the kingdoms
shall rise together,
as if from the mist
of the dreams
of humanity,
and forge a union with the divine.
The way shall be lighted
with the truth from the spheres.
And man shall join woman
in the final dance of alchemy.
All despair
shall be lifted
into the rainbow of peace.
There shall be no war,
no famine,
and no pestilence.
their hearts and their souls,
shall merge Within and Without.
The microcosm shall become
the Macrocosm.
The moments shall merge
to be experienced
as time standing still.
For the lord
and the goddess
shall merge –
and the night
and the day.
All of the forces
shall come together
to signal
the end
and the beginning.
The belief of duality
will be laid to rest,
and all the dichotomy
shall pass away.
The people will remember
and search no more.
Their feet and their hands,
Each moment shall embrace
all desire and all need,
fulfilling their great longings.
There will be no
loss or abandonment,
for all will be made known.
The Father and the Mother
shall join hands across the sky,
embracing all their children
in the crystal light of being.
And they will rest forever,
the children,
in the bosoms of truth and love,
and all else will pass away.
And so it is written.
And so it IS❣️