Mercury in Aquarius

Cayelin age 6 or 7 looking far away into other dimensions

This is a work in progress. Stay tuned for more dates and insights.

Mercury stations direct at 28 Aquarius on March 9, 2020 having first entered Aquarius on January 17 to Feb 3 and returning to Aquarius via the Mercury Retrograde on March 4. This means Aquarius is the featured archetype of the main for about 120 days.

I love Mercury in Aquarius for lots of reasons but probably mostly because it is where Mercury was when I was born. My old mind (Sagittarius Moon) and new mind (Mercury in Aquarius) are similar in the quest for expanding consciousness and awareness so growing up I totally loved thinking in ways that were different from others and saying things that would challenge their reality until I realized it wasn’t interesting or exciting for them to think about these things and was perhaps down right scary.

I learned to dial it back to some degree but often blurted out questions and observations that were unsettling to the adults and other kids my age. Luckily my parents were interested in ‘out there’ perspectives and did there best to satisfy my curious mind.

I asked questions about God wondering if God created the world who created God? And how was God Born? At age 6 I asked questions time – noticing how every moment quickly became the past, that the whole day I had just experienced was now in the past and even as I was asking the question it was now in the past – so what was the point of time anyway?

So yes my mind pondered cosmic questions from a young age and it took me awhile to realize that most of the kids my age weren’t thinking about these things. Aquarius does love to ignite revolutionary ideas so I would do that whenever I thought it wouldn’t get me into too much trouble.

I remember in high school bringing up reincarnation to some of my class mates who were use to my strange ways of thinking. They dealt with it by resorting to their biblical context and I asked them how they would explain stories of children who had memories of a very recent past life, including names, places, addresses etc and it was all verified.

One of the books that got me started thinking about all this in my High School years was The Search for the Girl with the Blue Eyes by Jess Stearn. I remember this book (at least I think it was this one?) being what sparked me because the child he was documenting not only remembered great details about her past life, she got to meet those she remembered were her family from her her previous life. The stories she remembered of her life with them were all verified by the family. It was a totally mind expanding Aquarian experience for me to read that book.

Mercury in Aquarius
Whenever Mercury is transiting through Aquarius or stationing direct in Aquarius it is a great time to expand and disrupt our perception of what is real.

What perspectives are anchored into your reality that are ready to shift?

How can you change your current thinking to change your life in ways that allows you greater freedom of being?

What new territory of the mind, ideas and progressive thinking are present for you now?

Are you willing to explore ideas outside of your current cultural conditioning that you haven’t considered before?

Aquarian Light Codes
The light codes coming from the Aquarius Realm are the seeds of the divine – inspiring what is not yet found its way into physical form. The rate of manifestation for these divine seeds depends upon how willing, ready and able we are to receive the upgraded templates or resonance patterns beaming onto the planet designed to expand our perception beyond anything we have previously known.

In part this may be about transcending the duality of light and shadow recognize they are not separate but two sides of the same thing. Aquarian thinking is committed to its own unique path of self-expression, questioning what is and not settling for the limitations of the status quo. This is a good time to step back for a good look at the big picture, and make changes where needed.

Albert Einstein reminded us that to solve problems we need to expand consciousness. Interestingly he had Mercury in Aries and Moon in Sagittarius coming in with a mind that loves to expand awareness and he had the North Node and Jupiter in Aquarius that supported his avant-garde ways of thinking.

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