See end of Post for times when Mercury is in Pisces and retrograde in all or some part of Pisces into 2030.

The Pisces Mind

The archetypal energy of the mind now being integrated into the collective psyche of humanity for the next four months is Pisces operating from the right brain feminine and the feeling function. This is not about emotions that come from the outside in – triggered by outside events but feelings that come from the inside out – how we feel about ourselves and life.

(Will share more about that when I have time to update this article so stay tuned.)


The Pisces mind is about healthy integration of the feelings facilitating a healthy functioning mind – including practicing compassion and being willing to embrace the unknown and trust the knowing that exists beyond logic and reason.

Said another way, the world is the result of what we believe and perceive reality to be and also what we feel it is. We are dreaming the dream of our life experience and reality in every moment. We can change that experience by simply changing what we believe, or what we are thinking on a daily basis.

Noticing what we are feeling and taking actions to change those feelings helps us change our thoughts as both thoughts and feelings are creating the dream of our reality – so what we think and feel is what we are dreaming into existence.

If you are feeling depressed and challenged what are you doing that feeds the depression or helps to shift it to a happier place? Studies show that what we eat affects how we feel, exercise or lack of it affects how we feel, spending time in nature or not affects how we feel, the people we spend time with affects how we feel. You can uplift your feelings by choosing uplifting activities. (much more to share about this soon)

Our Quantum Reality
Quantum physics has proven that this reality – the reality we live in – is not as real as it appears. The fact is the observer affects what is being observed through their intention and attention.

The Pisces Expression of the Mind is a reminder that we are responsible for our experiences because what we experience is generated from our feelings, beliefs, expectations, and perceptions of reality that are often unconscious and yet these feelings and beliefs are what create our reality.

What limiting beliefs and thoughts do you have that feed feelings of not good enough ultimately holding you back from expressing your true brilliance?

What would it take to shift any negative beliefs and feelings along with any self-judgment you have, so you can experience genuine compassion for yourself and others?

Are you willing to let go of limited habitual ways of thinking and being to experience greater joy in your life? Do you know you have the power to make that choice?

What if choosing healthier habits, including thoughts and feelings, helped you to experience an entirely new reality that is fulfilling and fun?


Mercury Traveling through Pisces to 2030

March 15 to April 03, 2021
March 09 to March 27, 2022
March 02, to March 18, 2023
February 23 to March 09, 2024
February 14 to March 03, 2025 and again on March 29, 2025 due to Retrograde
February 06 to March 03 2026
January 31 to April 08, 2027 Mercury returns to Aquarius (29 Degrees 59) Feb 18, 2027 and returns to Pisces March 18 due to Retrograde (see below)
March 13 to March 31, 2028
March 06 to March 23, 2029
February 27 to March 15, 2030


Mercury Retrograde and direct in Pisces – sometimes returning to Aquarius, sometimes beginning in Aries

March 14 (09 Aries 35) to April 07 (26 Pisces 50), 2025 Mercury begins retrograde in Aries returning to Pisces on March 29, 2025
February 25 (22 Pisces 34) to March 20 (08 Pisces 29) 2026 
February 09 (05 Pisces 59) to March 03 (20 Aquarius 55) 2027 re-enters Pisces March 18 to April 08, 2027
March 07 (02 Aries 24) to March 30 (19 Pisces 02) 2032

One of my Pisces Moon sisters (I have a Pisces Sun) wrote this to me a few years back…so feels perfect to share here.

I want you to know how much I appreciate your writing and positivity and I champion what you are doing with the Venus material. As a Pisces Moon I am delighted with your Pisces insights too! You go girl!!