In 2022 Mercury Stations Retrograde Sep 09 at 08 Libra 55 (near the stars Vindemiatrix and Porrima in the Priestess)

AND Mercury Stations Direct Oct 2 at 24 Virgo 11 (near the star Denebola marking the tale of the Lion) 

See Additional Dates for Mercury Retrograde in Libra and Mercury ingress into Libra below…

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Mercury in Libra focuses the process of perception in this reality on the relationship we have with our mind. In the realm of thought we have the ability to transport ourselves instantly to any time or place or situation we choose. We also have the ability to choose where we focus our thoughts.

So if you have Mercury in Libra, or Mercury is transiting through Libra and especially when Mercury is Retrograde in Libra, it is about developing a more conscious relationship with our minds, as the connecting link between the visible and the invisible realms.

However, we can also be trapped by the mind and it is helpful to remember the mind cannot possibly know it all. Indeed, the path to true liberation occurs when we go beyond the mind’s addiction to thinking and the seeming reality of this dimension.

This is not something we can contrive, but is more easily accessed from a state of grace; taking us beyond the limitations of the mind, where our true divine nature is experienced, not as an idealistic concept, but as an embodied physical reality.

Mercury in Libra also has to do with how we communicate in relationship with ourselves and with others. Layne and Paul Cutright speak to the importance of knowing the intent of our communication when we speak our truth in their book, Straight From the Heart.

When you decide to tell the truth about your thoughts and feelings, the first step is to know the intention of your communication. This is important because your intention determines your results. If your intention is to create healing, intimacy, more harmony, or more clarity, that is what will happen.

If you have ever been the target of someone who has decided to “speak their truth” without an intention to create healing you may know how painful and divisive being on the receiving end of that can be. It helps to allow a moment to breathe into your heart-knowing and making sure what you have to say is coming from a clear heart-felt intent that will help ensure greater success in being truly heard.

Libra asks:
Are you conscious of your interrelatedness to every aspect of creation?
Are you engaging a conscious intimate relationship with yourself?
Are you willingly growing in awareness of how you exist in relationship to the rest of life?
Are you engaging your experiences as opportunities to learn more about yourself?”

Relationships are great mirrors that teach us more about who we are. Layne and Paul Cutright suggest in their book You’re Never Upset for the Reason You Think:

…your relationships are actually mirrors of your consciousness. When you learn to see your own reflection in the quality of your relationships with others, you catapult yourself on your path of personal growth.

Thinking, Time and Attachments
In The Book of Secrets Osho explains how thinking is what locates us in Time, suggesting if we go beyond the thinking mind there is NO experience of Time and that is why meditation can feel timeless and moments of pure love are experienced in the realm of Timelessness.

When we are “Thinking” we are absent from the Now. Thinking is our first attachment to this reality. However, trying NOT to think isn’t the answer because the very nature of trying not to think means you are actually thinking about not thinking. Ha Ha Mercury! Non-thinking occurs as a natural state.

It is the same challenge that occurs when we TRY to give up our attachments to things because then we find ourselves being attached to not being attached. This paradox leads us right back to attachment.

So we are reminded this is not about getting rid of attachments (or thoughts) but rather understanding why they are there, accepting them, and then they naturally transform.

Remembering that energy follows thought and that we have the power to control what we choose to think about – means we can direct the flow of energy via our thoughts. However, that being said it is not always so easy to do.

During Mercury Retrograde in Libra it is an excellent time to practice being aware of your thoughts as that helps you to know more about your relationship to your thoughts and that gives you you clues about the flow of energy happening in, through, and around you.

You might find it helpful to ask yourself…
What kind of thoughts am I thinking?
Are they happy, uplifting thoughts, or angry, sad, blaming thoughts?
Am I attached to negative thinking?
How attached am I to what I believe and perceive is my reality?
Am I willing to change my thinking by choosing to do so?
Am I willing to shift in my beliefs and perceptions allowing for greater freedom of being?
Am I willing to change or redirect my thoughts in ways that will change my relationship to others and to my life?

Attachments and Our Relationship to them
Ultimately attachments in our thinking, perceiving and believing come from our need to feel safe, accepted and valued. What thoughts are fueling limiting beliefs that are keeping you attached to specific ways of communicating that keeps your experience of communication with others limited and perhaps even frustrating?

A useful inquiry at this time is to asked yourself:
How am I attached to what I believe and perceive is my reality?
If it is limiting my experience – am I willing to let that go to have a better relationship and communication experience with myself and others?

The paradox of the mind is we might find we are bored with what we have and longing for what we don’t have. So another question that can serve for those with Mercury in Libra and any time Mercury is Retrograde in Libra is:

How can I be content with, or truly accept, what IS right now strengthening my relationship with this NOW moment?

Mercury Stations Retrograde Sep 26 at 25 Libra 28 within less than 2 degrees of Spica
Mercury Stations Direct Oct 18 at 10 Libra 07

Mercury Stations Retrograde Sep 09 at 08 Libra 55 (near the stars Vindemiatrix and Porrima in the Priestess)
Mercury Stations Direct Oct 2 at 24 Virgo 11 (near the star Denebola marking the tale of the Lion) 

Mercury Stations Retrograde Sep 19 at 18 Libra 35
Mercury Stations Direct Oct 11 at 13 Libra 28

Mercury Stations Retrograde Sep 02 at 01 Libra 49
Mercury Stations Direct Sep 24 at 17 Virgo 26

Mercury Stations Retrograde Oct 16 at 14 Scorpio 16
Mercury Stations Direct Nov 06 at 28 Libra 26

Mercury Stations Retrograde Sep 29 at 28 Libra 06
Mercury Stations Direct Oct 21 at 12 Libra 41

Mercury enters Libra

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