Mercury in Scorpio

The Life/Death/Life nature is a cycle
of animation, development, decline, and death
that is always followed by reanimation.
This cycle affects all physical life and all facets of psychological life.
Everything – the Sun, novas, the Moon,
as well as the affairs of humans and those of the tiniest creatures,
like cells and atoms – has this fluttering, then faltering,
then fluttering again…

The instinctual nature has the miraculous ability
to live through all positive boon,

all negative consequence,
and still maintain relationship, to self, to another.

~ Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

When Mercury moves through Scorpio, and especially when it is retrograde in Scorpio over an extended period of time it enhances the passionate mind getting off on what is most exciting or  the greatest turn on to contemplate. The Scorpio mind is intended to operate through the eros produced when one is thinking about, and acting on, the things they feel the most passionate about and what has the most life force energy or juice!

Mercury is Scorpio is about allowing passion and juicy aliveness to be the guiding force. For some the thinking process might be seemingly very intellectual or artistic or innovative but for Mercury in Scorpio the most important aspect isn’t necessarily determined by these factors unless they are a turn-on.

Additionally Mercury is the messenger and in Scorpio the messages tend to come in the form of the life/death/life cycles.

If death is too scary to contemplate then think about what is being renewed and what must be released before the renewal can happen. Every moment dies and is then reborn in the next. Every in-breath is a rebirth and every out-breath is a form of death. Breathing in and out is our moment to moment experience of continually living and dying.

Mercury’s journey through Scorpio is a time for considering the gifts of death.
Death is NOT bad. Life is NOT good. Both life and death exist simultaneously. Our conscious minds have been conditioned to out run death and control outcomes without realizing that what we are really trying to out-run is the greatest treasure – the greatest teacher we can have.

So when Mercury is in Scorpio it is time to stop. Turn around. And face the death (transformation) that is pursuing us so we can embrace the treasure (including insights and aha’s) that is ours to experience.

The Scorpio Mental Process
When encountering difficult circumstances in life it is easy to wonder what we did wrong, or what we did to deserve this experience, or how our thinking created the situation. It may simply be whatever we are encountering is an initiation designed to take us further and deeper than we have been before into the feelings, into the human experience, into the place where we learn about acceptance and surrender, trusting that what is happening is designed to facilitate the initiation and has nothing to do with how good or bad we have been.

Rather this is about having the courage to face and embrace the shadow that is seeking us. From the Scorpio perspective this is when the greatest magic and empowerment is possible!

Mercury in Scorpio – 7 minutes recorded in 2012
Mercury Overtone in Scorpio applies currently from November 20, 2019 until March 10, 2020

To download Mercury in Scorpio, Right Click Here

Mercury either Stationing Retrograde or Direct in Scorpio through 2030

October 31 (27 Scorpio 38) Mercury is stationing Retrograde at 11:41 am EDT and 8:41 am PDT
and stations direct Nov 20 (16 Scorpio 06) at 2:12 pm EST and 11:12 am PST.

Oct 13 2020 Mercury R 6:05 PM MST 11°Sc40′ R
Nov 3 2020 Mercury D 10:50 AM MST 25°Li54′ D
Oct 24 2026 Mercury R 12:12 AM MST 20°Sc59′ R
Nov 13 2026 Mercury D 8:54 AM MST 05°Sc02′ D
Oct 7 2027 Mercury R 7:37 AM MST 04°Sc56′ R
Oct 28 2027 Mercury D 7:10 AM MST 19°Li19′ D
Nov 19 2031 Mercury R 2:15 PM MST 16°Sg03′ R
Dec 9 2031 Mercury D 9:22:59 AM MST 29°Sc49′ D
Nov 2 2032 Mercury R 4:56 AM MST 00°Sg13′ R
Nov 22 2032 Mercury D 7:00 AM MST 14°Sc08′ D
Oct 16 2033 Mercury R 3:03 PM MST 14°Sc16′ R
Nov 6 2033 Mercury D 5:39 AM MST 28°Li27′ D
Oct 26 2039 Mercury R 8:54 PM MST 23°Sc33′ R
Nov 16 2039 Mercury D 3:37 AM MST 07°Sc34′ D
Oct 9 2040 Mercury R 5:051 AM MST 07°Sc32′ R
Oct 30 2040 Mercury D 2:05 AM MST 21°Li51′ D

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