In 2020 Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer on June 17 at 14 Cancer 26 and goes direct on July 12 at 05 Cancer 30.  

Mercury enters the degree of its station direct (05 Cancer 30) on June 1, 2020 and moves beyond its station retrograde degree on July 26, 2020.

Mercury stationing direct in Cancer emphasizes the mysteries of how to communicate in ways that are nurturing and promote a sense of connection and belonging to a larger community or tribe.

The shadow side of communication from this Cancerian perspective is to either communicate as a way to manipulate others into what we think is best for them or to hide behind the scenes taking ON even more over giving as a distraction from connecting with ones true self.

At this still point time TUNE into how YOU feel NOW while opening to receive messages and guidance that will help you take wise nurturing action that increases your awareness of yourself and those around you is helpful.

In June 2019 when Mercury was stationing retrograde in Leo returning to Cancer the trickster Roadrunner kept showing up sending me messages reminding me to pay attention. Roadrunner medicine and message seems connected to the Mercury in Cancer energy.

Roadrunners can run up to speeds of 17 miles an hour but the message here isn’t to speed up as Mercury has been slowing down and this retrograde is a time for slowing down, rethinking, reconnecting, and reimagining our forward direction in a still point place where we have access to all unmanifest potential before it begins to find a new form.

Roadrunners are vocal – known for a variety of sounds from crows, chuckles, clacking and coos reminding us of the many different styles of communication and how sound (singing, chanting, speaking clearly) is beneficial when used properly.

It is an art worth practicing and mastering to learn the wisdom of when to speak and when to keep our own council. Sound is also a tool for shape shifting reality (for example singing and chanting can create a powerful altered state) when understood and used as such with intention.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer is drawing our attention to nurturing ways of communicating that promote a sense of connection and belonging to a larger community or tribe. A great reminder from Roadrunner is about the importance of honoring our personal needs first – before giving to others. This is demonstrated by the male Roadrunner enticing a mate with choice morsels of food but only after having eaten first. Some might consider that a selfish way to be but others realize the wisdom of taking care of ourselves first so we can better take care of others from a place of strength.

The shadow side of Cancer is over giving at the expense of our own health and well being. Taking time to tune into how you feel receiving messages about physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so you can take wise action to either support what you are feeling or change it to a healthier expression is a powerful way to engage this time.

This article is a work in progress…